: What to pick, 6.9
is the fake flash item as good as it sounds?
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dzokata (EUNE)
: Can u help me out with what champion to buy?
zed is banned every game yasuo is just as good and less banned
: ELO Hell!
EVERY TEAM pre gold is going to be sub par (just like most people's own skill level in these divisions) however if you play a carry role and personally make improvements you should so well. or so I've been told
Silisa (EUNE)
: Correct usage? Are you for real? Poppy's ult can be used to: disengage a fight, expose the squishy back line of a fight by knocking away the beefy front line, remove a fed carry from a fight in order to kill the rest of his team while he is running back from his base, remove from the fight someone with an AoE ability (Morgana, Fiddlesicks, Kennen, etc) to stop them from CCing or killing half of the allied team; engage a fight by knocking up a primary target (without channeling and knocking them away), peal for a carry by knocking up a bruiser/assassin, interrupt channeled abilities.
so saving her life and removing dangers. k tnx
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Bliss885 (EUW)
: is aatrox worth?
so basically he isn't strong enough for ranked but decent enough that I could enjoy him.
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