: I think hes more balanced now, i used to play him a lot and if the enemy had a full ad team and you built full armor you could just dance around them and you were unkillable where as with other champs you can still take a fair bit of damage, i'd say hes where he needs to be now.
I have to disagree with you,if you are against a full ad team it's their fault for not taking some ap dmg as well, for sure if you are full build, they just kill themselves off your thornmail... a good team comp with cc etc can deal easily with a tahm kench in a team fight. And taking away some of his mobility, just makes him weaker in those scnearios. My point is they weakened even more his weakpoints (team fighting, getting to the backlane) and didn't touch his strong points ( sustain and 1 vs 1 )
: He is oppressive on top with bone platting, grasp and his shield.
Yep his sustain in lane is just stupid, i put my first point in e, with grasp and second wind i out trade anyone. His Weak point is his TF, he soaks up far less damage now ! His sustain in lane and bullying should be nerfed for sure, but they nerfed his Teamfighting (e duration and mobility), in which he already sucked hard at...
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