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Boop chan (EUW)
: should be fine!
just make sure you sign up on the site when you can so we can sort brackets out!
: Hi, is it possible to join shortly beforehand? Need to see if I can get my daughter to be picked up by her grandparents or sth and probably won't know a day before.
: Looking for people to play LoL with!
Hey there! If I’m not playing with someone I wouldn’t mind a game, I don’t play ranked much but play a buttload of normals :D my friends and I play most days and are all between bronze and gold (granted the golds were on old accounts XD)
Soojahre (EUW)
: Looking for Bronze-Silver players for 5v5 ranked to climb to gold
I play support (rakan), top (urgot and irelia) and mid (Zoe, Lux) would be interested to get into some 5v5!
Kýba (EUW)
: Level 21 account looking for people to level up with for fun (EUW)
Feel free to add me! I’m like level 97 and mostly play normals with friends, we might be able to teach ya a bit :P granted we’re not best players in th world!
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Mada (EUW)
: The game is lost, surrender/open mid
Not all streamers do that but anyways. I’ll only do something like saying game is lost (to myself) if pretty much everyone on my team is like 0-10 and everyone on enemy team can straight up murder anyone in ours. Unfortunately, people tilt out after they’ve died one or two times and basically give up. It’s annoying but it’s no one to blame other than bad mindset and tilt.
Laby oωo (EUW)
: LF Fun people to do some chilled normal/ranked/aram games
I’m down to play some games at weekend if I’m free :3 add me in game.
: Place vision down for him and then roam. Tell your ADC the following "Farm safely, Don't push past the wards" If you roam and he pushes past the wards you placed for him and dies then that's his own fault.
Pretty much what I try and do Over extend and die, it’s not my fault. Got it. :)
Teahyun (EUW)
: Your job is not kill participation. And its a very poor indicator for how you performed. Sadly the same can be said about dmg dealt. This is especially true for the role of support. I was d5 last season as ad/top main and currently try to learn support to an adequate level for that elo. The game has a timecurve, the later the game goes the more important your adc becomes. If you can win early to mid game by ignoring your ad thats good. Most of the times in lower elo (this includes d5 yes) people dont have that proper judgement and teams are dragging out games and are heavily prone to tilt and making mistakes. This means as a support ditching your AD is the worst decision when you repeat that action in the same scenario over multiple games. You can either listen to echochamber of support players or try to improve and win more. The analytical problem starts when supports ditch their adc, the game drags out, see their ad die a bunch due to getting ditched (he can either choose to afk sit at tower unable to farm because of no wards/help or suicide farm) IN these scenarios most people have no brain and see: AD -> die = not my problem,not my fault -> lost game? = ADC fault. Hence repeat it over and over and stay stuck. It is your judgement to ditch the adc, but it is also your responsiblity whatever the outcome of that decision is. You ask if its "right". This shouldnt be a political question. Question is do you win more or lose more with this mentality. How many games do you spend in ranked? How much are you progressing? Especially in lower elos your judgement of the game is bad, you lack experience, claiming to be better than your teammates is like a stone saying he is better than a woodstick. Hence it is my opinion that sticking to something that doesnt rely on that will give you better results. Once you climb higher and you get more proficient teammates, you having more experience and better communication you can experiment for better results.(get better at roaming timings, making risk/reward plays whilst communicating it with your ad) At last i would like to note that you can ward for your ad and then go roaming and come back intime to either help him or make a play with him. The fact that most supports in lower elo say only black and white is simply due to lack of experience. (either ditch or stick bot forever) But this is something you accumulate over time by trial and error. Most importantly playing the role of support doesnt make you a saint, you have clear contribution to the outcome of a game. If consistently lose your lane, its most likley you playing terrible. For shielding and healing supports is playing too passive. For MAge supports its dying a lot and for engage/tank supports not having lane presence and pulling the trigger. Unable to recognize those shortscomings is a big thing in the role of support because they share the lane with someone. In mid or top you instant know who is dominant due to mechanics or championpick. Botlane is more complex than that. Watch your replays, your positioning. How you manipulate wave, help freeze or shove, your ward and back timings, your use of skills, brush control and time management.
What I was doing was warding bot then leaving him. Like, if he keeps running it down bot, that isn’t my fault. And surely it’s better for me to just go elsewhere? Some people are just a lost cause, especially where I’m stuck in S5, they get killed 1-2 times by own mistake the tilt out and just keep walking into people blind or just don’t care anymore. Generally if there’s some hope the ADC can carry, I’ll stay but if they’re practically inting, is it still worth it. Doesn’t seem it to me. Thanks for the advice :)
: it is.. if he sucks you should focus on win more then on him
That’s what I think as well. Not sure what to do if they flame for not being there through, I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.
: LF "older" (25+) chill people to play normals/ranked/flex/aram, whatever floats your boat.
I take it 21 is out of question :P struggle finding mature people around my age playing LoL.
Yang Hyun (EUW)
: Looking for a duo
I don’t mind playing a few with you at weekend or something. Hard stuck S5 at minute, but do decent in 90% of games. Can play everywhere apart from Jungle.
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No offence meant but some things here are just pretty toxic from you. You need to stop calling for reports and swearing directly at people (even if it isn’t the correct spelling of said word). To me it seems your the one who was flaming and giving abuse and you should have a small punishment for it. In future don’t be so toxic and his won’t happen again.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Can Riot stop pretending they made the emote system for anything other then to increase toxicity?
Nah. They’re jut for a bit of fun if anything. Someone did something cool, thumbs up, I mess up in a hilarious way, thumbs up, clean play, dab or clean emote, one shot someone with Zoe, Goodbye friend. They’re fun, nothing more than a tiny bit of humour than anything else. You gotta be kinda petty to see them as toxic.
: people who don't hate bronze are the small groups trying to get out of it.
I’m silver and I don’t hate them so what’s your point?
Not everyone’s hates bronzes you know. And I can tell you-Silver is NO different to bronze, just a different colour. I don’t even play ranked because of trolls and the like who think they are worthy of diamond when they’re 0-12 and flame you because they went in 1v5. Unfortunately it’s just most of LoL community are toxic af for some reason and or childish.
fawkes (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Smith of Lie,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UO74kLFH,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-03-16T07:09:14.332+0000) > > [Here's a game where you went 0/8/3.]( I'm sure this is just because shit happens and everyone gets outplayed every now and again. But an angry teammate who was looking for an excuse for the lost game could just as well convince themselves that you were inting. > > Now would you want to get permaban for the game I brought? Probably not. > > Which is why it is way more difficult for Riot to punish people who are intentionally feeding and/or trolling than people who are flaming. Flaming is easy - you either did it or not and that's done. But feeding happens and much more often than not it is a normal variety of someone having bad game and not someone trying to ruin it on purpose. > > Thus the bans for intentional feeding are, sadly, much less common than bans for griefing. But they do happen. Everyone has a bad game, and in thread I stated it, but there is a slight difference between having a bad game and trolling from lobby, and I repeat it again, for no reason at all. Quick look at players item build and chat could tell the difference between bad game and trolling. It can be done, everyone with an average IQ knows there are solutions for this problem but the riot just needs to WANT get rid of these kind of players, or at least, a majority of them. These 2 I played with, are mental enough to do it in ranked, and if someone happens to be in promo: If they dodge they lose If they play they lose a game and time Trollers get no punish at all Do you guys even understand that there is a problem here? But lets better fix on Ahri's snowballing when she gets ahead
The thing is, people DO do similar things like this in ranked, that or pick something stupid and just feed whilst in lobby they said it’s “OP” I had issue a few weeks ago, was in promos to S4, 1st game had a premade of Cassiopeia and Singed bot, sure the poison synergy but they fed because of not having any type of normal lane, and they knew they then started intimg when got behind by running it down bot, second promo I had an irelia jungle who said “it’s OP!” In lobby, got behind and tilted themselves then prevededdd to int. had another game right after, out of promos, someone locked Nasus support which CAN sorta work if enemy are stupid enough, who then got killed then ran it down bot again. So it does happen and guess what, not one feedback report for the reports i gave them, so yes I couldn’t dodge first two because I’d defiantly lose promo, and last one was just “uh well I guess I gotta try I can’t really suffer anymore LP loss for nothing”. It’s really unfortunate there’s no punishment for people like this.
: Stop playing ranked !!!!!!
This post is pretty much my ranked experience recently like. Holy god. Last game I was playing Kai’Sa, was 8-2, strong af. Turns out we had a first time Azir on my team going in 1v4 all time and dying asking for follow up when he was 1/2 way across map, a ragey Yi, a feeding Yasuo who then decided to feed the enemy ADC who had been beaten into the ground by my support and I. I ended the game 12-4 with even my support giving up and going like 1-7-12 after being deathless first 20 mins,he was doing well early game like. Yi and yas then decided to walk into enemy 1v5 multiple times and refused to group, with yasuo split pushing up to tier 2 top multiple times and dying every time. holy god, just let the strong person carry, don’t sit there flaming saying “help me! Always 1v5!” And flaming me because I’m nowhere near you and you’ve have 0 vision. Unfortunately, stories like this have been pretty much my 5 last ranked games. 3/5 have had trolls (such as a feeding irelia jungle who claimed it was OP! When she hadn’t played champ, a 1-12 nasus support who didn’t even try, a singed support, fed, a APC bot lane Cassiopeia, fed) if you don’t wanna play or haven’t come to win don’t play ranked. Go play normals.-rant end
: It's just silver man, I had a couple of days last week where I didn't get any trolls, it was a lovely couple of days where I went from silver 5 to silver 3, but now the trolls are back and i'm back to silver 4, also the MMR system is quite useless it doesnt actually take into account anything of use.
Pretty much. I’ve not had any and then boom, everywhere
: Singed cassio or teemo cassio is a viable botlane. Their poisons enable cassis E to deal more dmg without needing to hit skillshots. Nasus support is viable, massive as/ms slow and a 35% armor reduction aoe zone.
You’d assume that and I thought so too, until they started feeding.
SalterinoK (EUNE)
: No you don't want to just play ranked and climb you play 5 games a week? weak probably doesn't even play Annie too no you don't want to actually win you want everything handed to you
I only don’t play ranked because of trolls. When I get a normal game, with out them, I do decent or carry
50m3 6uy (EUW)
: i bet you started flaming them already in champ select^^
Not at all. I don’t do that. Offered switches and stuff but they didn’t want to.
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: I guess you should take from this that ADC wasn't meant for you. I mean you can keep trying to get better at it, in which case i definitely won't discourage you, because that's quite literally how to improve at almost every video game. The thing is, though, that there's a definite relationship between performing well and having fun in League (get dumpstered makes you feel bad, consistently carrying fills you with a sense of pride/happiness/etc., you get the point), so maybe just stick with your main roles and spend all your time on getting better at those. or, if you really want to get a role other than mid and top, there's 2 more roles besides ADC, so maybe give those try some time. Other than that, I'm probably right about as bad as the next guy at ADC, so I can't really give you any tips on how to play better other than to watch High Elo streamers/content creators play the role and try to learn from their way of playing.
Yeah I think I agree, I don’t think it’s the role for me. I used to main support and do really well (before I was mid/top) so I think my bad CSing comes from that. It’s just a shame because it’s champion pool are up there with mechanically being my favourite. Maybe I could stick Lucian mid and pull it off or maybe Kai’sa because of her flexibility.
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: ***
seems like a legitimate strategy :D
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: First-of-all -> Mute all It sounds counterproductive but on the one way, the ppl that are toxic will not listen to you and on the other it affects you. Second-of-all -> Think about the "big picture" There will allways be feeder and inters in your game, but it will happen way less in your team as in the other. Just "forget" about this game and continue on. :)
Alright, I'll give it a go, if thers nothing I can do there's nothing I can do I guess :D
: If i have a feeder i can't do something.I will try not to tilt him that's the only thing i can do.Let's say my adc goes 0/5 at lane phase,i will keep supporting him if i can unless he is making bad calls . If i have toxic players..well i might type "calm down" but again nothing more.I will not enter at their discussion .If someone flames me or blames me i just type "kk" or "i am sorry" and mute him.I try to avoid using the chat for non communication purposes. After the game i will take break maybe by playing an aram game because if i had a feeder i want to avoid getting match up with him again which is possible during non peak hours .With toxicity i don't really care i can use mute button from the start of the game if needed.
Seems muting and just grinding through is the solution then, thanks :P
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Fajerk (EUW)
: The point is if you have problem with something best way is to try it. If you have problem with playing against certain champion trying to play that champion will likely make you meet someone who can counter it and you get the experience first hand. If you snowball top on your own and you still lose then notice what enemy did to make it happen, or if you lose top lane see what would help you in that situation.
Thanks for advice. I know when I'm top I struggle against darius/fiora but I usually ban one or the other out when I play it, I generally know which way a matchup can go. I'll try pay attention to why things are happening that aren't my fault and learn from them. Thanks.
: Win your lane faster than top loses.^^ And yes reading your teammates minds is something that is very difficult you kinda have to always react to the actual situation instead of insisting on a play that you had in mind. Overestimating your team mates or being too demanding can absolutely ruin your performance even though you are better. But dealing with a team that does unexpected or suboptimal play/calls is kinda part of the climbing process I guess. A classic example that i always encounter is the throw after taking the first enemy inhib. I would always pick the next lane and siege it down. let the super minions push on their own, so after i recall i do several pings to show my team where i want to go next and which tower I want to target and then I move there, ward the surroundings when support, start pushing etc. Very often my team just completely ingores this and they start running down the very same lane that we just wrecked and that already has a downed inhib. So if I insist on staying on that other lane and join them too late they will fight and feed uncontrolably and then you lose baron and one of your inhibs. So you basically don't have a choice because you are the minority in that situation. If your team does what it does you have to follow or you create an outcome that is even worse. You could have sieged down that other lane but the actual situation is that your team runs down mid again and you have to deal with it. ( I often report players though if I get like no reaction after too many attempts to communicate).
So basically don't rely on them making good calls and try set plays up when possible and if they don't listen, just go with it. Got it, thanks.
: If he doesn't listen better stay with him or risk that he feeds. xD
Viavarian (EUW)
: You win your lane, then you rotate top with the ADC and destroy the tower.
Sounds good, I'll try it when I can, if adc listens. thanks
Fajerk (EUW)
: Sometimes best way to find answers is to try it on your own. Maybe try to play toplane and you will figure out what could be of help there.
Its my off role, I used to main it, but I got fed up of supports feeding so I took that up :D I'll try it again, maybe I'll be better.
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Flubby (EUW)
: Well it kind of depends on what rank you are and what supports you want to play but yeah you can definitely climb as support. In silver and bronze i'd say {{champion:40}} and {{champion:16}} aren't worth your time but once you get a bit higher they get really strong. Supports that have engage and a lot of cc will generally do better in bronze because then you can lead the way and actually carry rather than sitting in the back and trying to keep your monkeys alive which isn't going to happen. I do think the higher you go, support gets easier to carry with but even in bronze it's still very possible, In fact i'd recommend support over adc because it's easier to carry with support in bronze
Ty for advice. Ive been using stuff that usually combos with team and it seems to work fairly well at the min, but thankfully I've not had a terrible adc in a while
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: You are wrong. The game is not about 5vs5 The game is about 4vs4 and 1 split pushing.
Not from what ive seen. split pusher usually gets destroyed then its 4v5 well, in my games anyway
: Then you adapt. One person is another's distraction. The person spamming "JUST GROUP MID!!1!!" doesn't even know what he's talking about most of the time.
That's what ive tried to do but then yeah, the team usually gets picked apart
BexXz (EUW)
: problem is who says the other 3 members will join you and push top while your 5th guy goes bot. honestly most people just dont know strategies and think they know what to do best. very annoying, in my personal experience of 6 years, its better to just group and go as 5.
This is what I noticed and ive only been playing less than a year
: 14-3 and no surrender?
others on my team usually go equal or behind
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: Look as mostly as what everyone here is saying, worry about yourself and your performance, your team has nothing to do with you, if you die its not their fault its yours for getting caught out, you may be just 1 out of 5 players but if you can be worth the whole enemy team just in your performance alone you are fantastic, for example my team and I were desperate, we were behind on kills and barely keeping up on cs, our only way to win was to force a teamfight, get the ace and win, I played poppy, I flashed in the middle of their team and did a quick cast ulti knocking them all up, that set up out support Braum to also place his knockup as they landed so yasuo could ulti and get the penta, read the enemy team and read your team and even if I died there and my team didn't follow up I know that when I do pull a move like that again in a different game I am gonna get the help I need so we go for the win, improve your skill and who knows, LCS is the sky baby
yup. i think i found my main now anyway which is helpign i think. last ranked i lost (again) but i had most damage and cs on my team by far and every normal i play as gangplank (whom im considering my main now) i just go positive now ive got used to him, loads of cs and most damage lietrally every game.
: I'm sorry but on this one I'll call bullshit. So lets see it from a other perpective - 2 teams of 5 players are playing against each other, you are one of them so that leaves 4 players on your team and 5 on the enemy team. IF you never feed your team has an advantage, however the adventage can be wasted if u as the "player who is always ahead" wont snowball off of it. There are people out there who are getting 70% winrates in gold-plat, so is that luck ? I don't think so. What's your excuse for not beeing the shotcaller ? For not making the calls and taking every oportunity you get? And for the example with the Sion support - Yes, thats 1 game, however looking at your match-history you ain't carrying, you ain't going 10-0 and to be honest alot of the games i've seen just straight up look like a downright stomp on your lane. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
because he gave them 5 kills in 10 mins and our jungelr didnt do crap to help. i stopped ranked cus its just dumb.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Samcore,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Tz3bhpQT,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-07-30T15:10:18.678+0000) > > well sometimes that's impossible if enemy adc is up 6 kills 10 mins in cus of a feeder bot lane Lemme show u game i played the other day Wukong (friend of mine) died once to Yasuo, then he dced when he was attacking turret. Yasuo killed him again. He was 2:0. THen he got few more kills and he was 6:0 at one point. But i was killing Varus, i got fed against him. We won that game. At one point i got unofficial Quadra kill. I did most damage and alot of farm. Enemy team was 7.3k gold ahead at one point. All you have to do is focus on yourself. Not on "report this 0:6" not on "omg ff 20 this guy is fed". Get yourself fed. Get yourself ahead. If u dont mind i wanna point one thing from your match history. Your CS is extremely low. Even your last Leblanc game. 96 CS in 50 mins. Focus on improving that, aim for at least 60 CS per 10 minutes. CS > kills. Improve that and u will climb to gold in no time.
Ye i suck at CSing, especially with LB cus i dont play her much. im working on that.
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