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Maluber (EUW)
: It resets each season, so next year you'll be able to earn on those you already have chests with.
does that means you immediately get the chest with those who you get S rank on champs? I want it as informative as possible.
21jolly (EUW)
: riot please
Welcome in Riot.
: Leaverbuster for disconnecting 1 game?
A slight change would be good.. If player over 2 reports you it activates leaver buster...
Kowac (EUW)
: Tips for support?
Try to buy some basic runes that fits you and aim for the middle mastery if you want to..
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
It shouldn't be acceptable, but they should have an option to keep playing somewhere else then. There were 2 solutions though..
Opethian (EUNE)
: Maybe a DDoS attack???I had one 30 minutes ago 3 people went afk 1 after another with no connection whatsoever except they were on skype.IP adresses can be obtained and then anyone can attack their network
it's called DoS attack if it's from one hacker. DDoS is when using botnets aka. infected computer using your self made virus to use it to DDoS while they DoS.
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