Chrysies (EUW)
: Riot and their logic is failing as usual, changing spawn timers changes nothing, it will still be something junglers will plan towards, and it will still be a problem with laners prioritizing lane cs > helping secure scuttle. _Just like implemeting Iron wouldn't have any impact on Silver, but whoever is calling the shots at Riot is legit a Donald J Trump level moron_ How hard can it be making the spawn timer random, like between 2:00 > 3:50, and then again between every 4th and 6th minute forward.
i think people complain about rng enough.
: Just played against a kindred, completely shut her down early game. Her ult is really powerful in low elo because of how my team doesn't know how to work around it and they just leave it and die.
how low does your elo have to be to not understand this sort of thing?
Bibs (EUW)
: Consistent crashing
updated all my parts and now it just happens at 36 minutes
: Petition to Unlock Legacy Chromas
They're legacy for a reason
RazerX (EUW)
: At least it's consistent.
That's a first
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Bibs (EUW)
: Stuck in loading screen
short update: A possible fix that I found(which I'm doubting due to the inconsistency of this bug) is ensuring League is completely allowed through your firewall. Again, I'm not fully convinced that this is what "fixed" the bug for me but it's been 3 days and there's been no sign of it happening. Before, it'd happen at least once a day for me.
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abelha (EUW)
: why did you chose that name? since you are making jokes about it you cant really complain about what others say
i don't get offended and it wasn't as joke but it's just real disgusting to see something like this come out of the people i see.
: Saying gay jokes doesn't mean that you're against gay people. I don't know where you get that from.
not as jokes, it's almost always in a toxic fashion
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: it a creative idea it is better then Sweetheart ^_^ sweetheart is not that wow
forgot xayah was vastayan mb oops
Mada (EUW)
: it's basically that:
she can't rotate her wrist properly
: Xayah RaveBorn skin
Why a raven? I don't see how this is a creative idea.
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Cheini (EUNE)
: in fact, the frequency (of the valid reps) is the _only_ thing that matters, save for a bad day and hate speech :p how bad is the ban you got? if it is 14 days, you just said some of the real bad things to use - like k.. , n.... , etc... If you got the 10 games cr, just try to remember how old are the logs rito highlighted for you! P.s.: change your name
Zekutsu (EUW)
: You have no power... unless you feed
you could leave it, report him and deal with it
Saljin (EUW)
: insulting someones god is banable i would suggest not doing it
i'm almost certain insulting a god isn't bannable unless you're trying to offend someone.
Rismosch (EUW)
: No.
so if you get reported once a year you'll end up permabanned at one point? EDIT: reported validly*
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: I see no reason for a /remake option in ARAM. If somebody wants to be ginormous doorknob and go AFK the entire game because they didn't get a chosen role in a completely random game, then the rest of the team does not deserve to suffer and that player alone deserves to be punished.
: A different language spoken in Shurima
1) I think, and i feel like a lot of other people will, too, this is a great idea. 2) Yes :D 3) I feel like this would need a bit of discussion. Shurima seems like a good start. Assuming they only speak Shuriman, that would take away from some of the in-game interactions and just feel out of place in-game.
: hes an ** censored ** cause he always eat me in the wrong time
pretty sure asshole isnt censored
Cypherous (EUW)
: Remake votes only happen at the 3 minute mark if someone has been disconnected (not just AFK) for 90 seconds continuously since the start of the match, reconnecting resets this timerIf they DC after the 1:31 mark you won't get a remake vote as not enough time will have passed
they dont have to reconnect. you can just not move for 90 seconds
: I do not agree with muting all. The best way to carry is to comunicate with your team and make calls.
yeah, YOU make calls. not them.
: Tips to get out of this hellhole that is silver 1
not a very great place to be in, considering it's pretty much the exact same as gold. lol
: Who has little brothers that play this game?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I don't understand what makes you think someone that wants to be seen as NOT toxic will "get creative" and do something extremely toxic. From personal experience, people flame to correct someone doing something wrong. Those that just flat out get mad at other people for no given reason don't deserve such a right but, if someone is muting themselves for the SOLE PURPOSE of not being reported or not being seen as toxic, WHAT GOOD REASON can they give to do something as far as FEEDING without being in some way insane.
Bjuny (EUW)
: Honor Capsules are garbage
OK, that stuff is useless, but why complain? At least you got something. Stuff like this is excess, it doesn't really matter. EDIT: gave it some thought and, pretty much what you are saying, you want stuff that isn't normally free out of a free reward.
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
I'd like to officially sign up for this. :D I really like the snowflakes :D I'll just use this in the fountain to keep it safe from the deadly predators from the outside world if I do win somehow. {{champion:98}}
: I agree. But that's the forum rules.
maybe because the community can't actually do anything about it.
: Absolute truth! (almost) I just came here to blame RIOT for their incompetence in making LoL a game enjoyable for everybody, not only for those who say "it's just a game". The whole game gets unbalanced more and more and RIOT is doing nothing about it, but rather the opposite: people who put their energy into trying to win the game get banned for complaining a.k.a. "flaming". The usage of this stupid word has gotten as far as the word "racism" nowadays. As soon as you don't agree with something somebody said, you just call him racist and then the bullying starts. It's the very same here. My story: yesterday I became B IV; yes B IV. The next 6 games which I all played today I lost all in a row; the result: B V again. It's always the same: either somebody takes an ADC mid, feeds 0 - 3 in the first 4 minutes and then rage quits, or somebody just disconnects and doesn't return, or he trolls by running after you, hindering you from getting full xp, saying nothing about the why or what, or he simply feeds to a score of 1-15. Me, having scores like 22-3, 11-2 loses the game because 3 others have a score of 1-15. Now tell this guy to stop; he says you're flaming. And then what?! You shut up, help your team, waste your time, knowing that you'll lose, the feeders feed on and in the end you've put 45 minutes into your ****. How is this balanced?! Most of the time I say nothing but only report players, and still in the next game they are on my team again and surprise: we lose again; me 11-1, him 1-16. And when he's even together with a premade, and both report you for not telling them how enjoyable their feeding is, then you're pretty surely locked from chat or banned for 14 days like me. How is this balanced??!?!? People are allowed to use third party programs (bots) to gain essence and sell the accounts for money, as RIOT seems unable to do anything about it! Is this balanced? What is the report for cheating function there for anyways?! A pathetic try to make it look serious?! People who buy accounts, who tell you "I can only play mid" are put in one game with ppl who have 1500+ wins and all champs unlocked. And you ban me for complaining why they don't play normals or even the tutorial before losing ranked? How is this balanced? I mean, ofc. this is just a game. But if you think like that, why don't you play normals or pve? Why do long time players have to play with obviously inexperienced players and lose? Is it the job of the long time players to teach newbies how to play? IN RANKED GAMES?! HOW IS THIS BALANCED?! You RIOT, you have to teach them in the worst case, but not me! Is it my job to play 3 lanes simultaneously and check the jungle from time to time as well? And I repeat: in normals I wouldn't bother, but ranked is getting more and more unenjoyable for long time players, since new players are put in the same que. How is this balanced?! The whole reporting and banning system is a ridiculous joke! You can have a great score, help your team throughout all the game, then 2 premades report you for "racism" and "flaming", because those are the words you can rely on today, and you get punished while they can play another game and make others lose with their ignorance? And as soon as you write something in the chat about that, then it's flaming?! Tell me, you proud ants of RIOT: how is this balanced? How would you stay calm in such situations. Are you guys even aware of what is going on in bronze or do you cheat your personal accounts to gold or further simply by using a mouse click? Seriously, I'd like to know. Poor RIOT employees. But everything is ok as long as you can sell skins, right? Shame on you! This game is getting more and more a waste of time, and this is SURELY not solely the community's fault but also the lack of RIOT's passion to make the game fair (or the reporting system alone). Luckily there is many many more games out there. 14 days ban.............................................................................................. a joke. Edit: Oh and by the way; when I got banned and client closed, I was in champ select to a ranked match, so I got kicked together with all players. So don't say it's not RIOT's fault that you can't find a match for 10 mins.
have you heard of tencent?
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Bibs (EUW)
: why say "ez"?
so much toxic people :v
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