: That's offensive you know
Oh god grow up and stop taking offense to jokes
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: 14 day ban for one urf game - is riots punishment system unjust? [proof inside]
Glad to see the community destroy this green (riot fanboy)
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: This game used to be about strategy, now it's slowly turning into a permanent URF mode
season 5 was when i started playing this game and it was by far the best season i have played in so far. Hopefully (but highly unlikely) RIOT will slow shift towards the old days this coming season.
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: Shouldnt players who have a really bad KDA lose a lot more LP?
Ive had tryndaemeres that have went 0/11 but basically carried the game by split pushing.
: How fast does someone get banned ?!
dont worry, riot cares about calling someone a f*g more than anything else. i have reported people who have said the same thing and two weeks i check their account. surprise surprise theyre still playing
: Midlaner looking for Flex Team (Diamond 2 S7, just started again)
Sorry dont have a flex team, have something much stronger u might be interested in. FLEX TAPE
: If Riot wanted to they can check the ip the account was played on during the period, or are you implying that I played on vpn just so I can flame and have my get-out-of-nether card. I'm truly a mastermind on that case and there sure isn't anything that possibly could go wrong on a 6 year old account which helds crazy amount of value over skins and now-unobtainable icons etc. Seems like I hit a nerve when you were the one providing false information of the situation, and then you proceeded to attack me when clearly this is sensitive area for me.
YESS do this, send a support ticket, and dont give up, as i mentioned in my comment, this is how i most likely got my account unbanned.
: Account perm banned after stolen
I love this community so much, This exactly happened to me, my laptop broke so i couldnt play league for about 1 month or two, during that period i got a few emails requesting password changes (obviously not by me but the hacker). he was using scripts i believe. he bought draven on my acount and was playing with him. i practically begged riot giving as much proof as i could. i asked them to look at the login IP addresses and they will see that it was different in that period of time. I believe this is how i the realised. Thank fully the were kind enough to give it back. But this community is proper aids. everyone always assumes its ur fault. Like how is it possibly ur fault. like me, i never clicked on any link(ever) sent to me in chat but somehow they still got a hold of my account. I hope u get ur account back mate, seriously. i know how bad it feels.
: Actually you can get to honor level 2 in a month, even less. (If honor levels were only visible). As long as you're not jerk. not visibly anyway
Thats BS like he said, i got chat banned and didnt say anything bad and took me like 6 months to get back to honor 2, even riot said this was an issue so i dont know where ur getting these numbers from
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: Darius
Sure its no biggie, ruin the game for the rest of the playerbase for several weeks just for 0.00001% of the player base
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: Riot is not responsible for your friends bad connection. Please fix connection before you go into second game.
Your missing the bigger picture, what if it wasnt his friend? hed still have to waste 20 mins because of some stranger
AlAyham (EUW)
This is why people hate yasuo players
Aparation (EUW)
: 'Men' doesn't mean all men, I didn't take it personally when he said it. I understand that a lot of men give women a hard time. I think most people with female friends would know that. Men DO have it easier, they're encouraged all their lives to follow their dreams, and women are constantly forced by media representations like the ones this panel would've helped to fight into the same boxes and the same jobs. Sexism is sexism, but if a poor person and a billionaire both lose £100, it's a much bigger problem for the poor person. Having men at the panel would have caused damage because they are much more likely to ask unhelpful questions because they have not had the same experience as the women and non binary people at the panel. I'm sure a lot (if not most) men attending the panel would've been perfectly respectful and helpful, but it only takes a few dumb hecklers to completely ruin the panel. Non binary people are people who do not ascribe themselves to either gender binary, they are not male or female in gender.
So how exactly are women forced by media representations. There is a higher percentage of women that hold a degree compared to men. At the end of the day, it all boils down to decisions. If i dont follow my dream, that was my choice, and all my choice ultimately gave me the result. Men dont give women hard times, its mostly other women putting other women down. Your comparison between sexism and losing 100 dollars doesnt make sense. 2 completely different things.
Aparation (EUW)
: Riot don't think you've been a huge asshole to women all your life, and no one who is rational does. Sexism against males is possible, however it is significantly less important than sexism against women, because men generally have it a lot easier than women in society. The reason men were excluded from the panel is because it is about FEMALE AND TRANSGENDER issues in the game. The people who should be asking questions on the panel, therefore, should obviously be women, and transgender people. I disagree with Riot's decision to disallow trans-men to be at the event. Also, excluding men from this event wasn't exactly sexism, as it just made sense to have the target of the panel be the only audience allowed at the panel.
No, i still believe that this is riots view, as one of their employees with a high rank said exactly that men are assholes to women. And when riot came out with a public statement about these comments, they never once said that it doesnt reflect the companies views or policy, like every other company would do when an employee says something they dont agree with. Second, im pretty sure men dont have it easier, as globally, the suicide rate is higher in men, with europe having a 4:1 ration. Even if men had it easier, it wouldnt make sexism against them less important. Sexism is sexism at the end of the day. And no it wouldnt make sense to only have the target audience at the panel, if both were allowed, then both will receive information, without any damage caused to the women and "non binary" (whatever that is).
: To understand DZK and a few other Rioters and why they exclude men and divide their fanbase based on gender you need to understand the insane ideology behind it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USg3NR76XpQ
watched this a while ago. Jordan peterson is such an amazing and smart guy
: boycott riot if they go all SJW , EX: by no RP
Dont know why you got a downvote. But i agree with this. Nearly every form of entamertainment is politized. And lately gaming has gone down the same hill unfortunately
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en2que (EUW)
: Poppy and Yi should be permanently disabled from the mode
Don't really understand the downvotes. However i don't agree with permanent ban on the champs, i do hope the implement champions bans for the mode.
R0gerThat (EUW)
: Try to uninstall the program called Nahimic, if you have it on your laptop and close the apps via Task Manager. I did that and the freezes stopped for me!!
this helped significantly, it didnt completely remove it, hoever, after the 8 min mark fps drop to around 35 instead of 0 - 1. but after around 14 mins the fps drops to the usual 0 - 1. If you have any other suggestions pls let me know. thanks EDIT: I actually %%%%ing love you, after restarting my PC all the lag was completely gone. Appreciate it mate
: no problem, have you tried looking at superfetch? it causes massive problems on some hard drives usually being 100% disk usage resulting in programs locking up.
I tried this after you told me, i did a test with it disabled and enabled, still no difference. Thanks again mate
R0gerThat (EUW)
: I've 1:1 the same specs as you bruv, and I got the same problem as you mate. After 8 mins into the game, I get these freezes, which makes the game unplayable. Lost some LP too because of that. If you look at the GPU, it works like at 20% at best and this is way too low. The CPU also goes up to 100% and the processor overheats very quickly. I dk if this is the major problem, but we have the same specs and the problem itself is the same, so it must be something regarding to the GPU. Do you have an MSI laptop? Because mine is new too and it's an MSI one.
YUP i believe we have the same laptop, i too have an msi
: Maybe check your power settings? They are often set to power saver or balanced on a laptop, turning on the high preset should fix your issue at the cost of reduced battery life
Did this too, should have put it in thread sorry. Thanks anyway mate
: AMD FX users and others experiencing issues loading into game or unplayable FPS
Happens to me on intel core i7 - 8750h with nvidia geforece 1060 6gb on laptop
k4for (EUNE)
: I could easily score more "S" ratings if not for enemies giving up so early. That's a shame, I never give up because I can always come back if I have at least one playable teammate on my team.
From my experience, your ratings also take into account the time in game. So if you should be getting more than u would.
: FPS stuttering
Happens to me too, just made a discussion and saw this now :(
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: why karthus cant be banned in all for 1
: Honestly down voting is a child game,
> I come from a place worse than hell. cringe
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ChrisOmatic (EUNE)
: New Ranked Music?
sounds pretty cool imo
Elýzium (EUW)
: This ban is just ridiculous...
ive said it before and ill say it again. People have called me a rapist, peado, paki. been told to get cancer, that my uncle abused me when i was a kid, that my mom abused, wishing cancer on my mom, been told that they will hunt me down and kill me, that they know where i live. every single time i report someone for toxicity on this level, i check their match history for the next 2 weeks after the report, and not once have i seen people get banned. but of course with all this PC bullshit going on saying this word will ban you instantly. So are they saying this word is t a much bigger insult than all the other ones?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
never really implied that, just saying that the system has trigger words that can make your account get banned instantly without taking in context. What if im talkin to my premade and joking with them? there are so many scenarios where a trigger word can be used without the intent of insulting another player. Please dont bother replying if your gonna hit me with the "context doesnt matter" as i usually dont bother talking to people like that.
: And there are situations where wishing cancer is just fine?
so u just took the one of the worst case scenarios and applied it to everything?
: As a former Aatrox main. I just gotta say.
The fact that you were a main is irrelevant, while his rework needs some improvement, he still needed a rework in the first place.
Sit Down (EUNE)
: Bann
Yeah, all you have to do is hack into Riots player database, something like that.
: Maybe you'll rise in elo if you start writing coherent sentences
well played sir, for criticizing someones English. You do know that not everyone in this world is born with English as their mother language right?
: About the "VS" events
: As stated it can take time to process these. It's also a case of sometimes what we define as inting isn't intentional. But the burden of proof is set high so as not to trigger false positives. I'd highly suggest looking at the player-behaviour dev blogs. Whilst a year or so old, it's the same system and goes into detail about the whole "inter's don't get punished" myth.
Does walking up to an enemy, not moving, not auto atttacking, not using abilities and just stand there let him kill MULTIPLE times count as inting? cause i just that persons match history right now again to be sure (reported 3 weeks ago this person) and surprise surprise they are still playing with now 14 day punishment
: Riot do act on these. What you need to understand is it takes time for these to be reviewed. It's not instant and bans for things like this normally happen a bit after the fact. The reason for this is the system isn't perfect. If they increase the strictness of it, we would see an influx of false positives. When someone is reported for this, it needs to go back, review other games, determine a pattern of behaviour, re-verify that that pattern is correct and intentional, THEN issue a punishment. It's a process that takes time, but unfortunately if we want a system that doesn't ban you for going 2/10 on a bad day, this is what we have until better software/programming is available.
They do? cause i report many trollers and inters (not just having a bad game), i look at their match history and guess what? a week later they are still playing.
Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: Well then, you are the one criticizing the ban system, because it works but needs major improvements. I am totally fine with it. >gotcha What in the world? You just "gotcha" yourself, mate.
Yes of course, only mention the part of my comment that has an error in it. "Well then, you are the one criticizing the ban system, because it works but needs major improvements. I am totally fine with it." Dont know what u mean by this since your the one that implied we shouldnt criticize it and be happy with what we have, but then of course, you already knew this but couldnt think of a counter argument.
There is a bug reports topic to choose from when creating a discussion
: So this guy with RIOT on his name goes afk in ranked and i was playing promo to gold
I highly doubt he went AFK, maybe connection errors, happens to all of us at some stage
Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: > i mean if the players of riot are so sensitive to words like wtf or %%%% then i dont think they should be playing in the first place. With a toxic community, a strict ban system is necessary. If it werent for that ban system being so strict, you would probably be seeing way more flamers in your games, and you would come here complaining about how the ban system "doesn't work". Be greatful for what you have.
So lets not criticize anything just because it works even though there needs to be major improvements, gotcha.
Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: Greetings, While you did have a toxic member on your team, you wrote alot, which can be classified as spamming. In addition, you wrote a bunch of trigger words, like "wtf" or "f*ck" which may be the reason to your ban.
i mean if the players of riot are so sensitive to words like wtf or %%%% then i dont think they should be playing in the first place. They are not trigger words, because trigger words are run through an AI, and there are so many different scenarios that thos words can be used in, so they didnt make it a trigger word, since they know and AI doesnt understand context
: > [{quoted}](name=The Godlike Jinx,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lTIVjuwP,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-06-19T17:23:21.205+0000) > > Yes, it's a deserved ban. Let's go now and explane you the reasons, and its not only one, why you got banned. First you typed so much, which is accepted as spamming by the system. 2nd you have asked for reports, which is against The Summoner's Code. Hopefully you understand what you have done wrong now. are u kidding me,this isnt bannable at all,to get banned for report calling u should have said some other bad things too he said compelitely nothing it was in no way a deserved ban he said to report a troll,trolls deserve much worse than this
Dont bother pal, there are people on this forum that will do anything to protect riot, even when the facts are provided, they still believe you did something wrong
: I genuinely feel like I was permabanned for the wrongly
Dont know how you have time to write this much in a game, I usually only type 2 letter words like "gj, mb, ty, wp". Not saying u deserved the ban, but perhaps if u talked less u would have a chance of coming back in the game
Solash (EUW)
: >He was fired (my opinion) That's not how opinions works...
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