G2 spike (EUW)
: Do you want a Gaming PC without spending a ton of money on it? I can help you with that FOR FREE
Cusax (EUW)
: Darkness Esports looking for Players (Gold-Plat)
Name: Flexicutioner Rank: Gold 2 ( Plat 1 before decaying + demoting after not playing for 3 months + Plat 1 smurf decayed too) Role: Mid Top 3 champion in your role and their winrate: Xerath (61% KDA 5.61), Viktor (50%), Leblanc ( Have not played too much ranked mid this season yet, mained it for all of S5 where I got D5 several times and mained the same core champs) Avalibility: Often, can fit into a schedule, don't want to play too much and gass out. Reason for applying: Looking for a team, got refused for alot of teams who chose friends to play rather than out of applications Why you are better than the rest: Much more experienced have played for paid organizations in the past, Prefer to play control mages and play as a team rather than 1v1 assasin split-picks (can play them though). Macro play is on point and it's all just waiting to come back to me. Made a bad decision decaying but it happened, overwatch came out. Much more potential than any other option once I get back to that level. Solid communication and CS>Kills
EXR Frost (EUW)
: Team Hericide Recruiting (UK) (Scrims) (Tournaments)
Name: Flexicutioner Role: Mid Rank: Gold 1 ( Decayed from plat 1/2) Age: 18 Champion Pool: Xerath, Xerath, Xerath, Xerath, Xerath, Zed, Ekko, Gp, Orianna,Lissandra, Viktor, Leblanc, Ahri, Anivia, Varus, Lucian, Kassadin, etc. (a few more) Availability: Rather often, but not too much preferred Working Mic: Yes Why we should choose you: Looking for a stable team since I came back to playing the game, and i thoroughly believe that i'm a better choice than any other applicant (anyone should believe this about themselves). Have played for several organisations(paid) and regular ranked teams for a long time and want to go at it again.
pacific (EUW)
: Team Verify looking for Mid + ADC (Scrims) (Tournaments)
Name: Flexicutioner Age: 18 Role + Champ Pool: Mid, Lb, Zed, Varus, Xerath, Anivia, Ahri, Vladimir, GP, Viktor, Lissandra, Etc. Gold III + : Yes, Gold 2 ( Was gold 1 after decaying from plat 1 & then demoted today) How often can you play: Adjustable to a schedule, rather often Discord?: Yes Already added you
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Looking for group to play ranked with tonight
Hey, add me! My account in Gold 5 is named VerRekt
DMaaaj (EUW)
: really this new systeam
I was pleasantly surprised to see you being Bronze 5
SquisHz (EUW)
: Leagstr Roses, All Girls Team, Looking for TopLaner
Seems like it's hard to keep a roster together. You'd have 25 people applying everyday if you had no gender limitations ^
DeadJazzy (EUW)
: Looking for (UK) Gold / High Silver Top laner to join existing team
Wout E (EUW)
: Team looking for toplaner
Was geinteresseerd en voldeed aan alles, maar moet helaas top nog wat meer leren ^
Frostïe (EUW)
: New 5v5 Team Looking for Plat/Dimond Support
Summoner Name: 1800 SATED BLING Solo elo: P2 right now ( Ended season P1 2-0) Past/ current team elo: Main Champs: Thresh(Top500 EUW),Braum,( Can play more ofc) Most Hated Champs: Kindred, Warwick, Rengar, On a weekly base what days are you free to play: All days, depending on times. Cookies or muffins: Cookies Coke or pepsi: Coke Cats or Dogs: Neither CLG or TSM: Fnatic
: Ok guys. Im lookig for some members for my team. The name of the team is The Riders Of Apocalypse.
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: Charm of Death LF ADC or support (Gold +)
Info we would like to know about you IGN: x Age: 17 Nationality: Dutch Teamspeak?: Y Main champs (at least 3): Jinx, Lucian, Kalista, Sivir, Tristana, Corki SoloQ level:D5 Team Experience: Alot Are you willing to come on (quite strictly) at the times below? (this one is important):Y
: Dedicated team looking for talented & vocal mid & jungler (ALY - Insanely Overrated)
Interested if you're looking for a new ADC, add me if so.
Lorènz (EUW)
: Creating Serious Platinum+ Ranked 5v5 Team
Ingame name: 1800 SATED BLING Current rank: Plat 2 ( Ended season P1 2-0, then just played some troll games) 1st Priority Role: ADC 2nd Priority Role: Support Country: Netherlands Age: 17
: Belgian Platinum team looking for adc and jungler (Dutch speaking!)
Was plat 1 2-0 aan einde van season adc main. speel nu niet echt ranked meer tot s6, ben wel geinteresseerd. geadd
Jebzaki (EUW)
: I mean Quite like , the silent ones , people who silent and always calm
Jebzaki (EUW)
: 95 per 10 mins , max is 114 per 10
Looking for silvers, expects 95 per 10 min, something is out of place here.
Jebzaki (EUW)
: The Quite Ones (TQOnes) RECRUITING
I don't think Quite means what you think it does.
: Lvl 26 looking for a mentor
I for some reason know that 90% of the people here are responding because of the name "Mrs RainbowKitty"
: Starting a youtube channel
And what do you think makes you qualified to represent "all the little league youtube channels out there" ? Also if you wan't to copy someone's series, there is no reason to do so as everyone will just watch the original.
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Aeduuin (EUW)
: Divine Oblivion looking for substitutes!
: lonely girl lf friends to play with!
Lorènz (EUW)
: Creating Gold+ Ranked 5V5 Team
Interested in joining if you aren't taking low Gold level players.
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Andy Ten (EUW)
: Old team with slightly new roster in need of ADC Plat+ (2-3 practises per week)
Andy Ten (EUW)
: LF Jungler & ADC Plat V+ (Tryhardish team) 2-3 practises per week.
Division: Plat 2 ( D5 level, went on loss streak in pre-season, was Plat 1 2-0 before season ended ) Age: 17 Country: Netherlands, perfect English & other languages that aren't really relevant Champion Pool: Jinx, Sivir, Lucian, Kalista, Tristana, Vayne, Caitlyn. ( Haven't had the chance to try reworked ADCs too much yet )
: Abys Radio Team Looking For All Roles Plat +
Hey I'm a P1/D5 ADC Main, currently just playing w/e to have fun with friends in preseason, didn't make Diamond this season sadly, as I was 2-0 in my promo's and then got swept, then tilted quite hard in solo q and went on like a 15-20 loss streak. I can play Jinx, Kalista, Caitlyn, Lucian, Sivir. And I want to learn to play the reworked ADC's. Very interested in joining this team
Bázsta (EUW)
: Toplaner gezocht!
Add me als je roles in je team wilt swappen
: Looking for gold or higher Jungle for a serious Ranked Team
: Creating Serious Dedicated Team | PLATINUM |
Ingame name: Dankest Timeline Age: 17 Role: Jungle League: P2 Why are you not higher rank?: Not playing alot of ranked atm, still improving/learning. Champion pool (Your most comfertable/best): Gragas Elise Vi Rek'sai Lee Sin Why do you want to join this team: Want to play in a team enviroment Your strength(s)?: Communication, mechanics, macro play Your weakness(es)?: Only recently started playing jungle again after taking a long break from it, as I went from mainly playing it on my smurf to wanting to play it in a team again. All evenings probably, Friday-Sun all day probably.
Valentío (EUW)
: Looking to recruit high level players (need Jungler)
added you a while ago, you havent accepted yet.
: Announcements behavior player Action league Style
xHemH (EUNE)
: League of Legends MMO (Long and Detailed Post - Mainly for Passionate LoL Players and Riot)
Ikori (EUW)
: Serious 5s Ranked Team Looking for Players to fill [A Team Plat +] (B Team Gold +)
Real name: Gianni Age: 17 Country: Holland Working Mic: Yes/No y Teamspeak3: Yes/No y Role: Mid / Support ( Looking to go back to mid ) Mains: Viktor, LeBlanc, Ahri, Xerath, Thresh, Alistar, Experience (How long have you played League): Season 2 ( Only casual/3v3 until Mid-End S4) English level (1-10) 10 being best: 10 Current Division: Plat 2 Season 4 Division: Plat 5 Favourite Champion: Viktor/Thresh Real life hobbies: Sports, Making videos, DC, Friends Music taste (I know..): Anything that isn't bad Other games played: Clash of Clans, GTA, CK2
: Adding players in gold 3 ranked team
you will probably get a suspension if you dont remove this post.
Ribiti (EUW)
: Need Supp, Mid and Top Plat +
Dont bother with this guy lol, asks for people with a positive attitude and flames every game XD, he needs people because everyone leaves due to him being toxic, dont waste your time with him.
: Serious team LF Jungler + adc
Summoner Name : CJ Rudy Country : Netherlands Role : ADC Champion Pool : Jinx/Sivir/Lucian/Vayne/Caitlyn/Tristana/Kalista Current Soloqueue status : Platinum 2 Teamranked experience : Played for organisations academy teams before taking a break for a while, also played in alot of long standing teams as shotcaller ( Not looking to do that)
: Not recieved mystery champion and summoner icon
you should add to the poll, I can't read
Éderzito (EUW)
: I am creating a serious High Platinum-Diamond Team (LF all roles except ADC)
Summoner Name - LqdDragon Age - 16 ( 17 in 3 weeks ) Country - Holland Role - Mid Champion pool - Zed LB Ahri Xerath Viktor Kog Your Division - Platinum 3 Peek Division - Platinum 3 Why do i want you (optional) - I know someone with an Organisation looking for a LoL team, providing a TS Server, Sponsorship and more big future goals, including funding if there is success.
xReless (EUW)
: LF Duo Adc From Plat to Diamond To Masters that will be like my little brother :D
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VNPatriot (EUW)
: Challenger Support Stuck in Bronze LFT
And how are you challenger
eXtreme078 (EUNE)
: Yasuo or Zed?
Yasuo is awful, so is Zed right now. Yasuo is much worse, get Zed, much higher skillcap+reward and outplay capability
Riryz (EUW)
: yup, if this were 2 guys asking for a team with only men they would be sexist. when women do its normal for some reason. im euw but i just dont give a damn about 5v5 rankeds anyways. (this does not apply to all women ofcourse. not all women think like i just said (that its sexist), just deal with the fact that there are some and that they are heard of more often)
You do know that you are too low elo to join anyways, right?
: StS Looking for a Mid lane Carry
: riven mid lane good?
: Summoner Name: Exec CloudTail Age:19 Ranking:plat 5(last season dia2) Position:adc Comfort picks:ez/lucian/graves/kallista Biggest Weakness:might be a bit harsh at times .but i dont flame.
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