: Quick advice to people seeking to try out new stuff for Ranked
Fogged is one of these people who uses custom games for his mega world number 1 op builds
Shamose (EUW)
: Yeah they know they are a dying company. That's why they are expanding massively by making at least a CCG, an FPS and a fighter. Big brain comment.
Big brain the fact they preach anti toxicity, but they have rampant cases of sexual harassment in their own company, they are hypocrites
: Hey got banned
They know they are a dying company only way to make money is to ban people who make new accounts and buy stuff again.
: Can't log in
servers are shut down for patch
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Support doesn't look tickets regarding reports and/or bans. Copy paste response, and next ticket. They have access to the replays themselves, if you can identify the match for them, in case that's what you're asking.
They do not review either they just go with the automated system
: Sett need a jojo Skin.
: Garen is actually a pretty weak champion... 49% win rate on a simple champion is just plan bad. Hence why he’s getting buffs next patch
I think the op downvoted us both
: What about nerf Garen?
If anything Garen is underpowered, he gets kited mega easy has 0 engage, has no escapes apart from movement speed on q. The damage reduction on w doesn't last for very long and is only good if timed against a stun or incoming heavy damage (the passive is nice though). He does stomp in low elo due to his easy kit, but this is also exploited by enemies as you go up in ranks a simple kit is both easy to use and easy to exploit by the enemy. Its why bush Garen is such a meme as its one of the few ways he can catch people out.
Swaroga (EUW)
: your a %%%%ing ass hole to think that you muther%%%%er or a %%%%ing yasuo masturbator %%%%ing idiot
Sanl (EUNE)
: League players need to learn to be Grateful
True when you look at there match history after and they are perpetual feeders its like ffs why do i get these people
JazzGrazz (EUNE)
: Tilt-proof - Season 10 theme song (Finished version)
The tilt Song Once again the yasou goes zero ten Im drafting my report pass me a god dam pen. Next game i try carry but the bot lane has fed again I should have known when in pregame they picked the first-time vayne Season 10 is such a struggle trying to climb Getting close to never giving riot another Dime The mid lane has picked Katarina they are feeding and blaming everyone in chat I just want to put a gun to there head make them go splat. The very next game the jungle bard says dont worry i got this All i can think is not again this game is taking the piss. Well anyway I'm done with this game Screw all the teammate's let's give them all the flame.
: Remake rules are a joke
Happened to me a blitzcrank load bought support then quit, we were 4 vs 5 for 25 minutes as it was a close game. He then reconnected admitted he did it on a purpose so we couldn't remake then ran it down to end the game. Fun times (no one even spoke in pregame at all so was no flame)
: I quit League of Legends
Just responding to your comments Some champions get just no attention, which desperately needs a nerf/rework (Tryndamere, Mundo). With so many champs and new releases they gota prio what makes them money etc, yes this sucks but they are a business Rotating gamemode isn't there anymore, doom bots isn't included in the normal cliënt, there are few gamemodes. Agreed needs more permanent different game modes that are fun and can blow off steam after crap games. Playing competitive is really frustrating, cause either you have a 0/10 teammate, or they have a smurf. It pretty much is a coinflip which is frustrating. Every game ends with 'EZ' or some kind of toxicness. The community in-game is so toxic. Haven't seen ez in a fair while Every few months there's an event, which just lures you to spend money on the game. They are a business they got to make money The many oneshots in the game, not only from assassins only. I agree, to much damage in the game right now. After a great game, the scoring system doesn't seem to work which results in not giving a level 6/7 token. It works fine, vision score plays a massive part in getting s, etc low elo player generally don't ward well. Overall the game does need massive improvements which are unfortunate considering the age of the game they mega struggle to balance a game which is now old.
Hansiman (EUW)
: That's fairly normal. Most people do it.
Yeah i had no idea i was holding my breath for ages or even taking massive breaths after.
Rioter Comments
: why i get only +16 points
k3rgb (EUNE)
: UNban please!
If you get a 2 week ban enjoy the time off
: Everyone DC'd mid-game --> low LP gain?
Just got disconnected from a game, it didn't come up with the disconnect message I could see people moving and fighting and farming but I couldn't move at all or use chat then it just said reconnected.
: Nerf sett
Sett doesn't need a nerf, players need to learn to avoid his w , in low elo people just stand still and auto-attack ofc they get hit with a big true damage w. Once his w is down set is very vunerable. Don't fight in minions to avoid the stun Dodge the true damage which isn't hard.
: Sett is easy, there is a hack built into the game that makes him less hard, the infamous WASD hack but in LoL its the 'move' hack, crazy I know you move and the enemy misses... totally insane, Riot must nerf this, its not fair players can move to avoid a nicely timed attack, pah Rito nerf plox.
Exactly especialy with the w nerfs if u avoid it once the sett usualy runs away in the early game
: People are duoing for double dodge til they can pick Sett on champ select
Dont stand still and let him hit you with true damage, but low elo players dont move as they fight
Lorènz (EUW)
: LF serious duo with Discord ~High silver/gold (S6,S7,S8 Diamond)
Sefiroz (EUW)
: So... Everyone is happy and dancing everywhere?
If the multiverse theory is correct and there are infinite worlds with an infinite possibility there still would not be a version of league where this game is balanced.
: Foods can mean bad words too xD
The main food we have in uk like this is the f word food of the meat ball variety.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Board damage control will defend this.
: Need 5th player for flex queue Gold/plat/silver NOW!
: High Diamond smurf LF Duo in gold
: Focus on your own mistakes, not others.
How are these my mistakes when most of these last games are due to trolls
Rioter Comments
Infernape (EUW)
: Riot isn't ever going to update the game's graphics. The game is designed to run on potato PCs and was literally part of its selling point when it came out.
guess you wasnt here before the current visual update
Arnd (EUW)
: German full Master+ Team is looking for experienced coach/analyst
: it's official, gaming is for carebears / snowflakes
They like to play towards the woke crowd, yet they have rampant sexual harassment in the workplace.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Let us stack the bonus magic damage from Energized items
So silly that you would have adc doing an insane amount of magic and ad damage yes very silly indeed
pXHoney (EUNE)
: I don't like to play Dota, but at least they know how to develop their game and make it better.
Should have a system like dota that just filters trolls out and puts them with people like them selfs.
Senshi86 (EUW)
: Ranked dead?
I was wondering this my self because when I did promos in this account there was hardly anyone in my leagues and when i hit silver 1 i was the only person.
: Banned For Being Me.
Riot cater to the mega woke people, they are extremely liberal but cannot do anything about the rampant sexual harassment in their own workplace.
Raka1994 (EUNE)
: unfair matchmaking
Level has nothing to do with skill in this game, i have seen 300+ hardstuck bronze and silver
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: >Option to abandon game if you get an AFK (instead of being kept hostage by that one player who thinks we can win) That's one of the best things ever. One guy left, you can just leave as well, no punishments, except the mmr loss. >Voice chat (it works believe it or not and isn't constantly filled with raging toxic kids) True as well, but the LoL community is too sensitive for that, they always find imaginary excuses about how good things won't work. >No need for chat restrictions, if you are a toxic player, afker, inter you'll end up in a low priority queue with players like yourself. I used to flame the shit out of people in DotA, and I only got low prio once. People there don't really care about flames, they take them like real men. I never really found myself reporting people for flaming either, since no one really cares about it cause it isn't considered such a big deal.
Riot likes to pretend they are this massive woke liberal company which is why they focus so much on toxic behavior, yet they can't do anything about there own sexual harassment in there workplace
: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4406272960/2223327494247136?tab=overview 92 creeps in 40 min, not a good sign. You want to know the other bad sign? I just watched the replay of your game, anyone can. 1/6 after 7 min and you stayed AFK under turrets and in the fountain for at least 25 min out of 40 min. Mundo probably ragequit. This game was won 3v5 and you dont deserve the LP. Not a bug and this trolling is lame. Whats worse is to whine about a bug that doesnt exist on the Boards when anyone can watch your replay.
how did you watch the replay
: Just been made redundant.
Its hard dude couple of years back on a Friday came into work at end of day was told companies going into liquidation and not to come back to work, didnt get my final pay, are you in the uk.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: True damage ignores any damage reduction. As for countering, stacking health or shields is really the only way
apart from fiora and vayne who do percentage health tru damage.
: Diamond smurf LF Duo in silver/gold
: Agreed. When do you get your permaban for this? https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3839077951?tab=overview
Rioter Comments
Easily abused
: Hepta Kill & Legendry Kill
HideSide (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bowl Explorer,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=A5nTJ0fI,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-02-09T14:16:05.257+0000) > > In high tier she has a 50 percent win rate with a ban rate of 39 percent in the current patch, she is spammed in low elo due to the waifu ninja aspect and they dont know how to play her correctly/people have problems closing games. She is still a strong champion. But there are also champions that sit on her and arent picked in world just because of team comp or even in high elo...
Point is she has a lot of mechanics, low elo plays generaly cannot grasp mechanics thats a fact, in higher elo she has 50 percent in low elo she does not. All champions should have counter play and akali just didnt to many escapes to much damage to much harras.
: Akali nerf to 30% winrate, LB still gets free oneshot
In high tier she has a 50 percent win rate with a ban rate of 39 percent in the current patch, she is spammed in low elo due to the waifu ninja aspect and they dont know how to play her correctly/people have problems closing games. She is still a strong champion.
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