: Former diamond looking for gold+ players for 5 man flex q
Curion (EUW)
: any specific position? you can add Curion and my smurf Waddelidaddeli if you want
and yes I can learn macro from you I need to close games faster
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: I dodged 2 ranked games cause champ select is high as duck
Same thing is happening with me other than the queue dodge timer that you get after juking stupid launcher
pawn ll (EUW)
: Actually its been in league long before that but has been buffed significantly remember phantom dancers old passive
Yeah But Back then it was useless if u bumped a creep it would move now ull get stuck but yeah thanks for pointing that out
: Question
Positive Play Icon This icon was given to any Summoner that had no restrictions or bans during 6/15–9/15. This was released during the 5.18 patch.
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Riot Created Creep Block In Early S6 if I'm not Mistaken so I doubt they will be canceling it anytime soon
: internet speed problems
go play a custom game check ur ping and add an approx. of 20 ping to that number sites are unreliable since u don't know server location of riot games or servers traffic
: I found a bug! When you buy item and than undo. You health is going down a bit. Plz credit me
its been there forever bro :P it even happens when u buy an item that doesn't have to do with hp
Pappa (EUW)
: Gold ADC LF Support
I'm not gold currently due to region change but if you want you can add me and we can duo but after 1am I don't play before ping issues
RocketMury (EUNE)
: kha zix disconnected and jinx and darius where screwing around in the fountain
shit happens mate that's why I'm playing mostly tf mid and early game junglers like lee sin in ranked so I can camp and distribute my power across the map. region transfer fked my mmr
SantaHunter (EUNE)
: Last time I complained about this you made fun of me. PLS RITO WTF? I CANT GET AN S!!!!
I Can Give You A Tip That I Confirmed. Upgrade Your Trinket It Adds Around 10 to 30 Points in the ranking. And Farm More your cs rate in 35 min is low don't take this as like a silver teaching plat I'm not half as good as you maybe but I have a few champs :D [Imgur](http://i.imgur.com/tvxaQ1B.jpg)
RocketMury (EUNE)
lets see ur match history :D add me I'm a mid=jungle/adc/sup/top but can fill in all roles :D in that order priority
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: You are the first pick. What is your flexpick/safepick for your main roles?
ez adc safe poke scales into late game farm with w nunu jungle u can focus on taking objectives and being a tank soraka sup stay back and heal ur adc zed mid well I'm not sure about that haven't been playing mid a lot but he is my comfort pick irelia jayce top since u farm and scale heavy into late game
: How far can a casual player go up in ranked ladder?
find a reliable partner like a partner who will flame u for ur mistakes and can help u carry another lane ,this way you can guarantee you have another lane won and someone who gives u advice when u fk up so u don't do the same fk ups again
: Except my challenge!
: Scripters dont get banned?
If hes scripting he will get banned but scripter bans come in waves not like regular bans riot bans like 100 or more at the same time and ur lucky you were vs a scripter xerath I went vs a scripter ryze no cds forever good luck
Aonivar (EUW)
: When I started being on the internet I loved it so much that I never wanted to leave, now I can't go anywhere. Forums, websites, streams, everytime I am online I find people who can't spell properly, people who can't apply grammar or people who don't use punctuation. It's always this way, whenever I try to communicate clearly in correct English, most other players just write intelligible texts. Please, I am not asking for the Epitome of Eloquence, I just want people who can write in readable English with correct punctuation so that I don't have bend over backwards to get what they mean and cringe at the spelling errors. Could it be, possibly, that the people who are bad at League, have the same reasons for that, as you have for not being able to properly write? Ie. the possibility they don't care (trolls), the possibility they don't practise enough ('bad' players), the possibility that they think they have already mastered it (flamers), etc. Do with that what you will.
I love you mate. :D :D {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Koracks (EUNE)
: Ok, Thank you for answering :D
No prob Happy To Help :D
Koracks (EUNE)
: Gragas Or Diana
Depends on your play style and where do you play. Go youtube do your research and buy the one you feel you like more
asvpxjase (EUW)
: Is it me or after 3AM do 90% of people suck?
Welcome To Summer In League OF LEGENDS :OOOOO :) No SKL NO UNI NO SLEEP LETS Play and after hours of playing everyone is so desperate to win the game by themselves so they tilt fast and lose lane and cost you game it happens :D you want to have nice games in summer 8 to 11 am is the best time
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: My observation of Bronze/Silver/Low Gold level and mentality.
Well after a region transfer and a drop in mmr due to that other than doing 1 placement game after transfer I started in bronze 2 from gold 5 anyhow ive experimented with bronze and silver and tbh there is an easy way to win games. first way is take a tele on midlane and keep ur eyes peeled Ive carried more than 10 games with tf like that by just being all over map I see top struggle I tele give him kill then use ulti to go back to lane or go another lane and gank. another way to win and climb is to learn lane control and play adc learning to control your minion wave and keeping the wave under turret is so op at this elo you instantly tilt enemy and force them to do dives or do stupid mistakes which you can capitalize on and they will keep coming for you over and over again and youll end up out farming them and out killing them if that's a term other than that I couldn't find a more stable way to win like with jungle u cant win if 3 lanes are loosing and are tilted and i didn't experiment with top lane much so far
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Strigina,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=z8BkGdAV,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-09T05:13:34.039+0000) > > How Long Does It Take To Write Like This? It Is Really Annoying To Read Something Like This. I Mean, It's Kinda Fun The Ammount Of Time One Must Put Into Making A Text Look Like This. I Myself Would Never Waste My Precious Time Writting Something That Would Take That Much Effort. I Prefer It Simple. But Actually, If You Know How To Programm, You Can Write A Code That Changes The First Letter Of A Word To Be The Same Letter But In Capital Form. I Think I'm Going To Make Just That And Then Post The Entire Works Of Shakespeare Using That Notation. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Its A Bad Habit I Got Used To It
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: Lower elo dynamic que also needs sorting out..
Lol Dynamic Queue Ruined Games I Had A Game With Premades On Botlane Who Gave Double Kill on min 3 ffs minions hit turret at 1:40 how can u die before the third or fourth wave to a jhin and another thing ive noticed is that champs are too snowbally and people are just kill hungry if they don't take a kill each min they group up and search for kills
: Rengar - The most broken thing ever
rengar so bad early this meta just camp him and u crush his lane
Najns (EUW)
: I play on both EUW and EUNE... And I still think EUW ADCs are better.
I Don't Know Maybe As I Climb I Will See Skill Difference So Far I'm Forced To Play TF Mid And Run Tele So I Can Camp My Bot Lane
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
My Life Is Good But The Internet Here Is Shit Cant Play Lol Other Than Midnight And Even At Midnight My Ping Is At Best 89
Çhaòs (EUW)
: I'll adopt u ;-; <3 But only half a chocolate bar per day.
I Agree Can I Decide What Kind Of Chocolate I Want Though?
Pootis 5 (EUNE)
: Which Kha skin?
I find deathblossoms ult lvl up to be ugly other than that its a good skin though I prefer guardian or mecha over it
Baran Has (EUW)
: Is Dynamic Q the problem or are we just bored of League?
Its Dynamic Queue And The 2+ Premades etc Riot ruined their own game or should I say tencent they killed the team game like creating a team and playing 3vs3 or 5vs5 and they game is so off course too snowbally and imbalanced
strut (EUNE)
: How do you play against Swain?
You Use Ur Range And CC To Keep Him Away From You Juke His Root And Don't FIght Without Morello Or Ignite or he will heal it all
: And I ran away from EUNE because all lanes were lame, not only bot lane. Cheers
Yeah But Botlane Here Is So Much Worst Than EUNE You Have To Admit That But There Is A Bright Side Much Lesser Flame. I'm The Only One Usually Flaming When Botlane Gets Double Killed In 4 min Or So Still Trying To Adapt
galguser (EUW)
: Launcher crashes after hitting launch
Try Reinstalling Frame Work. if that didn't work download iobit uninstaller and remove lol using the program which removes it from registry and all pc and try reinstalling. Feels Bad Man {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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: Some help for Disabled peoples
My Friend You Should Try The Razer Ouroboros Its An Equilibrium Mouse If I Can Say That Same From Left And Right Perfectly Symmetrical! And Keep It Going Good Luck :D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Wulffrith (EUNE)
: Moving from EUNE to EUW
Do It Just Do It You Will Get A Bit Lower After You Transfer Cause Of Only One Placement Game But The Community Is Less Salty And They Understand Jokes And References :)
: How to troll a troll
My Friend I Apologize But You Haven't Met A Troll Yet :) :) :) :) look at this smiley face though :)
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: I'm dead inside.
Tencent Want YOUR $$$$$$$$$ PAY UP SUKKAS Or Else Enjoy Playing To Get An S Game Which Maybe Gives You A Key Fragment Which You Need 3 To Make A Key And You Need An S Game For A Chest Which Might Not Include Champion Shards Or Good Skins Or What ever :) :) :) :) I Love This Emot :) :)
: About 2), Happend to me aswell. but infact its just a notification telling you that you can obtain these tokens now, Showing you a picture of a token, if you just press okay without reading it might be missleading.
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: 1) You probably killed herald in time but right after he died, Baron spawned and buff was not already able to spawn. What are the chances right? 2) Fot Token just wait a bit or restart client. Sometimes it takes time to update in your client. However, I dont think you should get some in that situation, since you just reached M5. Maybe really a bug. 3) Why Are You Typing Like This?
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