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: yes, riot blocked virtual machines, but botters found new ways to bypass the detection, of course without gpu passthrough, somebody told me it has something to do with windows 10, bypass is not possible on windows 7, it's something about masking the GPU, riot should introduce another block so we are done with bots for longer period of time
I see, while this is an interesting answer sadly does not make much for my case. If i were to use Win10 i would most likely get banned if i "got caught", and i am not gonna risk my account just to play from a VM. Dangit. Thanks for the info mate!
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Wow, you are one little toxic player arentcha. You can't blame other for trying their best in the worst situation. You could learn a thing or two from them.
: > [{quoted}](name=ÐÆÙsLØSmurf,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=zGWBEAsw,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-19T22:59:25.398+0000) > > wtf is a loser booster Hi, is a guy that loses intentionally games for gain points on websites. Let me explain. Do you see many level 30 fresh accounts of "smurf" with a God-Level mechanic? Well, they use an account for lose intentionally games, and with the points, they buy a fresh account level 30, that they will use scripts on for reach a higher elo. Then, they can : 1) Sell it 2) Go toxic everygame and don't care about ban. Funny isn't?. The level 30 accounts are Bought for points, that those guys gain eloboosting losing matches. To do that, you just need to search who needs a "boost" on a website, it requires the real account name.
wait wtf? and how do you know about this ? XD
: Any kind of client modification is bannable. If it's not modyficating anything in the client than you can use it
Running a VM does not modify anything in the client, the client works fine, is the game istance that won't run on VM's unless GPU Passthrough due to Riot's block on VM's against bot farmers.
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: You mean you have a question right? Not a doubt For minions: Melee Minions give 20.5 + 0.125x<90 seconds passed> Caster Minions give 17.5 + 0.125x<90 seconds passed> Melee Minions give 45.5 + 0.35x<90 seconds passed> First Tower gives 100 gold to everyone + 550(250 base + 300 for first tower) gold divided evenly between everyone getting an assist on the takedown
Sorry about my crappy english, i try my best with it and sometimes mess up. I found your comment very useful, you have my gratitude!
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: >My main doubt is the minions. I am aware of the fact that they "level up" ingame as the time passes, but , does their gold value change , do they give more gold as the time passes and they level up ? I wouldn't say they level up but their stats do increase and they do grant more gold the longer the game goes on. >Another doubt i have is about tower, i know that the first tower to be detroyed gives extra gold, but how is that gold divided; does it change when someone gets an assist; how much gold exactly? I once destroyed the first tower by myself and got a total gold of 500 (i might be getting tricked by my memory here tho). The first tower blood gold is local gold which means it's evenly distributed among players that are close to the tower when it falls. It's 300 gold now. It used to be 400.
: [League of Legends Wiki](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/League_of_Legends_Wiki) is a good place to get detail number stats on anything you're interested in.
Thank you, it is indeed a very useful tool! I am looking at it and looks kind of confusing in some ways but ill get used to it. thanks again!
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