HighIord (EUW)
: Riot you wasted money for no reason.
let's be honest with each other, and this is coming from somebody who moved to the middle east a few years back (uae), I'd love to play on a server with less ping but have you ever dealt with saudi arabian players? , egyptian players? or the amount of 9 year old emarati players? because I have in a different mmo and trust me when I tell you this, you're way better off playing at a higher ping than having to deal with this every single game. no racism intended, just stating facts here.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: they are already working on it. Look at the exclamation mark, it's been there for 2 days now.
well that's only half the issue, there's still the skin problem.
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: _**Dark harvest after rework + little nerf**_ * **The good thing** is that we see a lot of new (old) champions in this meta like Karthus / morde / teemo / brand / diana and few more that were rarely picked * **The bad thing** is that replaced the other runes and does quite descend damage which forces adc mains to play ezreal/kaisa (still gets oneshoted from akali/talon with DH) or Mage with DH (which is the better option for example karthus with dh even if you get 1 shoted you still do damage) Dark harvest is double-edged sword : -Gets counter picked and cant poke for harvest stacks -You get camped by the jungler cant get stacks -Not a good roaming/poke champion League is unpredictable which makes it fun.And most of the players adapt with Overgrowth / Grasp on adcs in this meta So yea... Dark harvest damage is pretty descend but there is also a way to counter it. Thats my opinion and i may be wrong but thanks for your time.
Karthus has been already meta with predator and spellbinder and since it's quite hard to outpush him, he gets free farm which means free gold which also means he can still one shot you by just pressing 3 keys on the keyboard (also don't forget the amount of cdr you can get from runes, in particular presence of mind). Morde is a garbage champion and requires a huge rework, he's just a champion that you pick against a melee champion that you know for sure you can 1v1 and ruin his day but then the enemy adc pops off and kills you easily and it's quite the same situation with teemo but if you get hit by a shroom late game, say goodbye to most of your healthbar regardless to what rune he has, brand doesn't need runes considering his passive got buffed and most people pick him as a poke support and he's quite hard to play against considering he just squeezes damage out of thin air which hurts everybody including tanks (press r, do a lot of damage and hope to get carried) and dianna is just a champion you play vs katarina onetricks to shut them down and can one shot a squishy with one item after level 6 with electr so I really don't see why all these champions you mentioned NEED dark harvest. It's only a matter of weeks until everybody gets one shot by that rune by every champion on the roster and then you'll see more posts on boards like this. Bottom line is, as long as this rune is there, if you play anything that's good but not super meta you're basically trolling and that's a direction I don't wanna see league of legends go with.
Yoopi (EUNE)
: New dark harvest wasn't a mistake, it was a happy accident : http://prntscr.com/ln4lmw XD I love it. Edit : my alt account which had no games on it : http://prntscr.com/ln4nb9 I skipped plat 4 and plat 2 Currently I'm at 32/36 wins on shaco lit 89% win rate
come on dude, you can't even say that with a straight face
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Hansiman (EUW)
: It does exist, but each queue has its own MMR. So when players compare solo/duo ranking for flex, it's just really that comparable since it runs on is own MMR system.
I'm aware they have their own MMR separate from soloq, I'm not asking for an explanation for why this is happening, I'm just wondering if there will be anything done about this because as a gold player, the game was just completely one sided with no chances of a comeback whatsoever playing against these tiers and if it was just once I would have been like okay, no problem but twice in less than 10 games? come on, do I even bother playing flex at this point?
Tarolock (EUNE)
: but you didnt even lost to the master/challenger players... they have less than 40% kill participation, low kda and not much dmg done...
there's so much more into this game than KDA and damage, if somebody wins lane pretty freaking fast he applies so much pressure on the map and can take more objectives and win the game faster. It's like when you're a toplaner and botlane loses so early and then they swap and your lane is gone just like that so please don't talk about kda and damage dealt.
: There's less than a month left on the season. Everyone that has ignored flex are going to start playing it to get that chroma. So challengers and high diamonds who have left it are going to play now. And since flex queue has a completely seperate matchmaking system to soloq, this is how it's going to be. Unranked or silver flex queuers are getting matched up, but that doesn't mean they are silver in soloq. It could be any rank in soloq, including challenger.
I completely understand that but I literally didn't even have a chance to play the game during these 2 games, I was just helping a friend in placements who was gold 2 last season to get to gold 5 for the chromas then we get 2 games with diamonds, masters and challengers, my friend ended gold 4 which isn't bad but I've had a terrible experience playing these 2 games and they put me on a massive tilt.
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Mádwife (EUW)
: Voliburr Update
because him building righteous glory and being more useful than a fed assassin jungler isn't already enough, the champion already gets too much dmg just from stacking hp, he's fine the way he is.
Nonstopre (EUW)
: I can see that gold is not for me. Players in gold as i have seen so far are not good. They feed the focus on kills instead of objectives and this is sad.
I kind of agree with you to a certain point, it's not that people are inting, it's that when you get to high gold, the matchmaking system is broken af. Let me give you an example from personal experience, gold 2 with p5 mmr, getting low-mid gold teammates and full mid-high plat enemy team with a previous season diamond enemy jungler. Your adc is gold 5, my jungle clear usually involves cheesing drake level 3 after getting red, blue, gromp and scuttle, by the time I did that, the enemy kaisa was 6-0 without a single help from the enemy jungler. From that point, the game was over and I can't really blame a low gold botlane for losing this hard to mid-high plat botlane
: My problem with the current system is that you get a bounty even when you are massively behind, just because you play save. This probebly wont change with the new system, so you might ass well feed your ass of because if you dont theyll get the gold anyway. I think the bounty should scale of how far you are infront or behind of your enemy lane or team oppontents for example gold difference instead of the randomness of cs and kills, because a jungeler can have low a mount of cs but higher amount of gold because jungle camps give more than regular minions. And your example about better farming will probebly become a problem because instead of farming save snowballing is much more rewarded then simply getting a farm lead. which(farming) in my opinion requirs more skill in the lower elo's.
I'm just salty they want to reward people for chasing a 0-5-0 split pusher or people who play tanks top and are terrible at farming yet manage to win lane because the enemy laner has a cs lead and his the jungler is 24/7 top as if toplane isn't already the most useless role in the game.
: I think you are actually extremely wrong. I just climbed from silver to plat 2 in like 2 weeks. And if you would ask me if there is any big difference I would say hell nah bro. In these elos I would say it is all about individuals(ones that take most blame), like when one jngler is autofilled and other isn't(or he can be smurf idk), he will make more pressure and he will punish mistakes, but after all, it is mainly your fault that you played aggressively without knowing position of enemy jngler, this was only exemple, but I think you got the point. Ppl still make tons of mistakes, with higher elo less mechanical and more macro mistakes, but they won't admit that they did mistake and it will end up with insultin your jng or insulting enemy for smurfing. So is it true challange? No. Can you blame others(Rito or players)? Yes. Will it help with your climb or will it somehow improve your skill? No.
let me tell you about a recent experience, I'm jungle right? i was g1 at the time now im g2 and I get qed up with a g5 adc, everybody else is mid-high gold vs a full plat team and one of them was diamond last season, I was udyr that came, there was an infernal up first so I've chosen to give up 1-2 minutes of map pressure to solo the drake and I got it, by the time I did that and backed, kaisa was 6-0 without a single gank, enemy jungler and why is that? because it's a plat 2 adc vs gold 5 adc, nothing I can do if bot dies 6 times in no time, that's riot matchmaking right there.
: Why a player would care about his rank if he don't receive ranks at the end.
silver is not a hard elo to climb in, people are bad and have no idea how to trade, all you litterally have to do is be better at farming and you can easily get to gold, so I don't see a reason to be toxic in silver in the first place it's when you get to high gold where the true challenge comes because it's where all the smurfs are playing and all the eloboosters and where you get unbalanced games with your gold 5 adc vs a full high-mid plat team.
: I got 14 day suspension for only 2 games where i was tilted becouse i lost 5 in row
You can have 10000 games and you can still be considered 'toxic enough to get banned' by the system over 2 games, it's a game that sets rules to protect people who seem to care so much what some randomer on the internet says to them so just do yourself a favor and mute everybody, if you get super tilted, just alt+f4 because it's better have a low priorty queue than a permabanned account.
: Second game with Ivern and I get banned for inting..
Honestly, I don't know, this seems quite complicated. Your itemization make it seem like you're not even trying but then again, I can't blame a low silver player with negative winrate for being bad at the game or not having enough knowledge about it and in addition to that, it's a normal game and you had 41% kill participation which is more than your 1-9 miss fortune.... besides, everybody on your team except lee had more deaths than kill participation so it seems like everybody was inting anyway and the game only lasted 26 minutes, it's not like people were held hostage and had a 'negative experience' as riot support were claiming.
Nirrahh (EUW)
: yeah I guess so, don't expect anything tbh just wanted to share that something like that can happen. Maybe some people see this and think twice about reacting to flamers and grievers whatsoever as you can get banned for it by the childish rito system.
I don't mean to be disrespectful but by opening a discussion like this in the first place, you're just attracting people who would tell you how much you deserve it like I'm seeing in the replies right now when they're probably a 100 times as toxic in other communities or maybe even league of legends itself but they know exactly how to flame without getting banned.
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Nirrahh (EUW)
: Well I have my values I act to acordingly. And my values do not alllow morons to mock me without consequences.
I'm gonna be completely honest with you here, I've had this kind of argument at some point and let me tell you this, you get a chat restriction, temp ban or permaban, there's no way in hell it will be reverted because riot believes there are a lot of people out there who seem to care so much about what somebody says in an online game which in my opinion is very stupid to begin with, the most common example is if somebody says '%%%' and gets banned for it, posts on boards and then guess what? you get people telling him stuff like 'oh, so you're telling him to surrender his right to live and disappoint his family and friends? imagine if he actually did it, people like you deserve to be out of this community for good' when I'm pretty sure these exact same players in other communities that don't care how players deal with each other are probably a 100 times as toxic. How do I deal with this? I just mute everybody in fear of losing my account and if I get triggered so much by a troll to a point where the game is actually unwinnable, I just alt+f4, it's less punishing than flaming somebody because the worst that's gonna happen is, I'll have a low priority queue, it's a system, I don't like it probably a lot more than you do but you have to follow it regardless, you're not gonna change how the system works even if it's more punishing to be toxic than trolling because at the end of the day, you're not the first person who discussed this and failed to change anything about how riot games' rules and regulations work. I hope this was informative enough and pretty much sum up what to expect from league of legends.
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: Dishonorable rank out of the blue.
https://imgur.com/CUk5eLa it went back to what it was after maintenance
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