: so you would call Froggen, bjergsen, Svenskeren, Impact, Pobelter, huni Reignover and wildturtle pure NA players? I think you've been on too much ''Pot'' with a different meaning to it.
everyone hates on NA cause they know were the greatest country.. sad representation of your country lads. smh
: even though im EU, I hope C9 advances. not solely because I don't want another asian team winning worlds for a change, but also because I think these guys can go far if Impact starts solo killing everyone again. that said,everyone knows Na their teams consists for 90% out of asian and european players anyways. so why even bother acting like Na>EU when it's EU and Asia fighting VS EU and Asia?
you do know Na teams consist of 100% Na. that's what America is. its a melting pot.

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