You know that the majority of these were quickly hotfixed within like, 12-24 hours? I have encountered no bugs at all(except in tft)
Seeko94 (EUNE)
: High Elo Spectate
I remember it. It was cool and even tho I barely used it as a bronzie who barely played, I did miss it when they removed it.
JustClone (EUNE)
: You know what I find most disturbing about his gameplay considering this what fiddle is? I have fear, as fearsome scarecrow, that keeps people away from him... Ok... But 99.99% of the cases, I will click R, people will SHIT THEIR PANTS ANYWAY and start running from me...And at that time what I do... I USE FEAR. But not to make the victim run away from me, but to keep it right next to me... so it can die by my ultimate damage...This makes no sense. Scaring people away, to make them remain closer... In my opinion fear should work, just as it works to Yi, when he uses his ultimate. He clicks R , you click fear, and after a second, he went all the way to his base. So, it makes sense to give to the enemy movement speed, making them run as fast as they can away, Instead of making it like charming them so they stay near you... Just my crazy thoughts...
You can call them crazy thoughts but I think you just made a very good point. I have played fiddle and his fear DOES get used as a slow after ulting, and that doesn't make sense, I agree. I think they should make it a more defensive spell, and shift his damage to different places. His W does good damage but is easy to get away from, ult is only really good as a surprise, and E damage is very bad as single-target. Overall he doesn't have the damage to kill someone 1v1, making him better for teamfights, but to me he always seems to fall off lategame. All he can do then is ult, hourglass and pray after that because his W heal won't save him from the burst.
Salron88 (EUW)
: vayne and riven nerfs? or are they??
The riven change is 100% a nerf. Of course, someone who does not understand how she works won't get that. Riven's E gives her a shield and is also her best tool to cancel animations. This will hurt her ability to do combos in fights, and make the cooldown feel HUGE in early game. The Q change isn't much as the cooldown is already neglectable lategame, so it doesn't help her a lot.
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Dont buy RP- Petition
People have been saying this for many seasons and it's all down to people caring too much about lp loss due to trolls. It'll always be a part of the game and there's nothing you can do about it. Get used to it or don't play.
Zagaroka (EUW)
: Behaviour tips for people
My tips: 1. Stop caring about winning or losing. Whether you win or lose is up to your team for 70%. What you can do is perform to the best of your ability and look at your mistakes in your games. Play to improve, not to gain LP. If you improve you will automatically gain LP, anyone crying about having 0 impact is trolling because that is simply not true. If it is 1 position that loses your team the game then you can increase your chance of winning by not being that guy. Honestly that's all I have to say. I also heavily recommend playing custom 5v5's with teams with full draft and good prep. It's much more fun.
: Trying to make a fair match is not fair in Ranked System.
Riot balances games to a 50% statistical winrate. If your MMR is higher than your rank's average, you will play against people that also have that MMR, so that will be people whose rank is the same as their MMR, or people whose MMR is lower than their rank. Now, if you are matched against people with a higher rank, you gain more LP if you win and lose less LP if you lose. So even if you only win 50%, you will still climb in rank as you are playinf against people with a higher rank. This match you are mentioning seems to have a lot of people with really messed up MMR's, which could be possible since the system might place good players in Iron who will then win a lot, making their MMR a lot higher than their actual rank. That high MMR will make them gain more LP for winning those games thus climbing faster, which is why they use that system. I do not work at riot so I am not sure if this really is how it works, but it is what I've heard from high elo players and some dev posts from Riot.
Wadafaaak (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUNE,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=GAHFFoE6,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-09T13:12:18.062+0000) > > calling yourself computer scientist wont make you smart But it does make me knowledgable on this topic. Allthough I am ofcourse much smarter than you anyway. > > the 50% winrate is the RESULT of the matchmaking, it is NOT forced on you, Matchmaking causes 50% winrate implies that it is forced. Causing is "forcing" sir. > if you are better than your team/opponent you get higher winrate and tougher opponents, then there will be a point where you are not better than the players you get in your game and your winrate will fall, when it stops around 50% it means you reached your max/your true place, you cant go higher unless you work on your skills at that point, so once again, if you are stuck for 1000 games you are at your best rank that you deserve Maybe it isn't that simple is all I'm saying. Some MMR independent factors that rito says play a role in matchmaking are: "One or more players trying an off-position One or more players trying an unfamiliar champion An otherwise fair match in which one lane has an unfair matchup Games can snowball out of control with early game champions or assassins, for example Sometimes, players just have bad games!" Moreover they clearly say that: "While we know some matches may feel like stomps, we do try to make sure all teams have a 50 +/-1% chance of victory using** all the information we have**, because part of what makes League so competitive is getting to face similarly-skilled opponents." Oops seems its more complicated than your simple mind can imagine after all. I am happy that I can educate you about what you failed to realize, and that I am smarter than you. Have a good day sir.
> [{quoted}](name=Wadafaaak,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=GAHFFoE6,comment-id=00020000000000000001,timestamp=2019-02-09T14:30:07.636+0000) > > But it does make me knowledgable on this topic. Allthough I am ofcourse much smarter than you anyway. > Oops seems its more complicated than your simple mind can imagine after all. You sound quite childish and arrogant for someone who is apparantly an adult and a scientist.
Eambo (EUW)
: You are correct, ARURF does not count for this. Feedback has been provided that this was not made clear, but for this round of missions it's a little unclear unfortunately. You'll need to play one of the "classic" SR modes.
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: How do I kill bruisers like darius garen and illaoi
If they fall behind they won't deal a lot of damage, if you dodge their skillshots they will lack their combo damage. Try to deny them farm. They are often weak against ranged champions.
: Players that connect and AFK
I'd say implement a system in normals where you can remake if a player's total afk time is over 10 minutes at the 20 minute mark. In ranked I get it(prevent matchfixing) but in normals there is no excuse not to implement it.
Spytra (EUNE)
: Me being toxic.
Nice that you are trying to reform. Couple tips ive picked up myself: -Try to focus on yourself and less on other people and try to play something fun. -If someone is getting even a little toxic, just mute them instantly. Can't respond if you can't see the message. -Having fun is important. Personally to have fun I play champs like veigar(get a rabadons and you can almost always oneshot) or ivern(hes so happy how can you be mad) or maybe morgana(tilt enemy with your Q and laugh while they can't move) Anyways, good luck reforming!
NieMamKolan (EUNE)
: How much are 120 seconds worth?
league community doesnt care about others. if they want to close the game they will, they dont care about you. reason why this is such a fun game :)
Bouwer (EUW)
: [Resolved] Update trouble: Unspecified error
Completely removing the game (in projects, except launcher), removing the solutions folder and running in save mode + administrator fixed it! Thank you both for your support, you guys are awesome :DDD
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