Chuckiezo (EUW)
: Are you telling me there's no way of declaring intent (I AM HERE SOLELY TO HAVE FUN)? I don't think you trying hard enough. thick or something? Sport/competitive oriented - ranked Fun/goofing around - normal, custom, bot, urf, aram.....etc. You have it, the system is there, people choose to be diks in the competitive part of the game and Riot don't need another system for that, like Shiwah said, people can't be mind read and placed together. Punishment is the way to go and judging by the fact that you started with " welll...i got banned" means that this system works.
Frøst (EUNE)
: I don't think that Riot manually perma bans people. Can people stop telling me I had all these chances, you are clearly missing the point. I had one chance only. You can clearly see that this is not one of those threads...
> [{quoted}](name=Frøst,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7Y0fh5sG,comment-id=0008000000010000,timestamp=2018-07-02T11:41:01.753+0000) > > I don't think that Riot manually perma bans people. > Can people stop telling me I had all these chances, you are clearly missing the point. I had one chance only. > You can clearly see that this is not one of those threads... Not really. I do understand what you mean, but what i see as a problem with the way you are taking this is the fact that a 14 day ban meant nothing for you, and you realised you have to change only after the perma ban. My question is, what about all the people that changed after that 14 last warning? Are they more stupid than you or what. Why would you get a SECOND/LAST warning (getting your ban lifted) And they had to change because they understood the rules and accepted their mistakes on time, before it's too late? What you saying is, that Riot should straight perma ban people just so they can understand what a permanent loss means and then lift the ban ?!?! Because a 14 day last warning does not do the job for you ? Come on mate lets be reasonable. I strongly recommend to go and read the whole terms and conditions again..or for the first time and see how clearly everything is explained.
AF XpEll1 (EUW)
: The point he was making is that he didn't even get a chance to prove himself during/after a chat restriction - instead he got a 14-day ban and then failed to reform before he was permanently banned. Furthermore, it's also about others not being punished or being punished more mildly as he was while they "wish him cancer". Surely, you have to admit that Riot's machine learning stuff is only a machine, and I personally don't know if it correctly issues all bans (false positive-rate and the other way round). Imagine being judged IRL by a machine instead of a judge, you would be worried, right?
> [{quoted}](name=XpEll1,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7Y0fh5sG,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2018-07-02T10:53:25.813+0000) > > The point he was making is that he didn't even get a chance to prove himself during/after a chat restriction - instead he got a 14-day ban and then failed to reform before he was permanently banned. > Furthermore, it's also about others not being punished or being punished more mildly as he was while they "wish him cancer". > > Surely, you have to admit that Riot's machine learning stuff is only a machine, and I personally don't know if it correctly issues all bans (false positive-rate and the other way round). Imagine being judged IRL by a machine instead of a judge, you would be worried, right? You are safe man, no perma bann is issued by a machine, they are looked at and given by live human beings that are getting paid for that. He had all the chances to read the terms and rules, to make a mistake, be warned and AFTER ALL THESE CHANCES get the perma ban. So what's your point again? And people being more toxic than he is will get their punishment sooner or later. That's why this forum is full of threads - Rito unban me im not guilty i reformed !!!
Frøst (EUNE)
: I think that if they really cared about the players they would at least give us a chance.
> [{quoted}](name=Frøst,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7Y0fh5sG,comment-id=00080001,timestamp=2018-07-02T11:23:43.523+0000) > > I think that if they really cared about the players they would at least give us a chance. Ok, lets say they give you a chance. You have your account back, you play like an angel for a year or two, but then you forget about what hapend and you flame/be toxic again. What should Riot do after that? What do you think?
Frøst (EUNE)
: Perma bans, toxic players, ban system, suggestion for unbanning accounts.
The fact you are perma-banned means that you paid the prize for being toxic AFTER being given number of chanses to reform. That same fact is why you reformed ( if it's true ) I believe people can do it if they mature after they pay for the mistake they did. But if Riot start unbanning accounts, this will mean nobody will be afraid of the punishment they can face and the number of people actually reforming will drop even more. Riot have terms and you should read are in a contract with them, using something that is FREE and it's theirs. You never actually owned that account, nobody does, it's their account. You , spending money on it means nothing, it's your own choise. Move on mate, be friendly stay positive and mute people that offend you ( and report them but dont ask others to report them ) ypur report is enough if true. Good luck on the fields man !
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Fisit (EUW)
: All im saying is i think i deserve the right to a trial as i believe the punishment was extreme for what i said
Chat log, so we can see what you said. Have you got the 14 day ban first or this was a straight permaban?
Composure (EUNE)
: No one has any right to int. If you get banned for inting then you deserve it. Just because your Yasuo or any other champ is banned doesn't mean you must troll. Learn new champs. do you even understand what you're talking about?
What i do is, if i can, in return of someone banning my stated champ, i ban the champ he wants to play. That way we both have to pick other champs and all is even :) I said if i can because it depends what number pick/ban you are.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: If you like to kill your queuetimes, sure go for it.
I'm aware of that. I mean just as an option, for whoever wants to queue with it and take the risk of waiting more.
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: dude, i lose fps in the TRAINING TOOL. i had a delay using yorick's Q on a dummy!
Yeah..and look what we have from RIOT: "We're aware of issues when trying to purchase items from the in-game store and working on a fix. Like the %%%%ing store is the only problem of this %%%%ing game....the whole shit is falling apart, balanced only for the LCS etc. like....i can' that close to fucing sell my acc and move on to better games
: or at least tell us something, maybe we can help doind some brainstorming too :\
Exactly. Every new patch i'm losing like 20-30 fps permanently. And i mean really...i was easily playing with 160-170fps stable( teamfights and everything) . Now i start at around 130 and by the time i get to lane and face my opponent i'm under 100... WTF honestly. Game feels sluggish overall. I lost all my lanes and all my games lately only to that problem...i can't play properly. Just check my match history i'm playing my MAIN role with my BEST champ...can't do shit. If RIOT change stuff visually, they should at least say it somewhere, so we know to buy new, more powerful, more expensive hardware and support the evergrowing industry ruled by rich people that never have enough money and always need MOAR.
> [{quoted}](name=Become a Vessel,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dXuEEKcg,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-20T17:10:11.738+0000) > > Jesus fking Christ you'd think a magical statue that's supposed to protect would be any use. But in reality these things take an age to kill anything that has more than 1000 health. Please Riot,comeback to your senses and stop tuning the game for professional scene. Why does the community have to suffer if a few lowlives that dedicated their entire lives to gaming decide to play safe and not rush towers? Why does the community have to suffer when they don't want to towerdive like it's nothing? Is there a reason to fear turrets at all anymore? Why are you doing this? Why can't you make an adjustment to the towers so not every single champ at level 10 can safely get in,kill the enemy,get out without losing half of their health? Why? Just why?! Exactly whats the problem in this game. But you know, they did it on purpose. To shorten the games. I hated that change but it will never be reverted.
: Anyone else having horrible placement matches?
> [{quoted}](name=cnt tilt this,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=R2lOFRko,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-16T16:48:00.091+0000) > > I've played 500+ janna games on this acc, steady 60% win rate. And I'm currently 2 wins and 7 losses in placements :( Take my words as an advice from a player that KNOWS...but still decided to try placements in the first few days of a season.( I played ONE game and the first minute i realised the mistake i made) NEVER DO THAT ! Wait it out...few monts, then play your placement matches. You WILL be happy i promise ! But don't play in this mess right's just hellish
: Ranked MMR + Balancing champions
Yeah. I forgot the stupidity coming in the beginning of a season and played a placement match game. The first minute of the game reminded me to wait few monts before even trying to play ranked again. So yeah matchmaking is a mess out of this world. Just wait it out i guess.....
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vladiq (EUW)
: this lvl up system and blue essence its the worst ideea ever,they shoud let the ip system like this players can actualy buy or win some champions,now for example till lvl 37 i got same champions i already have and we cannot to reroll anymore from 3 champs to a new riot made the stupid system ever.
For me it's the oposite. The bonus i got from the change i bought ALL champions that i was missing, so i have them all now. I changed my summoner name and i still have like 14k blue essence. On top of that, from all the lvl-ups my "LOOT" never looked so full of stuff. Champion shards, skin shards.... i've never been so rich before ! So i don't know what's the problem with people. If you just started the game or you have like just an year or two playing you can't complain for not having all the stuff the game can offer you. You have bloody access to ALL THE RUNES you can have in the game you know how LOOOONG AND SLOOOOWWW AND PAINFULLLLLL was waiting for IP so you can buy a full rune page before ?!?!? I swear people these days are ungratefull little %%%%s that will never appreciate ANYTHING they get
: Perma banned on second offence?
Ok, so let's say they had the rule that you HAVE to go trough the 3 ban stages before the 4th final one. At what point you are SURE IN YOURSELF that you will stop being toxic? I know the answer to my first question, but whats more important is my second question - why you didn't stop being toxic after the first punishment, cause seeing that what you do is being noticed and punished and eventually will lead to the rest and last punishment. WHY?
Broodpaal (EUW)
: It is funny how Riot throws you in a prison cell with 9 other people with bats and they tie your hands behind your back and say, take it. If you defend yourself we will take away your food for the next month. Oh and by the way if you report the people with the bats we will also take away your food because then you are just whining. This is such a fun game and Riot is such a good company that manipulates children, ugh I mean, reforms the youth.
No offence, just interested, how old are you ?
LIG Gaara (EUW)
: They do? I often get messages in the client if a person I reported got issued a punishment, at one point I got at least 1 each week.
But you never get to know WHICH one exactly. You get a msg that SOMEONE you reported have being punished, and it could be someone weeks ago... Your ban is well deserved, cause you just had to mute them the second they flamed you and not flame back. WHEN WILL YOU PEOPLE GET THAT ? WHEN ? Mute them, report them, DO NOT call for reports in all chat, cause it does not work that way, one report ( FROM YOU ) is enough if the person you reported is really guilty.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Difference is, in LoL, defending yourself means muting and reporting him, not retaliating
You should just stop replying to these kids, and just continue laughing at them for the fact they were punished and can't even realise WHY. Don't waste your time trying to make them understand, if their parents couldn't or even worse wouldn't tried to do that in the first 7 years of their lives, you have no chance :D
Alëks (EUW)
: Enemies see what minions drop things, (the bubble), in high elo the enemy mid laner bullies you away from that minion so you don't get it.
imo, you should be able to step on it and destroy it, just like Bards heal/speed buff, like Zyra plants, etc. I meant it's a skill, if you can destroy other champs skills, why not Zoe's W ?
: Permabanned for being a childish chimp
What i do is i write down what i want to say to the person, then delete it and close chat. Mute him ( and everyone involved ) and continue the game. It works for me somehow, it's like i said it and he can't speak back to me. If he strarts to troll - there you go, you win, you got the reason to report him and make him regret it. That's it what works for me. Hope you make another acc and be more mature this time. You sound like someone who can do it in the end :)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Kaloutsidis69,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NXI548YJ,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-11-11T11:16:39.674+0000) > > what if he doesnt have the ability to do it. noone is rich n this world Well i don't consider myself rich, cause i'm not. Cause i have ALL champions, i have 14 rune pages ( from witch i use only like 6 now ) and i have 33.000 blue essence right now and i have NEVER EVER spent RP to buy rune pages before or champions, not even 1RP. So i can't really imagine why people complain about the new system. I even had to buy hundreds of runes before, that new player don't now. You can quickly change one rune page in to anything you need for the champ you are playing now and even counter what you are facing in lane, all you need to do is LEARN what every rune does and remember it.....people got lazy man, kids are lazy these days, they don't want to do shit, they want everything for free. This World is going down faster than you can imagine {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: No one ever really complained so much about the amount of rune pages they had before. Now you can edit them in champ the issue
Exactly, you really DO NOT need more than 4 so you can quickly adjust them acording to what you are facing in lane. It's EVEN BETTER now...people will complain about everything i guess
: {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
How many rune pages you had before the rework ?
Metharius (EUW)
: only only gave advantage in early game. only mastery and in later seasons: keystone were scaling up to mid/late that's why you could see AD rune for AP jungle evelynn in s2-s3
So you want to make Me ( and everyone else) believe that early game is NOT important and runes giving advantage early game didn't worth buying? And you didn't spent your IP on runes AT all ..cause it sucks late game ?
Metharius (EUW)
: sorry but you are not using your brain here. 1st the conversion IP sued on rune to BE is not a 1:1 second: nice you got yourself a pile of BE. but as the time will go on you will use it much faster than you can replenish it and you will end up without any of it. think of the reason as to why and how you manage to get all that you got until know. pro tips: it isn t with the new system. with this new system you wont be abble to do anything as you did. for now you are doing ok but latter you will beg . this is what FREEMIUM is and seeing League going the path of the freemium is _**UNACCEPTABLE **_ ² edit: ² because league is a COMPETITIVE GAME !
You are right to be sorry, cause nothing you are trying to prove works. The game is far from pay to win and we all are playing it BECAUSE it's free and competitive. in my post I didn't even mention that you don't have to buy runes anymore, the runes were on tiers had to be patient and consistent cause they were expensive as %%%%. I'm not saying that all is good now and there are no problems and bugs and we all have to be happy. BUT ITS TOO EARLY TO START SHITTING ON BOARDS WITH OUR DUMBASS COMPLAINTS ...give it some time, i'm sure Riot will polish it.
Metharius (EUW)
: you pay to be abble to win. mostly by having an unfair advantage created by IRL money injection League of legend is a **competitive game** this new system FORCES YOU to PAY to buy new champions. maybe not in the 1st hours (just like all freemium) but the more you play, the less reward you get and the more you have to wait or pay. (aka oposit of f2p) meanwhile the one who use his credit card can beat you to a pulp due to counterpicking or if you are in 5v5: having a better team composition. while you are stuck with just a few options. this is pay to win. it wasn t before because you could unlock champions frequently, so playing more meant unlocking thoses choice faster. this is not the case anymore with the level and the "exponential" amount of time required to gain thoses essences.
NO. It means you just lack patience. If you don't feel you have enough champs to compete in ranked games, then DON'T PLAY ranked till you are ready.
: I played 14 games to level up to get the capsule including win of the day. get champ shards that worth 720 BE out of it. So compare to past including win of the day. it would be 720 - 150 (win of the day Bonus in past) = 570 : 14 Games mean that u would earn 40 Ip per game when u compare it to the past. WTf this much reduce u need to play forever to buy ur champs u not owning. This how riot want to make money with selling champs. And they always were so proud that they are not pay to win. Good work Riot making ur game pay to win. i have still 20 champions for 6300 BE to buy so lets see how many games i need 720 BE : 14 = 51 BE per game 20 x 6300 BE = 126000 BE 126000 BE : 51 BE = 2470 games to play till i can buy me my missing champs. Are u serious. And i didnt count in that leveling up need more games every 25 levels, because level up need every 25 level more xp to gain a level This is just betraying ur gamers with changing it and make the people buy champs for real money if there is no change in future im out. I dont play a pay to win game
I can't see why people complain about that. I had almost all champs, excluding like 10 till the change. I have NEVER used RP to buy a champ or rune pages, and now all the blue essence that i got from the rune pages i had went for the last champs i was missing. I have them all now and still plenty or BE left.
Dratan (EUW)
: ahh 1 more thing. why shoud i lie? i already got banned. i copy paste all the chat. if i wanted to lie i was going to delete the 1 word most of you said is "racist" i just want to have some faith restored at least from other players after what riot did to me in TOTALLY UNFAIR MODE. yes unfair cause if this behaviour is punishable then they MUST punish all not 1 or 2 . riot said me 0.006 % is that toxic as enough to get the ban....... serious? I MEAN SERIOUSLY? 0.006% in my last 30 games all 30 games there was at last 1 or 2 flaming someone else.
Can you post the reform card for your 14 days ban? I think that will make things more clear?
Dratan (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kechoplsgrpmid,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EKn8UEaq,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2017-11-01T11:51:59.933+0000) > > keep spamming them mails until you get an actual staffmember and not a scriptbot answer i will and let's hope ^^{{champion:32}}
I'm sorry to say that, but your problem seems way deeper than what we can see in this post. The prev. 14 days ban, as we all agreed in Riot's rules, have been your LAST WARNING, witch means to even get a last warning you must have been VERY bad at one point in this game. And getting a last warning means you MUST stop EVERY, ANY even the SMALLEST bit of offensive language in your chat with other players, cause even a simple word like " noob" is enough to get you reported again and get you perma-banned ( because it was AFTER a LAST warning ) My advise, since i'm a player that saw the first champs being tested ( Ashe/Rammus - top lane was something normal back then ) in this game and have NOT ever being punished by Riot, is that if you love the game, accept the ban, make a new account and try hard to change, play it, have fun with your friends and just enjoy life. You must have done something wrong more than once to get to that point my friend, no matter how much you think it was unfair, the rules are the same for everyone, the accounts are free and we have to obey the rules or face the sad outcome.
: AMA, more pictures of my Xayah cosplay !
GGreat cosplay, well played i must say ! Is the hair yours or is it a wig?
: Because of what I said. That's how hooks are coded. Yes, it's annoying. Yes, it makes no sense. But that's how it is.
I understand that it's coded in a weird way, but why should we agree with it. That's why i'm asking for a change/fix. ( ofc i know that this forum is not the place ) but It's plain wrong to be like this, unfair to other skill shot mechanics/useres etc.
: That's actually how hook hitboxes are coded. At the end of their range the hitbox blossoms out into a circle and latches on to whatever is in its radius. Watch this from min 9:52 to 9:56 see how the angle of the hook even changes.
: The hitbox functions the same way every hook hitbox works though.
Only it "hits" behind minions...sometimes.
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: Can we finally get a oportunity to disable the chat ? (Enter-Button)
You might not be alone WITH this problem, but you and all others that have it DO NOT deserve a game company to make ANY efforts to sort you out. Actually they are doing it, banning toxic players. You get banned not cause you have a chat enabled, but cause you're toxic, admit it, work on it and you might get cured.
: > Stop blaming ANYONE ELSE for being ganked! ITS YOUR FAULT ## > ITS YOUR FAULT That's quite litteraly blaming tbh
You are just missing one important part... "for MY OWN mistakes"
Farce (EUNE)
: Well, not exactly. It's not season 3 anymore, you can't ward whenever you wish (cause Riot apparently doesn't like when someone tries to actually play strategically with vision). Thus, especially after including champions like {{champion:154}} or {{champion:141}} , there are cases where you simply CAN'T avoid getting ganked. And yes, theoretically you can keep playing defensively. But if you are playing a snowball matchup, which coincidentally also is most meta atm, this will put you at a disadvantage either way. So yes, sometimes you ARE expected to follow/roam. Do whatever you prefer, splitpushing is viable too. But the statement "it's your fault" is invalid for few years already.
Excuuuuuseeeeee meeeeeee ? So unlike season 3 you have a free %%%%ing ward ALL OF YOU HAVE ONE..NO...TWO ! And you are saying that it's " not enough" ?!?!?!? Go troll some other posts please
: And then you lose because your bot fed and then you blame them , is that how it goes ?
I never blame other people for my own mistakes. That's one of the things i hate the most. BLAMING and being BLAMED. few words - WHAT THIS POST IS ALL ABOUT --
: if your enemy midlaner roams bot, or top, you better get something out of it. if you can get a secure tower kill, stay midlane. if you cannot? then you better move your ass to top or bot and get a kill or a tower. this is a big mistake many players make in lower ranks. i did too when i started maining midlane.
That's exactly what i do. And i do it 100% of the time. I take the tower ! And i make sure, to ping a 100000 times that the laner i'm against is missing. ( if i don't know where exactly he is going ) And when i push i usualy back and buy. If bot lane dies to him ganking is THEIR OWN FAULT that's what i'm trying to express here. And i really can't make it more clear or convincing.
: >IT IS YOUR FAULT ONLY So when someone dies to a 3 man dive in midlane its his fault, because he...didn't call reinforcment by the magical viking-space-unicorns I guess? Got it. When next I see you in my game, I will happily retreat to 2nd turret and prevent being ganked. Of course, they may get first turret blood that way, but hey, at least that is not my fault, amirite? :D
Hmmm, no, you are wrong on so many points, that i doubt you even read the whole post. And it will take a lot of time to explain again so....whatever man :)
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: or blitz q or lux ult
Lux Q dude......that's some fkd up hitbox.
Cyndercat (EUW)
: Just lost a coop vs ai game
You played like a bot, you lost like one. Srsly, the way you played that game is why you lost, not cause of the bots. Why start a game when you gonna watch a movie ?!?!?! On other hand i completely understand the problem with xp farming and something have to be done.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: Client and game unstable. DO NOT PLAY THE GAME IN RANKED
Absolutely !!! Since the 7.12 patch the game is UNPLAYABLE complete utter shit, pardon my french. Ping just starts jumping from my normal 26 to 300-400 and then stays at around 50-80 for the rest of the game. Good luck wining lane ( even if you already are wining ) with that shit coming out of nowhere. I mean you start the game, everything is fine and suddenly BOOM take this lag.
: 7.12 Fps drop
No, same here. Esp. when i open the shop, or score screen etc. It's something that really have to be looked at.
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