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The TabIe (EUW)
: > **I'm** haven't played league for a while I'm* Not I Terrible fucking grammar
Why do you even bring grammar into this, when I am asking about a game feature?
LightTrack (EUNE)
: Maybe reduce the effects graphics?
All my settings are on minimum, yet I still have it, so that doesn't help.
: Suggestion for the game.
I play with minimum graphics and colorblind mode and I see a very bright flash whenever a tower gets destroyed, it hurts my eyes, sometimes causes me to see a white mark for a few seconds and it is very irritating as some people mentioned. And as someone else said, if you don't have a problem then don't hate about it, not everyone is as perfect as you. And no, I won't stop playing the game, I have fun in League and It should be fairly simple to make an option to reduce flash brightness/remove it completely.
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