Filtatos (EUNE)
: About New/Reworked Champions And Ranked Games
I agree, but also think it might be better if people are restricted from playing a champ in ranked unless they have reached, for example, level three with that champ. Hopefully this way we won't get 0 pts/first time Yuumi jungle in ranked games.
: A good player or a good person?
I don't see why there has to be a tradeoff, why can't all people just be decent human beings at least, whether they are good or bad at something (irl also). That doesn't mean that everyone needs to be bff's but cmon.
: mean and nasty person because they usually care about the game and about win. They push you more to improve.. First one is like - You get them next time sweety its only a video game dont worry you can q up for next. am i right?
Who even says the nasty person knows what he's talking about? Not all nasty and mean people are automatically good at the game.
Hylαs (EUW)
: Kayle's rework is only a 20% success for me and Morgana's is a 80%
Yes, I mostly agree with you, although I can add a few more problems, I don't want to be overly critical. Maybe my expectations for their reworks were way too high. (I miss Kayle's armor; large, majestic wings; long, flowing, golden hair even if I only say it in a couple of skins) (I miss Morg's large, tattered wings and her long hair was better too for me, although won't mind it being shorter if it hadn't looked as much as Xayah's) I don't like the way they seem to have repurposed stuff from other characters such as Xayah, Evalyn, Dawnbringer Riven and Starguardian Soraka's wings.
: Why are people allowed to play ranked with 0 mastery points?
Yes, I agree, been saying this for a long time. If they want to try something new they can do it in normals (why else have normal and ranked games separate then?) and not ruin someone else's game in the process because they were bored and inconsiderate of other people's ranked games.
: All Seasons Zyra
A really awesome idea!! As a Zyra (and Karma) main I really hope they make your idea a reality! I especially also love the changing ward idea since she is mostly played in support and because supports use wards the most it would just fit really well! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Giving Zyra a real meaning of " Garden of Thorns "
Hi :) I'm a Zyra main and I like your idea!!


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