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: ✪ [EUW] GLB are Looking for Diamond+ players ✪
i am a dia5 mid/support main. Im gonna add you ingame and we can talk
: Dia5 Support/mid looking for a ranked team (high plats/or diamond) OR duoQ with diamond adc.
: Divine Individuals looking for a dedicated support d5+
ill ad you in game, im a dia5 support main.
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: Dia5 Mid/Support/Top looking for ranked team of Dias/high plats. EUW, OR Duo with adc diamond.
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bhenner (EUW)
: Phyton eSports Team [ Diamond Team ] [ Lf Midlaner Diamond ]
Hello, im a Dia5 main mid/support/top. My mids are Annie/Orianna/morgana. Ive been playing the game since release, know how to adapt and control the flow of the game, im a calm person and im able to speak english at a decent level (I think so) Im 26 and between work and life ive got limited hours to play 100%. Mostly 22:00 to 24:00. On weekends depends. Should I add you or it to little time to play with you guys?


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