Shaftie (EUW)
: Naice matchmaking Rito... Exx dee!11!2!!!
Hihi this q is such a crap... And when you play only soloq as i do it is even worth... Rito is clearly mocking us... The only thing they want now is the money.
: Demoted cause of total unfair matchmaking
the system wants me to stay silver 3 forever i think. I had 75% winrate ekko over 60 games I have now 62% over 85 games. I mean it's not possible statistically. Am the best player in my team in 95% of the games. I carry systematically and get casrried 1/20 games. I steal drakes and nashor. counter gank, counter jungle, gank as much as possible. Why do I have to play with such players? Fking unfair. What can I do? Does anyone know what I have to do? Up another account? Is this account cheated dead? I only play soloq, I want only soloq and dont want booster. Please help. The system is forcing me to play with first time ranked persons and non stop stupid kids crying trolling insulting in pregame lobby!!! Please help.
: Demoted cause of total unfair matchmaking
Why am I systematically in the worst team? Can someone explain this to me? It is the second day in a row that I have the worst team in every match. 2 days! Less matches, less MMR, less ranked in S5. Can someone explain this to me? And do not forget the Q time.... Silver 3
: Demoted cause of total unfair matchmaking
Hahahahahaahah seriously? 58 creeps in 30 minutes = my midlaner.
: Demoted cause of total unfair matchmaking
Is it possible seriously? Systematically ultra lowies in my team systematically matchmaking is forcing me to play with these persons. It drives me crazy.
: Demoted cause of total unfair matchmaking
and it keeps going on... 3 first ranked in my team... Joke? Why do I have to play with this players? Mid died at minute 2:15, 0/7 in 10 minutes. Top never played nasus before. Fuck rito this is scam. It could happen ok but it is most of the time and systematically in my team.
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Scazie (EUW)
: Continously getting awful games
I did not have any good game for monthes. I have to play with ultra tards. For example a botlane 0/7 adc 0/8 sup at 20 minute. Toplaner quinn 3/27 at 35 minutes. Why am I forced to play with such dumbasses every single day? These persons are not normal, I mean it's not possible statistically. Am tired to play with such dummies. So tired. And the premades.... Are you fking kidding me? Am tired to have to play with monkeys. Not human. Then you will get banned!? Joke. This system is total bullshit.... Q time? about 12 minutes in gold?! WTF !??? And I spent more than 800 dollars in this game? I regret it. I've been dumb to think that riot was respectable. This game is a pure scam. You need to know it.
: Matchmaking + Dyn Q = Kappa?
Indeed... this matchmaking is not fair at all...
: Q is not working this morning?
50 minute q no proc. Another day maybe... c ya
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Die Kaiser (EUNE)
: You are unable to earn hextech..
Anyway hextech stuffs won't give you more skills... It is pure business things.
Harammbe (EUNE)
: Bobby, my friend i'm playing this game since 2009. I can deal with these toxic player's it's not a problem for me, but i can't stand when people have so bad attatude agenst player's that just started the game
ok :) In s2-s3 i would have advised someone to play lol but since s5 s6 I really would deter anyone start playing it.
: I got perma banned
Respect man. I like people assuming they are telling truth.
Harammbe (EUNE)
: This has to stop
Honestly, friendly, if you are good person (and you seem to be) I would advise you not to play pvp or even leave the game. This game will kill your fun, it is very toxic and you have better to do than playing LoL S6.
: Other account? I created 3 smurfs with this and got all perma banned.But it's funny bcs im never tilted when im playing on my main xD
You are normal. I can confirm.
: Unbanned yestarday, perma banned today
Don't worry. Many top elo players have had a permabanned account. Just create a new one and up to lvl 30 in 2-3 days with bonus. Then spend your money again Kappa
: Im not good and i deserve maximum silver 2, like 27 win streaks with yi last season
At this moment a lot of person have left the game. in diamond 3-1 you have to wait 7-10 minutes q to play even with autofill or tagging as support. It is simply cause high elo players have left. Simply.
: Not possible? Last year, in september of season 5 i climbed from b5 to s4 in 1-2 weeks on other account.
well from bronze 5 it is normal...
: Can't climb.
It is no more possible to climb the ladder in mid-late season. Slots are full and the matchmaking will make you sink. Especially if you play soloq in dynQ even if you spam games 12 hours/day. Players that know the ladder have left for monthes, there is still some high elo twitch streamers and the rest is boosted kids and low elos players. No more interest to play lol actually, nothing is dumber than this q believe me.
iLoveJammin (EUNE)
: I miss old Graves so much :C
Same here. I was used to play vlad top sometimes but since he get reworked I've played him 1 time then no more at all...
: Cigarettes are a physical addiction, not just a conditioned habit. Operant conditioning involves some kind of reward. So if you think you are conditioned to play LoL this means playing LoL is rewarding, i.e. it's fun, which kind of confirms my theory^^ If it wouldn't be fun anymore the conditioning would fade over time.
Not really. If you think that cigarette addiction is only about chemical and physic you might be right. Sadely it's not the case at all. And it is far more complex than your binary mind vision of the problem.
Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: I just heard we're tryhard noob idiots
: > Why do I keep coming back? For the same reason why you are writing this thread: You still care. Despite all the frustration you experience in LoL, the overall experience is still positiv. It's still fun.
It is more like a pavlov conditionned reflex or addiction. Kind of bad habit like cigarette.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bobby Ewing,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oRN3EeQV,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-08-02T11:49:23.058+0000) > > S6 is just terrible. Q time 10 minutes even in silver/gold elo. 10 minutes q to play with kids without brain non stop whining. And this dynamic Q is just vomit... 2 minutes ago had to wait 13 minute for a game, i am in draft room, first pick in our team teemo top, then zyra support, eve jungle... enemy team is Leona Tryn amumu lb.... I just had to dodge. > > So 13 minutes Q 5 minute draft -> I am forced to dodge = 6 minute more to wait. Then 10 minute for next q. TOTAL more than 34 minutes to wait and i still have not played anything... > > So I play OW. the queue times are only bad because supports get the most shit on their shoulders even if it's not their fault AT ALL
But it's not my problem. It's not my fault either. S6 is crappy cause of Rito. And please try to post smart answers.
: Why do I keep coming back?.
S6 is just terrible. Q time 10 minutes even in silver/gold elo. 10 minutes q to play with kids without brain non stop whining. And this dynamic Q is just vomit... 2 minutes ago had to wait 13 minute for a game, i am in draft room, first pick in our team teemo top, then zyra support, eve jungle... enemy team is Leona Tryn amumu lb.... I just had to dodge. So 13 minutes Q 5 minute draft -> I am forced to dodge = 6 minute more to wait. Then 10 minute for next q. TOTAL more than 34 minutes to wait and i still have not played anything... So I play OW.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bobby Ewing,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=x4sOiuyG,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-08-02T07:14:40.131+0000) > > some people still don't understand that riot need to fix this? Fix what exactly? Kinda got confused here tbh
Nothing! everything's fine. I like to destroy beginners in normal :D And am pretty sure they have a lot of fun too.
: You think thats crap? Each unranked has the MMR of an silver player,so its only natural. That is NOT the problem. Ive had a promo game yesterday,ryze with no masteries and veigar with only 1 set of runes/masteries,and that was for ad champs. So dont even talk about bullsh!t,you dont know what horrors ive seen in silver.
some people still don't understand that riot need to fix this?
Eveninn (EUW)
: STOP IT. Sweets are awesome... I don't wanna hear anything of how they aren't good for someone or what bad things they do... \*clings onto cupcake* Q_Q
:O Am single atm btw :)
Agidyne (EUW)
: How to tell if your son is going to be the next Faker
: Does Riot even check those discussions here?
No lol. Moderators are even not official Rioters. It is only a forum for kids.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Welp, I'm done for today.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Rayencity, There is an option in the settings called "Relative team colors" - When enabled this ensures your minions are always blue, and enemies are always red. When this is off, it's dependent on whether you're on the North or South side of the map. Doesn't sound like a bug, but just an option not enabled in your settings :-)
Eveninn (EUW)
: Please tell me how you come to your conclusion. As for all the Information I was able to collect in my games, I can only conclude that higher placed players indeed are better players. If there is some fact or occurance I'm missing, I'd be happy to be enlightened about it.
I can't teach you sorry... you have to learn by yourself. But you can try to adress your questions to lcs/ex-lcs players, lcs coaches, high-masters/challengers smurfing.
Eveninn (EUW)
: The less simply I try to make it and the more things I try to look at, the more it feels like higher divisions have better players...
Won't argue with you as you are totally close minded and in the riot logic. You are right man ;) Everything's fine.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Everyone says that... yet I could see an overall improvement of play in literally every division I climbed... And it's kinda obvious that it's the same game... and if you account someone as boosted animal because they do mistakes, it's quite obvious that you'll find those everywhere too. So looking at those 2 aspects, every elo is the same.
Keep blind my friend. Simplify everything
Eveninn (EUW)
: So what you are saying is that if I'm silver in DynQ I'm playing the same as a Diamond? And at the same time, a soloQ diamond Plays would perform just the same were they matched with silvers? I don't see tat Happening, having experienced the difference between low plat and low DIamond just recently. x3
Well actually I am plat 2 100lp, I was diamond 4 one week ago. I have also silver and gold smurf and I can tell you that actually silver to diamond is the same dumb gameplay with boosted animals everywhere and random games. Thanks dynamicQ, thanks Tenscent.
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: Just don't believe that exsist. As it's just a thing people dreamt up. Or a saying.
Thx for advices my friend, am axiomatic agnostic. For example "To sell your soul" is a very simple expression and you should be able to understand it. You have no soul means that you are tasteless all angles.
: It's true i don't have a soul, as a "soul" doesn't exsist.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: R.I.P. RANKED GAMES 2009-2015
S6 is all about boost and boosted animals. Personnaly I quitted cause IMO DynamicQ is pure intellectual dishonesty and amateurism.
: This really never happens to me. I can control myself and act liek a normal person towards others.
You have no soul. You are alien not human. I don't abuse verbaly but I tilt.
: The Problem is not DQ its the people abusing it!
If people can abuse the Q, it means that the Q is the problem.
: why dont they just fix matchmaking for once.
Get unfairly rekt and say thx to rito. That's all.
: Yasuo is probably the dumbest champ ever made
Lol is probably the dumbest game ever made.
thankarezos (EUNE)
: Waiting riot to fix the server
Good luck man... I had the same problem 18 monthes ago... then I finally decided to migrate my eune account to euw. I like your gif man :) it's kind of relaxing.
: League works on windows 8 or windows 10?
iLoveJammin (EUNE)
: And this is why Dynamic Q is HORRIBLE!!!
As a solo player it is precisely one of the reasons I quitted lol for overwatch.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
Actually soloq is only about luck, total random. (dyrus today) Go overwatch.
: 1. If you queue early in the morning during the week, long queue times shouldn't surprise you. 2. 12 year old children are in school right now.
No more players in normal? seriously? Before dynamic q you could play anytime it was kind of 10-60 seconds to proc
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