: > [{quoted}](name=Blank2030,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=THrxP3sn,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-21T12:21:50.226+0000) > > I wanted to play Yas for 8 games. the 9th game my teammate banned him Well, most players out there does not trust any {{champion:157}}, and i can't blame them. So you either don't hover it and take the chance, or you accept that any player has a right to ban whoever champ he wants (you too for what matters).
Or you know. They can just be civilized and not immediately flame me without me saying ANYTHING. They literally flamed me immediately just because I wanted Yasuo. Not to mention they could be normal and just ask me to play something else instead of banning my champ and flaming instantly? Me picking Yas doesn't warrant what they did.
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: you can also just play blind pick or not talk to your team? pre-game my team doesn't talk that often and after game you can just leave instantly? Also if they say word that trigger the system the chat will also count for all 3 chats,
You know why I don't play blind pick? Because most of the time I do people cry when I pick their role before them and start inting or flaming. So blind pick doesn't work in my books.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Pretty sure your champ doesnt get banned every game Dont say anything to provoke others and you'll notice that a lot of people will have no fun flaming a silent person
I wanted to play Yas for 8 games. the 9th game my teammate banned him even though I had him selected and then proceeded to flame me for no reason at all. So yeah. That happened.
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: Not really, we have trash ping. My friend always almost cry of how he can't use his abilities of the lag. You're not the only ones suffering.
No I was mentioning our pings in CSGO and making an estimation based on that. You'd probably land near 70-90 stable?
: "Middle East server". Which not a server so even Algeria/Tunis/Morocco can get into that server ? In Algeria I have about 90-300 ping in a game. LoL. But I still agree with another server for arabs. and about people downvoting. Why ? I want a reason for these downvotes . Did he say delete the game or insulted someone ? No! He's just saying the truth. People these days...
I had a friend from egypt I believe with about 30-40ish ping on CSGO so I'd assume these countries would get a maximum of 70-80ish which is still much better than the current state we are in. Riot can make a solution for this if they wanted but it seems like the community isn't bugging them enough if you ask me. Tbh we wouldn't need to if they talk about this issue and make a plan or any kind of promise of a fix coming in the future. It's all just been "Your internet is shit so deal with it." I have 100megabits fiber optic connection and I can barely get 90 ping on very rare cases on EUW :/
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Why not at least do tests? I think you underestimate just how expensive a test like this would be. It's not just bringing a server rack over and hooking it up to the internet. A test is probably not realistic due to the cost. --- > Not to mention other games use Dubai servers and I haven't seen anyone complain about that? It depends on the game, and what can be considered acceptable by its playerbase. Some games are fine with slightly higher ping, while others suffer greatly from it. There's other factors as well, but just because it works for one game, it doesn't mean it'll necessarily be a good option for another.
The maximum ping I've heard people get from dubai servers was 30. Unless their internet was a 3G package or something. Yes tests would be costly but we're talking about Riot here. This company last I checked is by no means losing. And I'm not saying it should lose but running a few tests shouldn't be a major issue to a company of this size. Also if we're talking about expensive costs and profits. Look at turkey? Russia? No one plays on those servers. Russian servers last I checked barely made a difference for russians and turks just stick with EUW Mostly due to their friends being there. Here you have MULTIPLE countries filled with LoL fans that want to play the game on low ping. Making a server in Dubai would make such a difference that the ping might even go down by a 100. That's a massive change that will push anyone to switch not to mention a few special events/rewards for switching? The servers would CRASH due to the immense amount of transfers. We aren't asking for our pings to be 2 or something like that. Anything lower than 40-50 would be acceptable on a game like LoL. I literally can't play Yasuo because of my ping right now. Just picking Yasuo is me literally saying I'm here to int.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > I see no damn reason why they won't make one tbh Last time they talked about it they stated that infrastructure is the main reason. In Europe, internet infrastructure is well built across borders of nations, meaning you reach services is neighboring countries with low latency. In the middle east, this isn't necessarily the case. If you're trying to reach a server is a neighboring country, chances are high your connection is routed through Europe before accessing the service you're after, just because how the infrastructure is built. Placing a server in one country then would probably mean great ping for players of that country, but actually worse ping for neighboring countries compared to just playing on EUW or EUNE. Ultimately, that'll cause people to just play on EUW or EUNE, since they'll get lower ping there, meaning the middle eastern server doesn't actually have such a huge playerbase after all, which increases queue timers for the players there and lowers matchmakings capabilities. The experience will simply be worse.
Why not at least do tests? Not to mention other games use Dubai servers and I haven't seen anyone complain about that? Dubai servers seem to work just fine for all arabs?
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Please. For God's sake. Make us a good Middle-East server. Bahrain. UAE. Saudi Arabia should all be somewhat suitable locations? Depends, what other major internet services are hosted there? because that will be one of the important factors, no point dropping cash on a server if there isn't anywhere suitable enough to host it with enough backbone connections and a reliable infrastructure > You have a huge player base of arabs. Define "huge" and how much money is this "huge" playerbase spending per month? because they arne't going to want to host a server that loses them money, give us actual numbers of players that can be verified and checked, i mean riot already knows this data based on geolocation, so to them its obviously not large enough to make it profitable > It's about time you took care of your arab players and helped us. We probably make up at least a quarter of your EU playerbase if not more. Citation needed > We've been begging for years and I personally see no excuse as other games have dome this and succeeded so there's no reason for Riot to not do it. :/ Which other games would that be exactly?
UAE can handle hosting. Pretty good servers from what I've seen. "Huge" as in I meet multiple arabs almost every single game on EUW. Profits? We are the craziest people about spending money on games. We do buy a ton of league stuff. Anywhere from skins to actual merch. I've seen multiple thresh hoodies in here. I know people who spend WAY too much of their paychecks on this game. There are no sources. We can't source something we can't access as Riot doesn't reveal this info to us about the actual numbers. This is just from experience since they don't let us see anything pretty much. And I think the reason they didn't make one yet is because they're using the turkish server as a scapegoat so we should head there while we get sometimes even higher pings than EUW. Not to mention there isn't much reason for them making a turkish server anyways but because of the language barrier. Arabs are stuck on EUW or EUNE for no reason. CSGO literally has valve servers in dubai and I live in saudi arabia. My ping is 9 literally. We have the capabilities. We have the player base. We give them profit. A whole new Saudi E-Sports organization just started up and will soon be an amazing opportunity for pro play in the gulf! I see no damn reason why they won't make one tbh :/
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