: It is poor sportsmanship. It is not really bannable unless you spam it every game.
I agree spammers should know some consequense. Other times smack talk is fine with me! Can actually be hillarious.
: Another topic highlighting how awful the game is becoming and people getting so butthurt over something like " GG EZ ". Seriously guys you're so offended if someone writes this to you if you get stomped? Very over dramatic and sensitive making everything sound toxic. It's trashtalk I'm pretty sure friendly trashtalk is allowed...
I do agree that you people should have a thiccer skin. But honnestly I have had matches were I tried my hearth out and it was a close match. But then that is said. It is kind of painfull XD. I do agree that thrashtalk should be allowed. Still there is the option to mute people and stop all chat from existing in the game. Use that.
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: > [{quoted}](name=DarkGargos,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=pe2A2kAE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-29T10:27:57.439+0000) > > Do we need to improve Riot community aka less trolls in ranked games? As the saying goes: "cut off one head and two grow back". We can strive for a clean environment, but there will always be "bad apples".
Though I think it'l always exist that trolls, toxic players and litterall cack handed deck monkeys exist. I do think you can stive to always improve. But you make a fair point with a good saying.
: You helped to ban..hurray.......
Though I agree trolls should be less in games. Trolls have multiple definitions however. A person not trying to win. A person that wants to grief your game and choses to do so. A person perhaps duo queeing to cheese out a game. Honnestly I would prefer people out of said game that do not wish to win. So I want strikter punishments to their consequenses. But also I want more motivation to report better. Perhaps instead of this person has been punished. To get more information so you would report better acording to the report pannel. Because lets face it there are allot of people out there that want to ban a guy that isn't trying to feed and just got dived by a 1 or 2/0 guy with his jungler.
: eat less LoL, be healthier
Thats one way of doing it, yes XD. But if your a masochist you sure love that McDonalds rage burger. Because as much as we hate it. We loving it. XD
: I think one of the main issues is that with many of the changes they made lately (To dragon, baron, the new herald and towers specifically), and changes to champions, the game became incredibly more objective based. And while this may make the game better in as an organised team game (LCS or 5 man teams), it makes it incredibly frustrating in soloQ or basically anything other than a full 5 man organised team. As things are right now, one horrible player almost guarantees a loss for their team, but a really good player doesn't even come close to guaranteeing a win (unless the gap is huge, like a challenger vs silvers). Sadly, unless they tone down all the emphasis they've been adding into team play (I know it may sound silly since this is a "team game", but the main form of playing is still ranked solo/duo), this won't change.
Though this is also true. Some lanes have changed dramaticly over the seasons aswell as roles. Last season was an assasin meta. This season a support/adc/tank meta. Meta influences behaviour quite significantly and if you got a rager in your team it is hard to win. Doesn't mean you shouldn't improve. But it is true that the objectives like fire dragon, baron and herald push the game better for the winning side. Wich it should. Yet this makes the game allot more snowbally. Still you can get back from it if your team actually bands together. But it is tough to do so. Especially in said rager paradise known as? SoloQ.
: Literary just from looking at your match history it is obvious that you are either not trying at all or are really bad. Going 2/18 and not buying a SINGLE control ward in the last 13 games doesn't really help you climb. You should stop %%%%%ing about your team when you are exactly the same.. yes, you are getting matched with people of your skill at the moment (if you would be better then them, you would climb). Gl.
I agree the game is in a bad position more so then normally. But yes if you dont improve yourself by for example placing wards. Well good luck out there pall XD.
: If you want a competitive game which matches you with equal skilled players...
This irony has existed for a long time. I'm an old player so I've seen the rise of things and what influences this community to its best and worst. I'm kind of in a tight spot myself having been plat for about 5 seasons and even making it to diamond 5 (the worst hell I've been in.) Ones. This meta at this season isn't helping much either. I think people feel to much entitled in this game. Let alone that if you have 1 rager and the other team doesn't you are likelly not going to win the match. People are indeed not focussed on winning and ''improving'' anymore. People dont like to ward even with free trinkeds like you said. Or they keep fighting the enemy. Overextending and putting themselves in a pit with no return. A jungler doesn't like to gank a losing lane but they still feel entitled that they should gain said ganks to get ''back into the game''. Instead of another lane getting ahead. For ganking a losing lane is more risk then reward. Junglers are no longer the second support and supports are stronger then ever. For some reason wich makes adc's more entitled then ever before. Currently I'm strugling in plat 5 to get up were I used to be. But I have been in a situation like that before. Every elo is a hell and has always been. I think personally that the game could be more stricter and incentivise good behaviour better. I'm getting sick and tired myself. Luckilly I have bad games myself but I do not get punished in terms of feeding as feeding is not someone that has a bad game. I think this game improve. But .... if you play league of legends. Your a masochist to begin with and you should just get over it.
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