: I asked on Youtube if anyone knows when it's coming out and they said "new skins/features are tested (first relesed) on NA (something like that) and then relesed on eune/west (we are last to get new features) and later in the patch (7.10) we will get cait skin". {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
New skins are just tested on the PBE, which is part of the NA server. All skins/features are released at the same time in each region. Obviously there are exceptions. I guess the skins goes live by wednesday at the latest.
Mordréd (EUW)
: The new client is laggy as hell.
The new client is still gonna support your old hardware, just not yet. Don't forget that the client is in beta, so a lot of stuff is being changed and not working as intended. Just wait for "potatoe mode" to be released and your problems should be gone.
dfsghj (EUW)
: You can [after](https://s16.postimg.org/4rkl7ukbp/Screen_Shot_2016_11_23_at_14_20_32.png) you completed a game. On top. https://s16.postimg.org/4rkl7ukbp/Screen_Shot_2016_11_23_at_14_20_32.png
Nice! That is new. Now we only need to be able to see that information in the profile.
: ARAM wins in new Client
Neither can you see your wins in the after game lobby.. :|
TomReeves (EUW)
: I don't want the new Client.
Either Upgrade or hope you can open the client without any troubles when open beta ends.
gyyyr (EUW)
: > Also, once ingame, if you Alt+Tab and open the task manager you will see 4 to 6 instances of "lolclient" laying in the background and running. Hence the beta client actually decreases the FPS ingame too. (from 64FPS to 32FPS [LEGACY / BETA]) For me at least, it also increases the ping from time to time. My computer isn't that bad, but my wlan router is. Sometimes when my ping is at 10k or higher, I alt+tab out to see what causes the ping increase (I can't do anything anyway so it doesn't actually make a difference if I watch how I can't do anything or if I am alt+tab'ed out). The League alpha client still conects through the internet to keep the friendslist updated and loads other stuff. If my brother or father is using the internet aswell, it's possible that the router crashes or at least slows down extremely. This all doesn't happen if I use the Legacy client.
The old client actually does the same thing as the new one in that regard, it's just minimised. There should be a Lol icon in the icon bar in windows. If you click on it the client opens again.
Meefish (EUW)
: Alpha Client Improvements (Feedback)
Neither can you see the amount of wins in the after game lobby...

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