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new pekka (EUNE)
: champions are too expensive , am i right ?
Unlocking champions is a big part of the progression in league.
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: Champions Riot will not fix because LCS
Atleast these champions are fun to watch unlike Elise, sivir and lulu from previous seasons.
: Who cares if he has a leaver buster or not. Its very unlikely to meet him again anyway.
Just looking at the bright side. "You'll probably lose since you're missing a player, ff at 15 or give the 4 v 5 chance if the afkers 3 deaths haven't set your team too far behind" that a better answer for ya?
: What can you do when someone goes afk at 6 mins?
Jokes on the afker as they might have to deal with 20 minute leaver buster for the next 5 games.
: That or like the other day someone recognized me while I was shopping for ice cream :D
Thanks for the clarification, i was just about to find and body slam a rioter.
: Two weeks suspension
You lost your cool for this first and only time over a blue buff?
Ehsanelite (EUNE)
: I deserve unban
You cannot get punished for getting reported alone, you must have done something which is not allowed.
: AP Heroes Autoattack Damage
Heroes!?, we have no heroes here, only champions.
: But the people who play it casually treat it as a casual pass time, as a game. When they play in a competition then it becomes a sport but for most people it’s treated as a hobby. That’s what the op is trying to say... when your in a tournament then it’s a sport, but as the vast majority aren’t it’s a pass time to have fun and should be treated as such. At the end of the day league was made for enjoyment not an esports, we should treat it as such.
I do not disagree with the topic of the post, i just disagree with the opinion that something isn't a real sport because most people play it casually.
Rismosch (EUW)
: League is for casuals
Most soccer matches are casually played in elementary school recesses with less the minimum players and half the rules ignored, does that mean it is not a "real sport" aswell?
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: Riot about new event quests..
You don't have to complete all the daliy missions... As a matter of fact, you only have to complete 2 daliy missions and the quest line to get the most expensive reward.
: I have to say New Aartox...
Please do not refer to league of legends champions as "heroes". It makes me very uncomfortable.
: How do you kill MUNDO?
: Banned for saying nothing?
Stop saying "report *player*", it is pointless.
: Just a reminder...
Yes, and marksmen still does these things, Ezreal, Kai'sa and other ranged carries not building crit items are roughly in the same spot as before. Champions such as Jinx and Caitlyn can still fulfill this purpose, though they will need more gold then they used to.
: Something needs to be nerfed
Yasuo had to be hotfix buffed after the changes to crit items. I think this is a case of you being salty more then Yasuo or conqueror needing a nerf.
ochicha (EUW)
: Camille the great champion
Camille is weak in lane, bully her, delay her tri past 15 minutes, end before she finish her 3rd item (not counting boots).
2zeiad (EUW)
: Account hacked
I would advice you to stop clicking on "Free rp" links
: Strategy Discussion: Inhib or Baron
It depends on where the minions are, which lanes are pushed and which towers are alive. If the mid lane minions are in the middle of the lane with the enemy outer and inner turret down: inhibitor turret, inbibitor then baron. If the mid lane minions are pushing into the inhibitor turret: inhibitor turret, inbibitor, nexus turrets, end if possible. If the mid lane minions are pushing into your turret: Baron then push lanes. These are the "ideal" calls for a few scenarios. But in reality, going for the inhibitor is gonna be your best bet 95% of the time, as baron calls are risky without instant commitment from the whole team, which will never happen in solo queue.

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