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: What? you speak about lol? Title says : What i have realised about life I am disappointed. And here i thought i could put some big lines of mine about life{{sticker:sg-poppy}}
League of legends is my life
: Why would someone sabotage the game?
The only answer i can give you to that is a Question. Why is there negativity in the world? If you've never experienced negativity i'm happy for you.
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: Support is not adc’s babysitter, common misconception. As an ap supp main i stay in lane with adc until my or enemy turret falls. Then I stick to the most fed ally, put down vision etc etc. If ur the fed ally good for you I’m all yours. If not, u are worthless to me: go get farm, don’t overextend further than u have vison and join teamfights when you’ve farmed a couple items. The amount of times I’ve seen a 2/5 adc solo pushing into T2/T3 with 0 vision only to die stupidly then proceed to blame the supp is depressing. Support is there for the whole team, not just your entitled self.
First, you Need to know when to take the Tower and when not to take the Tower. Most of the times you can not farm behind that Tower. As soon as you and your adc feel comfortable to fight ADC, Support and Jungle at the same time, you take the Tower or you start Proxy farming behind the Tower to cut out as much XP as possible from the enemy. If you decide to not Proxy farm but to actually take the Tower, i believe, that you should stay botlane still. The enemy jungle and mosten times even midlane has to help their botlane. If they are unable to kill you and your adc without using 3 ultimates, the likelyhood of your other teammates dying by a gank decreases. It also decreases the kill potential midlane has. You also take away Gold and XP from all lanes that came to you while your Team receives this Advantage. If you manage to get 2 kills in a 2v3 or 2v4 and their ultimates and their summoners, that's beast.
: Hello there, I've taken my time to read through this, for anyone unwilling to read through this wall of text: The Poster says Junglers and Supporters sabotage him and he wants players to get baned from ranked when they don't perform to his liking. I won't even bother explaining that they are trying their best, they are just not the best players. Noone is sabotaging you, you're not important enough to be sabotaged.
You clearly have not understood anything. If a Person _wants_ to Sabotage. The lanes he _would_ choose if what he wanted to achieve was the _highest_ Damage done to the game without being banned then he would choose Support and after that Jungler.
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