ShadWooo (EUNE)
: why dont you invite some randoms and form a team with them, they might have their own friends you know
not everyone is at onslaught level and not many people want to try a few times.. its harder than u think like this.
Rioter Comments
: But again why would rioters have to go out of their way to do something with the boards that it’s not even designed for something you could do yourself. Just go over to NA, like you said ain’t hard. It’s not treating boards unfairly, boards aren’t meant for this purpose... riot have litterally no input into the boards besides the same input we have it’s community run... if you want somewhere with rioters just go on reddit or Twitter.
why should WE go out of our way and find out stuff ourselves AS THEIR customers.. its THEIR product. they owe us explanations. and perhaps i should go reddit/twitter however since they are responding to NA and not EU on here thats just uncool. anyway cba to argue any further, good day to you.
: So you expect a single rioter to go through the entire NA boards answering questions, then go on EU to do the same, then KR, then China... what you want is for rioters to waste their time doing something for which the boards aren’t designed for, instead of actually doing their jobs. If there is an important announcement then it won’t be on the boards, if you desperately want to talk to a rioter go to reddit or to the NA boards... but the boards was never meant for rioters to use and is why they don’t use it like that.
each board like u said has its rioters and again it would only take a few minutes treating boards unevenly is just toxic. they dont even have to look through all the topics they can just start a thread on all the boards themselves its not that complicated dude.
: It’s not that they favour the NA boards. Rioters are players, they use their own accounts when going on the boards... so like us they will be directed to the specific boards for their region... as riot is an American company and most of their major staff are at their HQ in LA then most of the rioters play on NA and therefore go on the NA boards. We have our own rioter team but it’s mostly just support and maintenance... they are very active on here but they can’t answer a lot of what we write. But the boards aren’t meant to talk to a rioter, you’ve got the support page or reddit for that... the boards are a place for players to talk to each other... so riot don’t have an obligation to be here and the majority of the boards tends to be community run.
It would however take literally 2 minutes to create a EU account IF they even have to make one. They have a role to uphold and should they decide to respond they should do it fairly spread or ATLEAST copy paste and save effort. its not a lot of work honestly. also its faster and easier to go to the boards instead of waiting on a response on the support page that could take hours, while on the boards many people ask stuff and usually get faster responses and MORE answers together than i would on my own
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Quaphsiel (EUW)
: plz fix augments
they aint even responding on the EUW boards as usual....
: Hey guys, Whiski here, the project lead for the ARAM-arama event. We're aware of some technical issues with the granting of Missions rewards. We're working on a fix and all earned rewards will be granted after this is resolved. Thanks for letting us know. And if you have any other feedback on the event, we'd love to hear it so we can decide whether you'd like to see more content like this in the future.
a problem i have is that new missions are not showing up anymore.. it says after completing one that a new mission is added but it doesnt. on average i get 1/2 new missions a day while i could easily finish more if it wasnt bugged, and the event is ending in 12 hours.. how can i complete them all when i literally cant complete them. need a fix and more time!
: Flaming, toxicity and punishement
fricken amen to you. i believe exactly in what you just summarized nicely. you should be allowed to banter a little or be a little negative, i said the exact same thing countless times. cant say a bad word because... god knows why. no gamecompany is as strict (thank god) Riot wants the game to be a kindergarten, where you can only walk hand in hand, do what they want, and file a stupid report aka telling mommy about it when someone trolls. they dont care about context, they dont care about the intensity.. NOTHING. if you wanna play this you better be a monk with allmighty patience or a casual that doesnt really care. sports are EMOTIONS, frustrations, FEELINGS. not being able to speak your mind a bit is NOT healthy.
Kendee (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=FleaLess,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Tw0dYR5u,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-06-22T10:16:57.792+0000) > > the lesson here is dont be a d*ck to others and they wont punish you, no matter what others do, the only option you have to deal with them without punishment is muting them and report them after the game, anything else is punishable While I do agree with You, I have to say that this is like a hotfix to an issue Riot cannot seem to handle. This is just another one of the issues that pretty much forcing players to play in a way they do not want to.
yup you have to respond exactly how riot wants, its quite foul.
: I'm on these boards every day. Very rarely do we get a "why is this person still not banned" with screenshots proving it, Most of the time it's "why is this person still not banned - I didn't get an IFS notification", which at this point I should just save my response of you don't always get these to a note pad to save time. >and being ''the bigger person'' wont give back time fun rank all that stuff. nor does ''flaming backk'' Exactly, nor does flaming back. >but you get a more sense of justice because riot doesnt give you any nor giving u your points back or w/e else. Not really. You're just subjecting everyone else in the game to what is essentially a glorified temper tantrum. We all deal with it, yet the vast majority of the community doesn't have restrictions or bans. If you're part of the minority that receives one, it's safe to say you're part of the problem. _**Regardless of the fact that it has to be a consistent pattern over multiple games to get a restriction.**_
im on these boards everyday aswell and not all have screenshots but you can easily find out by going to the history of trolls. ''not really'' is subjective, it does give me relieve and gives me more than what riot does. if riot wont compensate then yes, ill do what i can myself. and its a tantrum if someone tilts and gets mad cus he is 0/4.. then you can say hes having a tantrum/having a fit. one responding to it, isnt a tantrum, its a reaction. if i get banned or restricted so be it but i will stand up for myself.
: Or have a level of self control and don't throw fuel on the fire by flaming back? It's really not that hard. The report system also works effectively. Spend a few days on the forums, almost every other post was a "I was banned". This whole concept of "If i don't flame back I'm just accepting it being weak" is ridiculous. You're not, you're being the bigger person, and reporting them at the end will discourage them from doing so again if it's consistent behaviour, and a punishment is received.
and every day i see posts of people saying ''why is this guy still not banned'' with screenshots and everything so no sir, its not working perfectly. and being ''the bigger person'' wont give back time fun rank all that stuff. nor does ''flaming backk'' but you get a more sense of justice because riot doesnt give you any nor giving u your points back or w/e else.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >But seriously this Honor system is a joke, and giving away disciplinary like this is just ridiculous. the lesson here is dont be a d*ck to others and they wont punish you, no matter what others do, the only option you have to deal with them without punishment is muting them and report them after the game, anything else is punishable
so just accept everything and press report which wont do anything most likely. yeah no.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Cream Reaper,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=bdxdGPg4,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-21T19:08:28.379+0000) > > I take it you're one of those people who expect things in exchange for anything decent they do... > > Shame... Not at all, i won't lie, I will eventually lose all trust, my ocd wil take control, I will never touch the game again, everywhere i go i will announce my hate for that company and it's games, everyone is left with a sour taste, where one act of divinity can turn the tide.
: Main account banned from posting on boards for 150 years,
just create new accounts. its only a forum account anyway. the bans on here are quite useless, but gives an illusion of power i suppose
: this new adc "meta"
horrible for adc atm. and even worse because everyone oneshots them. low damage, need scaling, and easy meet for zed, talon, yi, fiora, irelia all that bs.
: The Journey of a Honor Level 0 player - From the old to the new Honor System
i know exactly what you mean, takes over 9000 years to even reach 1 checkpoint.. and from level 0 to 2, means getting 6 of them. fricken mission impossible.
Egillion (EUW)
: Revert some of the ADC changes
playing adc has been a nightmare for a LOOOOOOOOOONGGGG time by now everything and everyone one-shots you. and its even worse now with the ADC nerfs.
: Lethality was buffed, but...
dont know either, his damage is stupid
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Problem with ADC is
look, top is on his own, mid is on his own, jungle is on his own yet adc has to RELY on a support. if your support isnt good then boom your game became 50% harder. it is the one role that is depending on so much stuff, support, people peeling, people defending you, and everything is so much upped in power nowadays that almost anything can kill an adc. It became a lot less fun to play adc and way less rewarding.
Wen294 (EUW)
: except that it serves no purpose. You're giving the troller what he wants, meaning that you're basically giving him the bump of enjoyment he seeks to motivate him to do it again. Do you want him to do it again? No you don't, so don't give him his enjoyment. Also 1 comment or so is fine teammate wise, but you know full well that 95% of all flamers don't leave it be after 1 comment. They keep flaming the entire game long, and if you ask me that's almost as annoying as the troller that he's flaming at. Which in turn will make the 3 other teammates even more miserable because they have to deal with a troller and a flamer. If the troller is inting down mid or just messing around in his own lane, another lane can still enjoy himself for a while. It'll go down the drain once teamfights happen or the troller starts inting the other lanes as well or something sure, but the flaming has immediate, global effect.
just mute the flamer. you cant mute the trolls actions. some keep flaming some dont. but what i do know is that emotions are normal in sports. and trust you me, footballers call eachother names and stuff ALL THE TIME. sometimes you fight, sometimes you make up.. sometimes you dont, that is life. maybe i give the troll what he wants by my ONE reply, again maybe not. but what i do know is, is that i feel better once i said what i wanted to say and have peace with it. its all situational.
: 9/0 new account placments, likely to be placed bronze 2?
: You changed from being a victim to an agressor and instigator the moment you started flaming.
see it which way you like, to me its action reaction. someone acts like a kid, ill call him a little kid. i wont flame him the rest of the game but i will say how i think and what i think about him once.
DeepT (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wen294,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EkjZI0EK,comment-id=00040000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2017-01-18T12:48:14.563+0000) > > So you're saying it's okey to punish the 3 innocents so long as you feel better from it. > In what way is this different from the troller? How do i punish 3 innocents ? explain please
no, not to keep flaming the whole time, but if someone trolls and in such a way screws over 4 teammates. i think its understandable and should be ok to call the guy a selfish stupid c unt once or whatsoever. he just ruined so much stuff, its only normal people get mad and should be allowed to stand up for themselves
: If you actually reported people then you might see that they get punished with the feedback notification, there's my sense of justice. Your version will just put your account at risk
i do report people, thousands.. and only once every 3 weeks or something i get a message that 1 single troll got punished. and those i report honestly deserve it.
: You do realise that by flaming the troll you are giving him exactly what he wants (attention), while making it worse for the three innocent players in your team? You are not punishing anyone except the innocent, while the ones who are actually trolling are laughing.
maybe, maybe not.. but atleast it makes me feel better. rito doesnt do crap, for every troll that falls another rises. meanwhile the victims still lost their points, fun, ranks, promos, time. even IF the troll gets banned how does that help me? he already took everything away from me.
Infernape (EUW)
: So you say that said person is a "trash little kid" while acting like a proverbial kid yourself? It's rather contradictory if you ask me. Also why would you do exactly what the troll wants you to do?
ill just call him what a he is, a stupid 12 your old c unt. and be done with it.
Neonchan (EUW)
: So the troll needs to get what he wants? Sounds smart
no, i just tell him what i think and be done with it.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Yeah will help a lot to flame at someone who is afk :D Be smart, flame on boad if you need to vent. Will only get you banned on board and who cares about that?
afk.. often they just int, or flame etc.. and venting on TS or the boards dont help me. the troll needs to know hes a little trash kid. that he just screwed 4 teammates and was so selfish that he didnt care about his team. and all we should do is send a little report that might do nothing.. ya right.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Because flaming him will help you so much :D
atleast gives me a own sense of justice. and thats more then what rito gives. they wont even give you back the points that troll stole.
DeepT (EUNE)
: Perma ban
i understand what u mean.. but rito wants you to swallow it all.. and just send a stupid report. let the guy troll, let him throw the game, let him afk.. let him int.. be a good little 5 year old that tells mommy ''rito'' about it and do nothing else. stupid unrealistic bullcrap.
Infernape (EUW)
: Other people's shitty behaviour isn't a reason for you to break the rules yourself. In order for you to get permanently banned, you would have to go through two chat restrictions and a 14 day prior to your permanent ban, which means you had three opportunities to change your behaviour but you didn't.
sadly games like the one he mentioned happen every single day if you play a lot. so not matter if he had 2 chat restrictions and a 2 week ban. i totally understand him. stop trolls, stop afks, stop smurfs, boosters, stop ebay accounts, etc etc etc and the flame would decrease by 80%.
: {{champion:51}} {{champion:202}} are pretty much the only ADCs people can play reliably because of their range.
a good vayne is nice aswell, and once you get IE and Stattikk its gg
: Moved to new region and im getting reported for smurfing
without reading this, i wanna tell you that SMURFING IS ALLOWED. crazy enough, but than again not that crazy cus it means more money.. ya.. rito.. money..
Doomley (EUW)
: Because it probably affects your starting mmr.
im not sure about all of this.. your stating mmr.. already bronze 5.. cant get much worse, would like a rioteers response :)
Doomley (EUW)
: I have a bronze 5 friend who won all of his placement games and and got bronze 5. And he still belongs there. It doesn't mean anything if you win most of the games or even all of them. It just means you got lucky with teammates in those games.
then why even give bronze 5 players placements? catch my drift..
FprodUaka (EUW)
: ranks 8 wins 2 lose bronze 5 joking ?
in all fairness the guy has a point. either he got placed with bronze 5 enemies or even a bit higher in his placements, either case he went 8/2 so worst case scenario he is already better then bronze 5 players else he wouldnt go 8/2 best case scenario he beat some low golds or silvers.. either way, he should have been placed somewhat higher.
íGengar (EUW)
: 28 Years old but so insecure you have to defend yourself? If someone flames me I quite literally laugh it off and mute him why would I get offended by someone who knows nothing about me and poses literally 0 threat to me? I mean if someone on your team is inting or just out right bad it sucks I get it but in either case flaming them has never and will never improve the situation, why fuel the fire.
i can mute them, i cant mute their actions, if they want to lose, we lose. and what does rito do about it? a MIGHT BAN THEM. but its over for me already, he already ruined my fun, points, rank league, promo games or whatsoever. now if rito would give the points back the troll stole AFTER he got banned, that would be 10x better. yet they just say suck it up, swallow it all dont do crap besides ''telling daddy about it'' aka report. im not 5, and neither is half this community.
duckarp (EUNE)
: There's no "standing up for yourself" when it comes to Internet. No one is attacking you and defending yourself doesn't mean a thing. Trolls aim to tilt you. The moment you start raging they already won and you can't do jack shit about it. There's nothing like "reasonable flame". If you are in a football team and you start calling someone an idiot during a match, so everyone else on the field hears you, you'd be punished by the referee, quite possibly by hitting showers much earlier than others. > and you score a own goal ON PURPOSE, you really think some guys of your team wont call you a @sshole for doing so After the match? Sure. And your coach won't let you play more games. But not during the match so everyone on the stadium hears you and they need to listen to your whining for 40 more minutes, because there's some moron on the field and you believe it's lost. Also let's not pretend you got banned for telling someone he's an idiot. It takes repeated violations to get even the lowest punishment. I've been playing since 2011 and never got a single one. To get banned you need to be extremely toxic.
when it comes to the internet is YOUR perspective. if i feel offended i feel offended. if someone calls me a @sshole i will call him a @sshole back. and im not talking about constantly trading curse words like 10 year olds. ill call him once or twice what he is and that is that. if someone punches you, you punch back. that is life. also the ref might send him off the field, but that wont get me my points back or anything.. damage is done, so ill take my own JUSTICE. also do you ever watch football son? sometimes they even grab eachother by the neck and STILL get away with it. they curse, shout ref pulls them apart and lets them play again, unless its really over the top. jesus christ thats life. and thats SPORTS. emotions, frustrations, happyness, sadness, etc etc. they shake hands and move on after the game. even the ref understands these things, and these guys play litterally infront of millions of people on TV and stadiums. im not talking about argueing with kids, that doesnt work.. but i will tell him what i think. also everyone the stadium.. noone hears crap of what the players say on the field and you know it.. very very rare. on top of that im not pretending anything, someone calls me a c *nt i say it back to him and THAT gets me banned. i dont support such a ''legal system'' to cut it short, im not a child and i dont need rito to be my daddy. i know what is right and what isnt, they simply dont take anything into account and only look at the curse words, and not the reason how, why, when and justified or not. they treat it like its kindergarten where you walk hand in hand, sit and eat together.. a fricken utopia. unrealistic bullcrap, which creates pu$$ys aswell.
duckarp (EUNE)
: The fact someone gives you a reason doesn't mean you have to do it. Behaving like a decent human being should be a standard part of any mentally healthy individual. Retaliating or saying "but mom, he did it first" stopped working in pre-school. If you can't understand simple behavioral standards in a community, you'll have a fun time when you are older in real life.
im 28 years old. and just like in life, and in sports, sometimes you call eachother an idiot.. imagine you and me are in a football team and you score a own goal ON PURPOSE, you really think some guys of your team wont call you a @sshole for doing so? thats life.. sometimes u fight sometimes u make up and say sorry after... i dont need rito to be my daddy. im not talking about ''BUT HE STARTED IT!'' im talking about standing up for yourself and reasonable flame.
: Do i realy need to quote it here? Tantram: > I was really close to reverting this, but then I took a look at the pre-game chat. So they record pregame chat and they record the lobby afterwards
well i can honestly tell you then that the rioteer gave me wrong info in the conversation. or maybe they just dont see the endgame chat
illsagora (EUNE)
: My apologise
nope, sorry but thats not how it works for me. if i flame someone i mean it. they gave me reason to flame by for example going 0/8 in 17 minutes. trolling, afk, flaming and threatening with afk when the game just started.. etc etc etc.. though rito doesnt allow ''retalliation'' i have a different perspective.
: and now you read what Tantram wrote and then you shut the f. up, okay?
Najns (EUW)
: Pre/post game chat DOES get recorded. It just doean't show up in the chat logs.
no, i actually asked support when i recently got a ban. they say it doesnt work. you have to send them a screenshot.
Smerk (EUW)
: First report option handles such cases
nope, championselect chat and end game chat dont get recorded and so not judged.
h2dwillem (EUW)
: Is this worth a 14 day suspension?
not imo, but you get reported for anything in this game, its a hype to do so.
Maraomara (EUNE)
: State of ADCs
marksmen are just a dead class.. i saw it comming for the past 2 years, and there you have it.. useless class now.
ThDan (EUNE)
: Marksman
ya, its really not fun or special to play adc anymore. any role on the map can kill you now and very often without much effort.
Vapertank (EUW)
: There are no Balanced games in any Queue
matchmaking has always been very poor. and for a big part is because they base it only on wins/defeats of people.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: I'm just saying and I also already checked your summoner a while ago. I'm not a Support main myself, but I can manage it. I'm not saying it's not harder in higher ELO, but you're the only constant in your team. Try to learn to play Support at least to a satisfactory degree for your ELO.
everyone should play every role, but we dont need autofill.
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