Lari (EUNE)
: You might as well delete Galio
Those people who made that change cant be playing the game at all. Most stupid thing ever. I dont even play galio and can see that this is absolutely unnecessary. Must be be the same guy who had the great idea to remove teamranked.
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: I do not Dislike Zed but this is getting to Far... Seriously
pssst. dont tell anybody. last thing i want is when the zeds starting to jungle
Kian987 (EUW)
: Plain and simple
I have to agree. This juggernaut Idea was just stupid. And the ADC everywhere meta sucks as well. What have you done to this game? xD Rito?
: I can't read it atm, will do that later. However, if it basically says that boosted people ruin your games then the AFK principle applies. The enemy team has 5 chances to get a boosted player on their team while your Team will always only have 4 chances due to you not being boosted. This means you got the advantage. If the 5 man premade vs 5 solo argument applies it will only happen in really high elo (where it actually is a problem). In low elo Riots statement applies (5 man plays vs 5 man etc.) Most people that dislike DynamicQ are overexaggerating the problem by a LOT. Does it have problems? Sure. Would SoloQ fix it? Depending on what Problems you mean yes or no. Qeuetimers will go up by a lot for SoloQ especially. Which sane support in low elo wants to play with a potentially toxic lane partner? I'm a soloplayer myself and I enjoy the challenge of going up against premades. I have learned more in 2 months than in a whole season already.
Its not about boosting or something, i can live with that. The Dynamic Q system does not measure your Elo right, its not accurate. In every competitive game i know, the only thing ppl care is their soloQ rating and so do i. But thats not possible anymore. OK. I can live with that as well. But then they also disabled teamranked. My team is gone. We cant play together anymore. Because our elo range is not tight enough. So basically we have to lvl up smurf accounts to play together. And even then IT IS NOT teamranked, its dynamic Q. That elo means nothing to me or to others. A full team in teamspeak will stomp 90% of a random 5man party in diamond elo. Also in teamranked when u played against a team which was, lets say dia4, then u know these guys achieved dia 4 as a team. But now with dynamic Q this elo rating is for nothing. It doesnt mean anything anymore. U are diamond and achived it with Dynamic Q? GZ that doesnt mean shit anymore. This system is not accurate. The biggest problem for me is that they also removed teamranked. But lets talk about some other probs. Some ppl can never get their main role. If i choose jgl/mid then my Q time is about 10-15min. when i choose jgl/supp, the Q time is 30seconds and iam 100% support! This system forces me to choose midlane second, just because there are a lot of midlaners around and it increases my chance getting my main role as a jungler. If you choose "fill" -> support. If i choose jgl/top -> top This system ruined the whole game for me and a lot of other ppl as well. There is no adaption. At least they should bring teamranked back and get those issues with DQ fixed asap.
: Or you could, you know, adapt to a new Environment?
id rather quit. dynamic q represents nothing. There is no more elo in this game. Read this->
Joyi (EUW)
: Dynamic Queue.
Or remove dynamic Q.
: The Main Problem with Season 6...
y and it forces me 2 play those shit champs. rito plz
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Róót (EUW)
: spear
: Can Malphite carry?
ofc. once he carried all his classmates to School. np for him.
: Is it possible that an Ultimate Skin goes on sale or drops to Legendary?
: Remove Crystal flask
Pick {{champion:80}} buy {{item:2041}} and 3x {{item:2004}} spear spear spear spear spear spear spear spear spear spear spear spear spear......................................................spear spear spearspear. Port back. Tp on lane. spear spear spear spear spear spear spear spear spear spear spear spear spear......................................................spear spear spearspear.
RayBigLan (EUW)
: When are adc's gna get some love?
absolutely! Iam a main jungler. But playing ADC is so hard atm.
: When will ranked teambulder come out?
It would be nice if you can choose your role before the queue but not the Champion. So everyone Plays his mainrole. That would be awesome.
: devourer small change suggestion
1. A Little nerf would be ok for me. I think {{champion:5}} and {{champion:102}} are rly OP with it. The rest is ok.
MemeMegu7s (EUNE)
: Thresh's Lantern
ofc. So the hard engage Ultra CC tanky dmg deal Support is even more broken.^^ jk I like Thresh and how he is. No changes plz. That counterplay is ok... Standing on the lantern or put wards on it. Good threshes throw the lantern always in front of you and not right on your model.
Alywan (EUNE)
: Intentionally feeding SKARNER, everyone !!!
: How should I play inlane?
DaWolfer (EUW)
: lvl 10 player, I cant clear my jgl
: > [{quoted}](name=ImpEx Beschgi,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Y8lbogAX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-28T11:41:06.410+0000) > > xD > > Yes, that item for instance^^ > What a coincident that you are a Master Yi main, totally nothing to do with this example item. > > thx for the laugh i never build this item on yi or anybody actually :D i only tried it on udyr but i think the item sucks
ok. try it. ist good on yi. äääähm. About your idea. I think Rito should add some more heavy AD Items for ADC`s or champs like yi. But Sated devourer kinda destroys that idea atm, because its op. And the poor ADC`s are punished for it.
: Am i missing something?
-All Champions can be purchased for free. -Ranked LP gain is doubled, you cant get demoted. -Normal IP gain is doubled and you get a free Skin per game. -When you win a game, you get 30min livestriptease on
: scaling AD items
xD Yes, that item for instance^^ What a coincident that you are a Master Yi main, totally nothing to do with this example item. thx for the laugh
Jormungand (EUNE)
: Lissandra top variable?
lissandra = x yes. now she is a variable
: Theres also a couple of things speaking against the Dha Ma thing: * The Dha Ma-concept is pretty new: ~4 months from presenting concept art to devs, until finished champion? Very, very unlikely (think I've heard that around a year is common dev time for a champ). * Riot has, as far as I can tell, NEVER EVER adopted a fan-made champion concept to any extent at all. * The symbol is a swirl... Its not anything unique at all, you can find swirls everywhere from ancient cave paintings and forward. In this case it seems to be used as a simplistic portal-like graphic (which more hints towards something void-related). * The wording "They are coming" is pretty much a cliche phrase for something omnious/scary/threatening arriving. Not really a fit for a pair of cute pichachu-twins (again, fits better for a possible void/shadow isles event imo). It could still be some sort of double-champ though. Of course I could be wrong, I just dont think I will be. ;P
Ofc they made fanart champs. Ive sent a Picture of me to them. 2 weeks later {{champion:79}} was released.
: Why Not?
Who is voting no? xD
: <NEW SERIES!> (Hi! I am [insert champion here])
{{champion:74}} Has an IQ over 9000, throws screw`s
: <NEW SERIES!> (Hi! I am [insert champion here])
be or not to be... thats the question.
: I consider Ahri to be amongst the dumbest Champs in League...
: Again. We need 5 bans and 1 for each player
{{champion:39}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:72}}
MrWasjig (EUW)
: Matchmaking is just SO balanced
Once i played as lvl 17 vs a Diamond midlaner. Ofc i was a smurf. But that matchup without runes and masteries...... gg wp
Intocabille (EUNE)
: What to do next - Advice please?
Just Play. Ive spent over 3000 hours playing league. You will have a lot of horrible games, but you will also have great games with good teams and some insane funny stuff in it.
: you dont have to buy skins.
but but...... :_(
: 'They Are Coming' Analyzed: Yes, it's probably a new champion, and heres why.
: Buff Riven
Give her Q a 16sec Cooldown
: Small Zac Passive idea
Good Idea. Would be awesome if you can use rightous glory while in passive and see how the Little blobs ll get affected and sprint back to each other.^^ > But why should whe do this change? Well it's simple, what I noticed to when playing Zac is that he has an amazing engage. He probaly has ones of the best engages in the entire game. He has great peel but allies will struggle with situations where Zac is the one that needs peel. While building full tank it's really difficult to pull resources into a Zac because his damage is so low without some offensive items. In a lot of scenario's is now a good idea to spend all your defensive abilities & items on your frontline whe you could have use it to let your carries survive a bit longer. Zac will reach a moment in the game where the enemy can find a opening to your backline when a teamfight stalls out to long. Putting resources into a Zac comes with high risk medium rewards and that's why this is a area where their is need for a better reward. Having better interaction with his team is in my opion a core goal you should been focussing on. The problem with zac on higher elo is that it is so easy to dodge or interrupt his E. Every champ with a stun, knockup, knockback, whatever form of CC or displacement can interrupt his jump midair. A good {{champion:103}} as example will always taunt you midair and your engage is over. Rito should change this -> Zac s jump cant be interrupted midair, except some very hard cc. (Malph ult, leona ult, azir ult)
: Mastering a champion?
: Combo idea(check this out)
u can eat someone and then get kalista ulted.
: Master Yi change
{{champion:11}} : "Why would Riot change me with no reason?" {{champion:82}} : "Because fun?" {{champion:33}} : "ok"
: In need of ranked champions to main
stay with {{champion:62}} till Diamond. You can Play him jungle or top.
Puckab (EUW)
: 15 , why?
I allready thought you where very young, because of your strange post. But nvm. Which Champions you like to play? And which lane do you prefer?
Puckab (EUW)
: Im noob help me
how old are you? :D
Neonchan (EUW)
: shortest,,guide...ever
What you wanna know? Edit: I will make a solomid guide this week. But the new items are still not added there.
EDYinnit (EUW)
: He snowballs out of control far too easily. It's telling that his most successful build according to is double penetration. Because, adding a Q, who doesn't like 35%+30%+30% armour pen? _What_ tank? The fact that his ult is practically guaranteed to do full damage thanks to the knockup and increasing MS he gets, while being immune to what _should_ be a counter ({{champion:12}} Headbutt) due to automatically interrupting it with that knockup as well. Doesn't help.
I played him full DPS a lot. like -> {{item:3723}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3026}} The dmg you deal with this build is absolutely ridiculous. You can delete ADC`s with Q,AA,E,AA,Hydra Combo. You dont even Need your ultimate. But then you Play him like an assassin. Thats ok and works. But champs like {{champion:1}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:7}} will make your life very hard then. If i get a double kill or more early i go for the full dmg build. But with the tanky build, you can stay longer in the fight. Ult the carrys and go back to peel for your mates. I like that Playstyle more... and the dmg is still very high.
: > [{quoted}](name=ImpEx Beschgi,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GHv0wiuZ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-08-25T09:00:29.868+0000) > > He is balanced in the jungle. But if you Play him top, he is OP. I agree that his scalings are OP. Rito could reduce some of his scaling and give him some sustain in the jungle. That be great. A good Darius still beats a good Wukong though.. Quite sure there are more counters. :) But yes, hes a very viable overall pick.
ofc. His early game is not the best and his lvl6 power is also not that good. If he farms well, hes a mid/lategame champ. He struggels vs a lot of toplaners. {{champion:39}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:80}} at lvl 11 he outdmgs alot of these champs. But its hard not getting killed till then.
EDYinnit (EUW)
: Wukong is a balanced champion (those scalings. that f***ing ult.)
He is balanced in the jungle. But if you Play him top, he is OP. I agree that his scalings are OP. Rito could reduce some of his scaling and give him some sustain in the jungle. That be great.
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J List (EUW)
: Hardest Champion to kill late game!
Eazy AO (EUW)
: Can Rammus srsly carry
ive got from Silver to Diamond S4 with Rammus. Ist my favorite Champion. Ofc he can carry. But the latest nerfs hurt him bad. He is not viable atm. You just cannot farm your jungle efficent enough.
: **Top** {{champion:54}} Few bad match up's, straight forward kit, scales so well by building tanky you don't even need to win your lane. With all the new itemization tho, you can even go for some exoterical shiet, {{item:3068}} + {{item:3748}} and you should be able to morph into a tanky splitpusher if needed. {{champion:39}} // {{champion:24}} Farm, don't be afraid to lose some CS nor to go for some snap-trades. You win the midgame by default. --- **Jungle** {{champion:421}} Sustain, decent mobility/initiation tool for (early) ganks, hard CC. Again, really versatile in itemization {{item:3714}} // {{item:3717}} and tanky just then, maybe with the addition of {{item:3748}} if you're getting some kills for yourself. With a proper tunnel set up, you canbe anywhere in the map post-6. {{champion:19}} Well... give up the early game and _"just scale"_. {{champion:5}} Same as WW, 'cept he got early game presence. Really versatile in itemization as well. None of those junglers requires high mechanical skills, just right decision making and map awareness. --- **Mid** _My least played role, nonetheless the last I'm familiar with, I'm suggesting "safe picks" from a junglers point of view mostly._ {{champion:103}} Pretty much ungankable; you get her flash at the 1st attempt, by the time you're going for a second attempt she's already 6 with 3 flashes. Sustain from lvl 1, work both as a mage and as an AP-assassin. {{item:3285}} + {{item:3165}} // {{item:3028}} and you waveclear as not a push happened. Probably the best all-rounded midlaner as of now. {{champion:96}} Please don't go for #LCSbigplays, just sit back and scale. Your poke's gonna melt down teams. {{champion:268}} Please, who freed the bird from the cage? --- **Support** {{champion:12}} Pretty much the _safest_ pick. - Sustain? Check. - Hard CC? Check. - Hard engages? Check. - Disengages? Check. On top of that you get a free built in cleanse which reduces the incoming physical damage up to 70% Pretty forgiving. {{champion:201}} Pretty much the same Alistar niche, but with a diversified kit which can get in handy in more situations. Not point and click tho, but lower CD's overall and a passive that can possibly spread like a plague. {{champion:412}} Even tho he requires some skills to be played to his fullest potential, his kit is just overloaded. Unless you run into heavy unfavourable match-up's and till you got some understandings of duo laning mechanics, he's probably the _cooky-cutter_ support. {{champion:40}} // {{champion:267}} // {{champion:37}} Pretty safe, but totally reliant on team overall performances, way more than the previous mentions. Moreover, they're all quite squishy and unforgiving; running in some unfavourable match-up's could totally screw them ({{champion:1}} //{{champion:53}} //{{champion:89}} ). {{champion:43}} Shield, mobility, poke. An utility, team-oriented, support. Awesome if you wanna build some AP for later sieges without giving away the utility {{item:3069}} and {{item:3800}} provides. --- **ADC** {{champion:18}} Possibly the best hypercarry around; mobility, knock-back, high ad-scaling damage ability and AS steroids, but with a terribad midgame. Farm farm farm, try to snipe kills, don't go balls deep unless you're 100% sure to get a kill (no summoners) and jump out. Specially true in the midgame; even if you got a lead in the early game, it's easy to throw it away in the midgame if you're too overconfident. Stall or back up your team only, and hit that unmatched lategame. {{champion:104}} He got a minor nerf, and he fell from the pro scene. Yet, he still got mobility, high burst and AS steroids which make him an huge teamfighting ADC. Can estabilish lane dominance really early, really easily in most match-up's, snowballing into a great midgame. He doesn't really "fall off" lategame due to his unaffected high burst and high DPS; yet, his range is not the best around, easier to get dove through your frontline than others (Tristana/Corki). {{champion:42}} Mobility, mixed damage hard to itemize against during laning, poke, burst. Not much to say.
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