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: Can't we all just get along? :/
I agree. The number of games where I hear "easy" after a lose/win is just pathetic. I never say it and why people can't just leave it at that and move on, especially after a win which is nice, I don't understand. I mean why make someone feel worse by saying "easy"? Why not just shut up and leave instead of commenting that. What good does it do apart from piss off other players on the losing team? Pathetic. They're probably mostly sub 18 year olds. I hope Riot punish people who get reported for saying such things. It's damn common as hell. It ruins the game.
: Why Are People So Abusive
It's not that I'm even good at the game either though. I consider myself a good gamer in general but not in League for some reason. I ALWAYS have more deaths than kills. But it just gets too much at times like now and makes me want to kill myself. Then again I am stressed at things just now...
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