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DylxnBK (EUW)
: try putting your battery on high performance. its in power options somewhere
: Not really, i get 200+ constant with my pretty old setup. As mentioned, i sadly cant test LoL on a threadripper chip, but even my working laptop throws more fps than youre getting. A friend of mine is using a ryzen 1600 though and he has no problems. Maybe LoL is really bad at multithreading? But than way more people should have problems tbh. Did the results get any better with the 1070? Do you have an even older graphics card? Is the core which thread is almost fully under load running on its max clock?
Yeah exactly, really weird. But I think it has something to do with either my CPU or RAM speed (3200mhz). As I changed my GTX 1080ti for a GTX 1070 and literally EXACTLY the same FPS. Also when I tried older drivers, so that seems to exclude the GPU as a bottleneck. CPU on the otherhand does seem to have slight changes in FPS when I turn the threadripper via AMD Ryzen Master to gaming mode, but like literally +10 fps on average, so still really weird. clocked to 4.0Ghz I know that isn't much for a 2017 CPU but still it should be more than doable I would guess. My old CPU had boost clock to 4.4Ghz but I dont think that last 0.4Ghz would make a difference of around 80-100 FPS when also the entire PC was worse (ram capacitiy/speed, gpu, ssd vs nvme m.2 etc etc..)
: One of my friends ist playing on an 1080 ti as well, but using a 8700k and is getting more than enough frames, round about 300. Afaik its capped to 144Hz to match his screen though. If you dont have a 144Hz id personally go for vsync instead, and even if you have a 144Hz monitor League is not really a game where you can see a difference tbh. Like seriously, why would you not cap your framerate? Never got that uhhh check it out i got a lot of fps ^^ You might the following though: - Update every driver and check whether or not you missed out some important mainboard drivers during installation, especially if you get low fps in really sophisticated games. - Force your processor not to throttle down, i dont know how about your specific hardware, but on my intel 3770k i can set a fixed multiplier. After overlocking mine i had massive problems with the automatic clock rate. Also i have to mention that intels processors are still superior to amds in terms of gaming due to single/duo/quad core performance and game optimization. Im not an Intel fanboy due to them not using solder between the heatspreader and die, but imo you cant deny that their product is better for gaming atm. my 3770k oc will most likely outperform your threadripper on single core test. I dont think thats your problem though, but ive never used amd hardware to play lol so i cant tell for sure. - If you can find a way to set your gpus clock to a fixed rate try to do so, however, its most likely harder to do compared to setting a cpu clock. To see whether or not its your 1080ti causing the problems reinstall your old gpu and see what fps youre getting. If theyre better you can skip the other steps and focus on that. But, as mentioned, my friend is using a gtx 1080ti without any problems. After all it might be a shit ton of work and i would honestly consider playing on 60fps instead if you dont see a difference anyway.
Thanks for taking the time to type this comment. I need 144fps as I am rushing challenger, 60fps is waay too slow. Tried older nvidia drivers, even tried and old GTX 1070 with older (and the newest) drivers. Tried every BIOS, AMD chipset drivers, Nvidia drivers + I am using CpuCoreParking, CPU-Z, HWMonitor, MSI afterburner etc etc to track my stats. What I found out is that league might be terrible at making use of more cores, as only 1/24 cores (and threads) was hovering around 80%, the rest were all around 0-15%. I remember in 2014 when I build my old PC with the i7 4790k + GTX 970 I had freaking 1100fps in a bot game. Is the game also that much heavier to play these days?
JuicySoup (EUW)
: GTX 1080 TI, Ryzen 7 1700x, 32gb ram 3200mhz - Low FPS in League
Found a solution? Working with the ryzen threadripper 1920x + 1080ti and having the exact same problem. fps around 90-130.. never steady at 144hz. Working with a 144hz monitor as well
: Did you try disabling Haloween Theme // Sounds?
: > it seems high-end pc's aren't optimized for league at all? Quite likely, the game just doesn't utilize my PC to its full potential either. I've monitored the cpu/gpu usage at one point got these results: loading screen - N/A fps, 35% gpu usage start of the game, before leaving the base - 340 fps, 55% gpu usage got to lane, minions spawned - 115 fps, 35% usage teamfight at 30 mins - 90-100 fps, 25% usage Other games like CS:GO and R6 Siege manage to use >80% of my gpu and I get a lot better fps on them (~100 fps @ high settings on R6 Siege, 600 fps @ 720p low settings on CS:GO).
Exactly the same, im having <25% usage on both CPU and GPU, but still. How can 25% usage on 970 be even BETTER than 25% usage on a 1080ti??
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: I have a similar issue... I’m playing the game on medium settings with shadows off and I’m getting the exact same framerate and neither my cpu nor gpu usage ever get over 20%. My pc: Ryzen 5 2600X @ 4.2 GHz HyperX Predator 2x4 gb DDR4 3200 Mhz Gigabyte B350 Gaming 3 Sapphire Radeon R9 270x
I have exactly the same thing on my new rig! I used to run 200+ Fps on my old rig i7 4790k + GTX 970. Now I am hovering around 80-120 fps depending on the action in the game. Current build: Threadripper 1920X @ 4.0Ghz Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080Ti G.skill flareX 32gb DDR4 3200mhz x399 Taichi Samsung 970 Pro 512gb NVMe m.2
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