: > [{quoted}](name=Black Mage,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=hKw2eeoO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-26T20:40:34.589+0000) > > When did you start the game? > > Either you just got here recently or you actually never paid attention. what is that even supposed to mean?
It's an question regarding your knowledge and personal experience with Riot. They do tons of mistakes, all the time.
Raul04 (EUW)
: Hyperactivity is not Hypersensitivity. Jesus Lord allmighty you can't even f*ing read. Go back to school, go educate yourself, you have 0 knowledge on this topic and you will never have any since you don't know what it means.
Thanks for pointing out you deserve any kind of toxicity ban. Beheaving like that won't get you anything.
Raul04 (EUW)
: Big facepalm right there. Noone ever with mental issues is having their mental fixed by consulting a specialist. Some people manage to kinda get their life right in a few years, and many will live with those issues for the rest of their lifes. You can't cure mental illness or depression, it will always be present, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, but it will ALWAYS be there. But who am I talking to, some blindfolded chimp who is a mommies boy at the age of 20 still living in mommies basement? You will know what depression and suicidal thoughts mean once you walk into a room and see one of your loved once hanging from the ceiling.
Get an appointment, like... seriously. All the mental health issues you pointed out have NOTHING to do with toxicity. What you talk about is attention seeking. Someone who claims he has suicidal thoughts is attention seeking, not actually being suicideal. Those who are thinking about suicide, etc. drop SILENT hints about their constitution, ranging from disinterest over to closing himself from society. Toxicity means you need attention, you got that with this thread. Congratulations. And now get a real doc.
: Why do people always blame riot?
When did you start the game? Either you just got here recently or you actually never paid attention.
Raul04 (EUW)
: This is not about special treatment as I have stated many times, but you too are just blindfolded minion who doesn't have the guts to actually read and inform himself about this topic, you clearly didn't read what I wrote down and it automatically disqualifies you to have a meaningful opinion on this topic. I mentioned that there are far better punishments for toxic people, both for normal toxicity and for people with mental issues, Permabanning IS NOT the solution and never will be. If you think it is, then you simply support suicide and depressions. You will never know what depression and hypersensitivity means, you can't tell someone life sucks and tell them to just move on, it could hit any of us and one day who knows, maybe your beloved mother will hang from the ceiling or your father got a bullet through his head because they had depression and thought about suicide. You will know what it means to be depressed and suicidal.
Hyperactivity means that you are having issues concentrating. Depression means you have issues dealing with emotions. Both of those things have NOTHING, literally NOTHING to do with toxicity. It's YOU being toxic, not some illness.
: FPS capped at 60
check settings, go from full screen into borderless and go back into full screen, etc.
Raul04 (EUW)
: Actually I am qualified since I know and wrote about this topic unlike you or others here did, I am qualified to tell you you are not qualified because you clearly seem to ignore most of the things that I mentioned, I did consult many therapists, I consulted specialists who work in esports psychology unlike you. Before you write such nonsense, go see a specialist yourself.
Writing about something is not equal to being qualified, thanks for pointing out you are actually an idiot on top of being toxic. And if you did consult those, how did you not change, unlike... well actually ANYONE else who actually did consult a real one? And no, your mother is not qualified as some therapist, and no, your best friend is not, too. I can also make some stuff up, like me having an diploma on that topic. Now what? I won this argumentation. Right now you are actually showing that you are toxic and deserved any ban. edit: like someone else pointed out: someone with depression would never act toxic, that's another trait which is uncommon for people who had it hard in life.
: I’m pretty sure a lot of the clash tests where in EU. And riot is in NA, why wouldn’t they release stuff there first... just be patient we will get it when they are ready to release it, better riot do this slowly rather than repeating the clash mistake
Since the beginning EU was getting stuff after NA. It's not about testing, it's about being first.
Raul04 (EUW)
: You clearly haven't read my text. It is not the game that is triggering, part of it is the idiots that play the game, the other part is the ban system which prefers to reward inters and feeders. Telling someone with mental issues to just get off the game is the worst possible solution, its the equivalent of telling a hobby photographer to never take fotos against because there will always be situations that trigger them, its the equivalent of telling a kid to stop playing their favourite sport just because there are problems that come with it. Permabanning simply for texting, whatever it was that got written, is the worst possible solution. As I've said, there NEED to be ways to punish toxicity, and I have proposed multiple ways, ways that are fair enough for toxic people, but permabanning is NEVER the solution.
Your comparison sucks, as it's comparing a positive behaviour with an negative one. You don't fight drinking by letting them drink, you don't fight smoking by smoking. Get educated before you write about some topic you know nothing about.
Raul04 (EUW)
: This is not about general problems, this is about serious depression, hypersensitivity etc, you're not educated on this topic and you clearly haven't read my text.
You are not qualified to tell others they are not qualified for those kind of topics. If you actually did consult someone who specializes on that kind of topic... dear god would that therapist be reliefed about that ban, as it means that he can actually do start from the beginning. The first thing about people having issues is them realizing it's them, not someone else. Getting banned is perfect.
: Note
The way they communicate didn't change much, it's an hassle and why the hell did they just realize that releasing dates, which do not even remotely come close to the region they posted that info on, are not appropriate? It took them about 10 years to do that... And that's only them REALIZING it, not even being able to follow up on that and fixing/editing previous posts.... They did too many things wrong and people being upset is fine, that's what should happen: people being able to critize companies. Sure, it's not constructive, but... dear god you can not be constructive anymore for getting ignored since the beginning.
Danitao (EUW)
: Well maybe you dont, i did, been 2 months ive beenn trying my hardest to always to my best self and not tilt
Well, then prove yourself on a fresh account. Read what you sign before you do something out of line. And like the one above you said: we don't change, especially if your reasoning is "tilting"
Raul04 (EUW)
: Permabanning accounts for toxicity reinforces mental issues and leads to even more toxicity.
First of all: It's not Riots or our job to care about someone else issues. Yes, you heard it right: we are not qualified to care or do something about your mental breakdowns. And if we actually talk about mental health issues: Those people need to get off games which trigger them. So yeah: perma banning the most toxic ones is the way to deal with that, perhaps they got some time now to check their doc. Second: No one should be in a better/worse position just because... they are a minority, have mental health issues, etc. etc. Please realize that society is handling everyone equal and that, just because someone was broken up with, got fired, etc., those will not get their free pass to behave like some idiot. (And if we talk about equality: people who are actually ill, have special conditions like being ... blind, etc. get some bonis, but those don't qualify those people to behave like idiots, too, just them getting some kind of financial compensation)
: Are you sure sir? , Like I've been reading this before and people said like : riot"use at your own risk" = "we won't ban you now but we might change our mind later.".
> We're totally OK with you downloading item sets to your system. We even have documentation in our Developer Portal to help guide people on how to create the proper item set format. That said, do so at your own risk since you are downloading something from an untrusted Third Party! read that last sentence? It is not about that you will get banned, because of that, but because you are downloading something, which is from a third party, and this could break your account, steal data, have virus in them, etc. Riot can not check what files you got on your pc, it does not check your client, etc. Everything client side, stays client side. You can quess why mastery pages had to be moved from client side, to server side? because people edited the pages to give them a certain mastery multiply times (like 30 times summoner spell cdr = no cooldown on flash/smite, just watch some video about it) and riot was not able to check their clients and look up those files! And they still can not do this! But let people who have no clue about that tell you stuff which is not true {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Taquion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=RSB Spectra,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=IOIgqukn,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-30T13:12:59.737+0000) > > Are you sure sir? , Like I've been reading this before and people said like : riot"use at your own risk" = "we won't ban you now but we might change our mind later.". If you modify anything of client you can get a punishment. If they check your installation (when they update for exemple) and something is "weird" can punish you.
they can not check anything client side. (as long as you do not find some exploit, like the mastery one from some years ago, where you could put 30 points into summoner ability cdr)
: So no longer "use at your own risk" right?
First of all: Riot has no ability to check if you are using the right skin, or not. "use at your own risk" is said, because of possible crashes and incompability issues. Nothing more or less.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Black Mage,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=h3bTbaAl,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-09-30T12:48:17.965+0000) > > No one forces you to autofill. > > you chose 2 positions, which you want to play. If you are an jack of all kinds, you can chose "autofill" for your 2nd choice. > > How hard is it, to understand, that you need to pick what you are capable of? You do not pick "fill" if you can not fill! And if you can not play any other role than your primary, you do not play ranked. > > > Be thankful that you do not need to play more than 2 roles, anymore, compared to the old system You obviously don't know what autofill is. There's a big difference between "fill" and "autofill". You should look it up. It's pretty ironic that you're asking others how hard it is to understand when you're the only one here who don't understand.
Wow, I do? Where do you think I did any mistake explaining why OP is an idiot to chose autofill? First of all: If you enter the queue, you look for players around your MMR, afterwards the system will look for possible combinations of the roles which were chosen by each player. It looks at everyones prefered roles, if everyone got their main role, it's perfect, if not: it will look for possible solutions, like making someone fill in with his secondary. Now some player queues up, system finds the perfect group, but you and another teammate have the same primary role. The system will now make one of you chosing an free secondary choice, you have chosen when you queue up. BUT WAIT. Player B has Mid lane as secondary, it is taken! Player A has chosen fill as secondary and now, he will have to play this secondary role, which is support/jungle/adc! Gratz, you are now filling in. Enjoy it.
fuxociety (EUW)
: New Game Mode Idea
you mean the wtf mode from dota? Too difficult to implement. Do you know how characters move when casting abilities? This stuff is kinda programmed "weird" and I do not think Riot will do an overhaul of every single champion. Just look at all the weird graphical glitches if you pause the game at certain frames, just too much work for Riot
: using third party skins?
grey zone atm, and who knows, maybe they are gonna change it and flag it as an red zone?
Scod (EUNE)
: Ranked games, autofill.
No one forces you to autofill. you chose 2 positions, which you want to play. If you are an jack of all kinds, you can chose "autofill" for your 2nd choice. How hard is it, to understand, that you need to pick what you are capable of? You do not pick "fill" if you can not fill! And if you can not play any other role than your primary, you do not play ranked. Be thankful that you do not need to play more than 2 roles, anymore, compared to the old system
: Let's talk about Runes
Make runes free = make people buy champions with IP = no one will buy them for RP = lost a lot of money because people who got no time, but want to play the game will now not spend any money on unlocking champions, because now they have enough IP to play whatever they want. If this game was in a "pay once" system, it would be another matter, but it is not. And tier 2 runes are both cheap AND they are good enough to start with
Okuma (EUNE)
: This has to be the most random post I've ever witnessed.
Most random stuff comes from EUNE, which is why I am glad is not part of EUW anymore {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Mr Zyra (EUNE)
: Custom 2 player gamemodes
1v1 BO3 style fights on the top lane. Whoever gets: a) 2 kills b) 100 minions c) first tower first, wins the game. **Defend your pink:** Both sides agree to place a pink ward somewhere in the upper/bottom JUNGLE and the first one to kill the enemies pink ward, wins. Something to note: both sides start at the game with a pink, are not allowed to buy another pink ward, HAVE to set it up before the first minute is over, and go to their mid tower afterwards (meet and greet in the middle maybe to show you are there), after the first minion passed your mid tower you are allowed to do whatever you want. Some tactics are: - level up in the middle first, to be able to fight your opponent, taking ignite and exhaust. - get tp to safe your ward, if the enemy finds it and because you farmed mid you could dominate the enemy. - etc. (will not spoil it too much)
: Which is your favourite custom gamemode?
I do not see Doombots. Sorry, I am out!
kfir15 (EUNE)
: what are you say look my match history and tell me when i troll??
You are mixing up trolling with feeding. You do not need to feed to troll
raps1355 (EUW)
: I wanna know why the turret always picks me over the minion wave when its clearly in front of me. Its almost as though the tower detects champs at a longer range than minions.
Your hitbox is than those of minions. Minions have their hitbox in the middle of their model, but champions got their hitbox fitting exactly your model
Marel (EUW)
: Some Skin Ideas
instead of just naming skins, how about telling us how they should look like? THAT'S what is wanted, not just saying "I want "Phoenix Anivia"" .... You know that Anivia is already a Phoenix? A cryophoenix to be exact
kfir15 (EUNE)
: baned account
> if i did mistake so im realy sorry about it. Does not seem like that > i dont know why you dont ban the real trolers you just said it yourself, you are a troller > i realy dont know why you give me ban answered it yourself just one moment later
: urf down?
Kippiiq (EUW)
: Championship Chests
Some mastery juwels or sth like that
Do NOT get championchip, i own the battle bunny one, and i am going to get a chroma for it, because it is the best looking one! Championchip looks bad, because of that it is not used at all, by most players, especially those who play Riven a lot. Arcade is fine, but somehow feels bad after a while. Just a gimmick skin, without it being actually good
The Whiskas (EUNE)
: I must admit again, that trees DO NOT PROVIDE VISION and fireflies work as ashe's 3 ability, they just stay for 30 sec. in area (like forest buff from two-headed wolfs) fireflies work as wards. and you only can use five of them in 150 sec. I don't think that Q is too strong, because on first level you can use only 1 firefly in 30 sec. I know that Ultimate must be nerfed, this is only the first post, if developers want to add this hero - they will do what on their opinion is better. I only want to say, that ultimate must be a tree with auras, that heal allies overtime
Still perma vision... You can just refresh that firefly after 30 seconds... And I did not talk about trees giving vision, but them being rather too strong, because you can go to any lost lane, put it down a bit behind their tower and you just made the enemy lose, if they can not burst their opponent ...
: yeah maybe i was inactive, but riot shouldve showed a message that im becoming inactive or something in that way, and i just joined a ranked championselect, and guess what, my client stops responding, like are u fucking serious.. :C
i feel you! i am pretty sure it should show you, but you know... riot has issues all the time
when was it? i think you got a set time limit for promotions! > DO PROMOTION SERIES EXPIRE? Promotion series can expire for all tiers except Silver and Gold. For Platinum promotions, you have 28 days to complete your promotion games before your series is cancelled and LP decay sets in. For Diamond and Master promotions, you have 5 days to complete the series before your series is cancelled. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/204010760-Ranked-Play-FAQ#h6q4
TTekkers (EUW)
: How often do support actually read tickets??
all the time. solutions to fix those client issues: delete your internet browser cache (not sure if from your main exlplorer, or actually IE)
left the champ select? it counts as an loss... If a premade leaves, it does count as an loss, too
The Whiskas (EUNE)
: New champion - Aya - the keeper of the forest light
too strong. I quess it's going to be played as an support by everyone or banned all the time, why? Because it is one of the strongest picks for this position. - You got 24/7 vision on an area, which is the same as not being gankable at all (not to mention you can not kill it, because it is untargetable by anyone but her). - Your tree is just too strong. Do you know what it means being immune to magic? It is like it being unkillable in teamfights, because AoE will not affect that tree... you have to make your adc attack it, but if this happens, your team will just kill the enemy, without any fight. You will never lose laning, ever. EVER. Because being healed all the time, by something which is unkillable, thanks to magic immunity, high armor and high hp, you can just place it behind some tower and it's over for the enemy, he will never win trades anymore... or not to mention being able to dive... and you are able to have 5 of them on the map, all the time? wtf!?! I will make it short, so here you go, change your ultimate and Q, both are way too strong (and if a support is able to provide this much vision and constant heal, well... you do not need cc and you are able to do whatever siege you want...
RivénMaiń (EUNE)
: A choice *between champs*
Rene. If you are going for tournaments, try getting a smurf and only play scrims on it
: Champs that have been played in ARURF
{{champion:202}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:4}} (twisted twice in a row)
: no where was i talking about the 10 year gift at all i was just mainly wondering if region transfer resets most of your account or what ever because if so i was just going to pay to get my account back over to na and hopefully the na servers would have everything in my account saved
Look, where was it rude? I told you exactly what you should know about: They have their hands on stuff, enough tickets to work through, most staff had their weekend and it will take time to have them respond to you. Account transfers do not make you lose anything, I had one myself, twice on multiply accounts, and I had no single Item missing from my inventory (every Rune, Skin, Rune Page, Champion, RP and IP was on place). We are talking about you getting hacked, because of that, Riot will take their time, having to look that claim up and actually investigate it. I do not know how long it will take them, because no one does know about it. Once again: Quote me please where I was being rude to you. You are oversensitive right now, I quess it happens when you are uncertain what will happen with your account. But still, be sure to take your time and reread it, I just stated that right now they might have too much to do with not enough employes
: questions about account recovery
first of all: the support will know it better. We have no clues about your account, and we can not help you out in any way. You know about weekends, right? You know that a lot of people are writing support tickets about this 10 year icon/mystery gift? No? They are short on people on weekends AND they have to deal with everyone mailing them about their missing skins... Just wait, they will do their best. Trust in them
: I'd like some advice
Low ammount of plays, those plays recorded are low skill from your end and even lower from your enemy (enemy running towards you, in front of their minions, towards you and your tower? Not even trying to use any skills?)... I am not a fan of it, and 2nd half of the video was just me skipping to the last 20 seconds, because I saw that you blurried the video for some "don't leave please" crap, followed up with some weird joke, about your last play, with it "remixing" it, using some (un)fun subtitles, like "healing laser" while rewinding your ultimate? wtf!?! If it is possible, add in some true gameplay, especially something worth watching, some teamfights or sth like that, and please do not try to be funny, you do horrible at this type of thing. You are better of doing sth else Edit: something positive I should add: your video editing seems good. I am sure you can do a lot better if you try another approach, compared to this video
: Old account recovery
Check EUNE as the server. I am not sure when the split happened, but it will not hurt to try it out
Funjumper (EUW)
: Event has been extended to the 29th, you'll just have to stay patient until worlds :/
Funjumper (EUW)
: How do the 6% affect his passive? :O
Like I said, he thought that adding the % damage of his Passive and the active damage of BotrK would be a good idea (which is not the case) for bursting potential
Funjumper (EUW)
: It works with Nocturnes passive, not Jarvan's. Because his is solely time based, while Noc's cooldown drops per hit.
Doomley (EUW)
: the guy is still in silver after 750 games this season and was silver last season. He doesn't have the knowledge he claims he has. He is just one of those arrogant players who think they are good at something when in reality they are not. You can get to diamond with just knowledge, mechanics are not required at all. I wouldn't even dream of paying to a silver player for coaching.
Look, it does not matter for an coach to be a good player himself. Some of the best football trainers are not able to play football themselves, on the level others play like. He can play how he wants to, but right now he has not submitted anything about the team he coaches, which is something I would not accept. I would ban people like him from the forums, to secure that others are not getting scammed
DaveRod (EUW)
: Hmm. That does make a lot more sense. And I don't think Botrk is a lost item. Vayne's do kinda benefit a lot from it.
Not anymore. Like I said, it costs you too much. To be able to afford it, you will get behind the enemy ADC for about 5 more minutes (after buying it), before catching up with him, if both are farming the same, because it is bad as an standalone. We are talking about jungle or lane jarvan? A jungle Jarvan would go for the Ghostblade first (hunters talisman only, not upgrading it. Getting Ghostblade as first big item) because it is cheap, gives him loads of useful stats and, like I said before, a great tool for ganking/teamfights. The bonus armor pen is helping out laning Jarvan, too. While laning Jarvan prefers to be able to trade the enemy safely, maybe even going all in and make them burn an summoner. Most enemies got some sort of CC, which will make Jarvans life difficult, especially if he gets ganked, so being able to use a low cooldown (45 seconds) mini-ghost to escape, is great for safety. In short: - If ahead, ghostblade will make enemies get further behind, if he decides to go armor, because it gets denied by the armor pen - It is a great chasing and escaping tool, additional to your Slow - It got an attackspeed (40%) steroid for 6 seconds, making Jarvan be able to trade with auto-attacks, which is an huge dps swing to his favor. Hydra (Titanic prefered) is more of an farming tool, and later on adds an nasty damage boost to your tanky setup. As an early Item it will make you push your lane, which is one of the worst ideas as jarvan. But against top laners, who will push you into your tower, it is one of the best choices out there. Depending on the enemy, you would rather wish not fight against them, that's why you go Titanic Hydra instead (against Rumble I would go Titanic instead of Ghostblade)
: Personal Coaching
How about introducing the team you coached? Or even just telling us of their recent tournaments, etc.?
DaveRod (EUW)
: P.S Also, his passive and Botrk's passive mesh hand in hand.
They do not, his passive is working better with the armor pen ghostblade gives you, not to mention the ammount of health stolen is small.
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