: a few things here so please read :)
The text does seem a little smaller than would be ideal, but i dont think its too bad. I am also a fellow wearer of glasses, so i know your plight :') And as far as the "Hide" button goes, I have noticed that you can still do the "Away" thing on your icon, which is similar. Other than that, it does seem that you may just be popular, haha I havent played a game yet, as i have just been accepted to the Alpha, and havent had the time to play yet, but i will be this evening. But, i doa gree that the new client is lovely to look at.
: I've left the penguin life behind me now I'm a changed woman
i'm sure the penguin folk will miss you dearly, but our lovely, kind, and generous community here on League of Legends, will forever welcome your return with open arms, and kind words.
kispusiii (EUNE)
: Strike, to take back the old style queue for normal mode.
yeah, thats a dick move. you accomplish nothing by this method. If you want to strike, then strike properly. abstain from the game entirely and have riot feel the burn of your actions.
: Petition to get the League app on Windows Phone!
Clearly someone is living under a rock. As an example, in my local town there are more we users than android and apple. Its popularity is on the rise (due to all round better performance,) and there is no reason why companies should be missing Windows phones out of things like this.
: I don't know man I have a new life as a penguin now. Maybe I can let it go for EUW
I have, for some unknown reason, just received a notification of your comment. Even though I received it when you posted it. But, I must know. Do you continue your life as a penguin now?
: > [{quoted}](name=2Become dust,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=N4LgJ0ty,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-21T16:00:48.665+0000) > > After your bed time :^) jk jk I'll have you know that I'm 30 and my bed time run's until 9.30, so should be fixed by then ok?!!
: Support group for those on EUW
RETURN TO US MY FRIEND, For the gods of league smile upon us! I.. I mean.. It's back up now dude. -_-
Dáin (EUW)
: Fix the game already!
I still think its enjoyable. The game isn't the same as it was in its inception, and it will continue to change as time goes on. Its just a matter of adapting your game to the new patch, instead of having them change the patch to fit certain people. Yes, graves is OP now, but he's still killable.
Gainerator (EUNE)
: Now we got confirmation that Riot dont care about ARAM at all
Although not as much as you, I also play mostly aram, and have played a few games in the new patch too. Yes, soraka is way OP in ARAM, but still fairly easy to kill. She has always been a problem, but is no tankier now than she was already. Same goes for sona. If you want to talk about op champs on that map, xerath, anivia (both my mains), and ziggs do stupidly well in that mode. Aram isn't about balance, its about a game mode Tha you can take less seriously and just enjoy the game. For example, my friend and I occasions get alistar and maokai respectively, and go full tank. In that situation, it doesn't matter what the rest of the team comp is, we usually win for the hard cc and tankyness. The only real change is the lack of blue pots now in my eyes. Its still a stupidly fun mode
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey ThePuncake, Kindred had to be delayed until 5.20 due to some issues found with them unfortunately :-(
This saddens me greatly :( I only want to give you my money riot
: Kindred is patient. why aren't you?
> [{quoted}](name=TheDarkPrince87,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=VREOExma,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-02T12:50:35.820+0000) > > Kindred is patient. why aren't you? Smooth man ;)
: Giving Out 1 Skin/Champion Of Winner's Choice To 5 Lucky People :D (Details Inside If Interested)
First, congrats pal :) Your Current Ranked Division Silver III Are You Happy In This Division? I am :) Its my first rank achieved and I'm good with it. How Did You Get To This Division In solo queue, by myself because my buddy wasn't level 30 at that point. Your Main Champion (MAXIMUM 2) Xerath and Rammus What Have You Done That You Feel Has Had An Impact On The LOL Community (This can be negative or postive, don't worry I don't judge) Not a great deal, but I have recently took part in the process of banning a couple of toxic players. I don't think they have a place in this game. State 1 Skin/Champion You Would Like If You Won Favourite skin to get would be full metal rammus. Thanks for this competition pal :) Also, it was 23rd birthday on the 28th of September. Not the same dat, but not far off :)
: Can we pls get Kindred today like you did with Ekko?
I would very much enjoy kindred being released today. God knows I'll only waste my rp on something useless otherwise. Or at least a date on their release.
n33gs (EUW)
: Splash art vs IG model
For me, it's the mecha malphite skin. The splash art looks so awesome, so I bought it. But in game, he looks like a colourful Lego creation.


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