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Begueiro (EUW)
: I've been having the same issue as well. I normally use FF, tried it on Edge, same deal. Even tried and the same thing was happening on both browsers. That's why I found this post. And, by looking at the forum page, I noticed I was logged in, now. Went back to and clicked the little globe icon, next to the login option, changed the option from "English (North America)" to "English (Europe)" and it fixed it.
Oh I see! This fixed it for me, thanks!
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: After changing hard disk I can't get into any game
bugsplat of 500mb? looks a bit sketchy to me
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: Unchained Alistar can i still get it ?
Coolnave (EUW)
: Looking for platinum+ support mains to answer a question
Try Zyra, Zyra can deal tons of damage and so win the botlane on her own. That way you can get ahead or you can get your adc ahead and snowball your lead.
x Poncky x (EUNE)
: An error has occured
> If the error persists contact support Contact support?
In the game settings you can change your max fps somewhere, check if it is capped at 60
Amazonas (EUNE)
: Who created Yasuo?
: Can someone briefly explain new runes system
The runes will be in preseason so you won't be able to do as good this season, I'd say buy the runes
: None of the things you said are right. > Does his windwall reset after a kill or what? He used a windwall and not even 6 seconds later, he used it again as I was trying to kill him (He was about dead and my projectiles don't go through the BS wall. Has 18 secs CD at max rank. With 45% it goes down to ~10 secs (nobody is going to build him 45% CDR but just to mention) > Does he have some kind of insane health regen? Seriously? He's out of the picture for ten seconds and he goes from about to die back to full health. How does that make it balanced? Probably lifesteal, couldn't find the game in matchhistory since it doesn't show any games. > His ult has no cooldown it seems like as in a team fight, he'll get it off about two or even three times. I guess there is a hidden passive or something. Get's it out once. 30 secs at max rank, 16.something with 45% CDR. Edit: Just for reference:
Exactly, everything he said is just bs
Yaveinn33 (EUNE)
: Guys which champion annoy you with his laugh spam?
Annie got a pretty nice laugh, Kog'Maw aswell
: counter pick (yasuo)
Yasuo nerf from latest patch: How to counter Yasuo:
Siaro (EUW)
: Why should we use Refill Pot ?
I thought this was a rant at first, but it's not, great guide!
Roudy (EUW)
: My friend and I are looking for new friends and looking to play normals ASAP
Check out this Discord channel if you want to find friends to play with:
zekromrock (EUNE)
: This patching is too long!!
Do a speedtest and see if you have a decent internet speed, if you don't know what decent is just post your results here, I'd recommend something like this:
: what is ticket
Visit the website and you will find out, if you have trouble writing a ticket in English, use
: Client bug
I had someone in a blindpick yesterday who had this aswell
BakemBait (EUNE)
: Missing IP and Mastery points
Have you tried restarting your client? If that doesn't help I recommend you to send a ticket to Riot Support if you want your IP
Finpownage (EUNE)
: Oh ok. Though why is that a thing? This just makes it look like you should have hit something when you actually didn't which is something that a game shouldn't have specially not in a game like LoL. I think if the animation hits the enemy it should deal the dmg. Though I'm not good with stuff like this so I could be missing something major and I don't really know what I'm talking about.
Yasuo's Q animation scales with attack speed, that means the more attack speed you have the faster the animation is.
If you don't want to play Yasuo you can just play Draft Pick?
: Either you died during the cast animation thus stopping the damage or when he levelled up he effectively healed for the same damage as your Q did so it didn't look like he took any damage.
You do not hear the end sound of the animation so he probably died before the animation could end which means it dealt no damage.
harpon (EUW)
: my account is banned with no reason !
You have to contact Player Support for this,
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: When your (random) teammate in YoloQ wants to play Trashsuo
: 7.5- Warlords Bloodlust bugged Interaction with RFC and wrong tooltip
Stoneborn Pact also still got the tooltip of Bond of Stone
Eimas (EUW)
: I know you like to be punished, but not all that style HONDY and sometimes there is reasons wjy you get leave buster. 1 Of them was RIOTS!!!!! when their server where crashing and dropping out players out of game
You won't get leaverbuster if you only left one game, so it's still the players fault that he/she left 2/3 other games.
Eimas (EUW)
: Leave buster drops down my performance even more :(
I'd say it's a good punishment since you will make yourself enough time to wait the 20 minutes and a whole game. And 5 games aren't too bad, especially if you do 5 quick bot games.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I'll be the best Yasuo! \o/
This is awesome! Did you made the drawings yourself?
: New Year RP Give Away... Post in thread to stand a chance to win
1- 15, male, Platinum 3 2- Adc - Caitlyn 3- I reached Platinum 3 climbed all the way up there from Silver 3. I'm still very proud of that ;3 4- My dream is to reach Diamond one day, so I hope I'll get my dream become true. 5- TRUE FACT: A cat's tail contains nearly 10 percent of all the bones in it's body.
Miss Fawn (EUW)
: Christmas Skin Giveaway
I would love to get Elementalist Lux quite an expensive skin but I love it! If it´s too much Star Guardian Lux would be great too! Merry Christmas!
: Giving away a £15 iTunes gift card (contest till 5/12/16 9:00 pm gmt)
Necroniss (EUNE)
: How to refund ?
If you have already used your first 3 refunds, you can no longer refund anything.
victorztw (EUW)
: jesus this vayne penta i just did x)
TatarQiz (EUNE)
: So i need a premade 5 team on Summoner's Rift and reach gold with it... or 3v3 in Twisted Treeline ? :D I can't have 3 teammates in the group and queue for Summoner's ? :(
If you play 5v5 team ranked on summoners rift you ofcourse need a 5 premade team. If you are in a team that's gold you must have participated in atleast 10 wins to be able to get the rewards. If you play a 3v3 team ranked on Twisted Treeline you need 3 premades with you. Then counts the same as above, if you are in a team that's gold you must have participated in atleast 10 wins to be able to get the rewards. If you are with 3 you can queue up for Dynamic Queue but not for a team ranked. if you have any more questions feel free to add me ign: DMG Bommerhond
: This website
So..? what can we do with this information? If you want it changed you should head to the support instead of boards.
: Flashing and hooking the other way than where the mouse is.
> The only reason I can think this happened is because I have player portraits on the left side of my screen but that shouldn't make it so I can't flash if I have my mouse there. This is the whole reason, ain't a bug at all. You can change the icons to be above the minimap, otherwise you will have to deal with it.
TatarQiz (EUNE)
: Ward Skin S6 Victorious
> You will earn rewards based on the tier you are in at the end of the season in solo queue, or based on** the tier your team** is in at the end of the season. You must have **won** at least ten games with that team in one queue (for example, winning six 5v5 games and four 3v3 games does not count--even if both the 5v5 and 3v3 teams have the same name and the same players) If your 3v3 team is gold, you will get a gold border in Twisted Treeline(and ARAM if I'm right) and all the other rewards. If you are gold in Summoner's Rift you will get a border in Summoner's Rift and the other rewards.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bommerhond,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=0J2oKngM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-04T07:07:31.929+0000) > > Depends on your ban, and if Riot changes it for this sew When will the season end and will you get them if your gold or is there a weird restriction to them? like at least having to have played 20 games in gold
**When will the season end and will you get them if your gold or is there a weird restriction to them?** Riot hasn't announced when season ends yet, so we don't know. If it's like previous seasons, and you're in gold you are eligible for rewards even when you didn't play any games while in gold.
Zat1ex (EUNE)
: Season Rewards
> Yes, some players are ineligible for rewards because of negative in-game behavior. This applies only to the 2015 season. Here are the details: > > Players with bans or chat/ranked restrictions active when the season ends are ineligible for this year’s rewards > Players banned for seven days or more in the three months prior to the end of the season (August 10) are ineligible for this year’s rewards. > Players banned for boosting during the 2015 season remain ineligible for rewards > Players who experienced fraud-related and erroneous bans will still be eligible > All players will have another chance at future ranked season rewards. Depends on your ban, and if Riot changes it for this season.
: What's the best champion to carry your team? (Especially lower ELO, SILVER/BRONZE)
For those who do not know, This is a one year old thread, and I am Platinum V atm, just by playing the champions I like.
Seikan (EUW)
: Well, dont have too high expactations with the community atm. School just ended in many countries and the afk, flamer troller forum posts reached a peak. Apart from this, league has developed very nicely.
I hate when people make it look like only League has flamers, trollers etc, cause there are dozens of other games eho have these, like CSGO ever had a crying child? Overwatch competitive, everyone leaving.
: Up to 10 FREE SKINS - GIVEAWAY! [ Winner announcement ]
User ID: tZnlJw15R8 I didnt understand some questions bur I hope thats fine.
: Climb is luck only
If you place a challenger player in Bronze, he will definitely climb, no matter if he get's some teemo adc's.
Tünde (EUNE)
Look's like Obama doesn't like Trumps wall?
Celleris (EUNE)
: LP gain and Total LP
Wait so what your saying is that you got 3 lp less?
maxieaxie (EUW)
: riot games is lazy
"a special group to look at the reports" for example, if 1 million people are playing league today, 1/10 of them reports someone would end up with 100.000 reports to check up.
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