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Enchant5 (EUW)
: The TFT Experience
No, it's heavily relying on luck...And i can't even play it in peace I gotta wait for them to investigate A game mode that was already investigated in PBE.
RogueDek (EUW)
: (TFT) Aurelion Sol is broken
Pakushy (EUW)
: I made an Animation about Riven
: It seems that we will have start guardian again this year Odyssey will definitely come back, but not any time soon. The new TFT is a completely different thing, it's not pve not a temporary mode
It's gonna be permanent ?? Well, I don't really care I just hope you are right that a new PVE mode is in the way. Thx for the input
: Odyssey was actually my most favourite mode so far, I even bought all the skins just for the hype. Damn I wish they bring it back soon. It's backstory is amazing (comparing to other modes).
It had such an amazing feel to it, the feel of progression and the amazing look of each character involved, the top-notch level design. And the augments, dude that is such a fun system to play around with Those yasuos tornados. And the ziggs ... You know what? I'm just gonna feel bad remembering those moments, that I don't think I'll experience again :p.
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: It's not forgotten, they delayed it to next patch since it needs more work. It's in PBE : [Here is how it looks for now]( They also said that they decided to separate the features (there won't be the chat at first) in order to launch it sooner.
Ty bro i looked everywhere i didn't see any updates about the matter.
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: Need Player for 2 augment Odyssey mission
I am interested I can play Malph, but I need 3 aug mission first. I'll do the 2 aug with you guys but plz help me with 2 aug afterward. Add me : Bnkirane
Pijer97 (EUNE)
: Ziggs and sona only full augments ( odyssey orb mission)
Warheart1 (EUNE)
: 2 augments and ziggs/sona
And i need 4 LCS players for this! Lol, dude, this is no longer a MOBA game it's An MMO/RPG A silver player can carry better than a diamond player with little knowledge about the champ and huge knowledge about the RPG and MMO tactics.
meco78 (EUW)
That was not a cheat it was a fair use of the element that the game gives you, you can still die and it still very hard to do! And more importantly it was fun to do it ,but no Riot doesn't care about FUN!
: "flaming" was a cause of ban in the past, now they've advanced the agenda further and it's "toxicity". Basically anything that looks remotely negative, aka hurts the delicate sensibility of spoiled kids, is bannable
: Thanks Riot(!) /s
That was fun indeed, and at the same time, it was innovative. We used an augment effect that was already there, it was not a bug or a cheating method! So why hotfix it? I don't really know! There is nothing to hotfix there.
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