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: I concur {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Same lol underestimated champ. got me out of Silver when i started playing him. i just hope people dont pick him up so he stays unbanned 24/7
: Building armour and not standing in his E generally helps... Q is physical so any normal tank items vs physical damage works well, and his answer to that can be prevented by not standing where he wants you... try stuff like thornmail. And adaptive helm won't work, vs ap nasus it would but it only works vs magic damage and his Q is physical. Also you really don't need to fight him as a tank... no tank is ever gonna beat a nasus in a fight late game, don't even try it.
Lmao i derped didnt think his Q was physical ... I'll build some armor next time. How about Ninja Tabi? Would that still be a beneficial build against him without building a flat out tank item? -(lol commenting too quickly is a thing? xD)
Wadud92 (EUW)
: Thonrmail. Not even for the reflective damage, but for the grevious wounds. His passive makes him stupidly tanky, take that away from him with some grevious wounds. The armour and reflective damage helps also, especially if you are tank and building armour (it scales with armour now)
I'll probs just tell the adc to get Mortals for nasus. i play bruisers like aatrox so thornmail would be an unorthodox item to build for him so maybe mortals will do. thanks
Febos (EUW)
: What counters Nasus is camping/stomping him early game and ending the game before he becomes an issue. If he does become an issue, then only your ADC can deal with him. Nasus's strength is in his Q+Passive combo. People underestimate his passive. It gives him 20% life-steal, which helps him stay alive a lot longer than he should. You can't deny his Q forever, but you can deny him of his life-steal while in combat. {{item:3033}} is the perfect counter for that, but that's something, usually, only ADCs buy.
No wonder after i harass him inlane he gets all his hp back in about 3 q's lol. thanks for that actually didnt know that. i might just build executioners early to prevent that.
Solash (EUW)
: Nasus is not a tank
> [{quoted}](name=Solash,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fyrEiuiO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-05T23:25:08.243+0000) > > Nasus is not a tank thanks for answering my question
GPet (EUW)
: {{item:3022}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3116}} He can't Q you if he can't get to you.
Then he withers. 10 sec slow which reduces attack speed * dead.
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: Yeah.. duuuh! What can I say? Just because alot of champs have CC doesn't mean they can hit it every time or Force it onto someone. Caitlyn can't force her traps onto someone, it's YOU who walks into them. You can dodge Lux bindings, if she hits you with Lux bindings, it's YOU who doesn't dodge it. Maokai W? Instant CC right? It's you who didn't respect his W range. You can also predict Orianna balls/ults if you just look at them. Her Ult is her cc so that's not much cc. Syndra Q+E? Respect range/Sidestep it. Some CC's you can't dodge but they only last for a few seconds. If you run into Mega Gnar, Tf, Ivern, Leona and Caitlyn and don't respect their range it's your own fault you get perma cced. They can't force their CC onto you and permalock you at a distance, there's ways to beat them But yeah I guess it's frustrating to be like "I can't fckin move" but what can you do? Wait their cooldowns, go in at the right moment is one thing. Jax is durable enough to survive some CC while stunning 5 people if you build Titanic hydra and Trinity force. Hushen Huya is top Jax player in Korea. Some champs also aren't meant for every situations, things have strenghts and weaknesses. That's how League is.
yeah but the cd's of these cc's are ridiculously low. u used to be able to bait out cc's which gave a huge advantage on fights, but now u cant because the cd's are too low , whether u dodge them or not 2 secs later and its back again and ur cc'd
House x33 (EUW)
: This is a team game, so, better team = win is what this game will and should stay. Maybe start playing better and you actually win games.
lol If im the only person who is playing better, and my teammates dont play better, what should i do? which is the point i was making the whole time and u completely ignored it. if IM the person who needs to start playing better, what about my teammates? Solo queue players dont have much advantage to carry those teammates who are trash and therefore they WILL lose. Again u just ignore the point im making as half the pple who replied to my thread.
: Dude, if u win your lane and your team lost their lanes means enemy team should win because they won 2 lanes.
yes, but thats not fair if ur the only one who won their lane and your team isnt good enough to even maintain theres, which is why im saying that the ahead person should have a major advantage so they can carry the losing laners.
: Make LoL Win Lane = Win Game again, not Better Team = Win Game
And would just like to say, older seasons it actually took teamwork to win games even if your team was ahead or not. Lets say my team was ahead in kills, but the enemy player had a person that was 6/0. My team would have to work together to shut that person down. And that person would have to try their best to carry their team, however it was easier back in the day because it used to be win lane = win game. There was more of a competition between who was going to win Now, killing their best player is just effortless work, and normally ends up into a easy win, because ahead players never have much power to carry their team, if that makes sense.
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: Oh so new players have to play against bots until they get 20 champs ?
MacDeath (EUW)
: Unfortunately this is something that I have encountered during my rankeds: 1. No one bans Kayn 2. Enemy picks Kayn 3. No one knows how to deal with Kayn 4. Kayn gets fed 5. Kayn carries 6. Endgame chat: "gg rito another op champ" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
then why didnt you ban the Kayn xD
: It'll take a while for anyone to level up, as everyone is currentlystill level 2 And I assume your ban before the update doesn't affect it, since riot said that a ban (with the new honor system) will immediately result in your honor level dropping down to 0
: Actually u drop a lvl if u get banned or in my case chat restricted even tho i got chat restricted by trolls but still. I've gotten to lvl 1 honor i would really appriciate the anwser on my topic too .. Time will show i gueess.. Btw buddy just mute all at start of game ignore anyone and do u game.. It seems that's best solution for soloque or normal blind pick sence.. well at least on EUNE report will get to u if u talk to someone in game sence the SPAM is considered as verbal harrase and system detect it that way..
i got banned before the update though, not after it. So im still Honor Level 2 but levelling up is taking abit too longer than i expected.
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: Key fragments are now tied to your Honor level (2 is "standard" = keys will still drop) if you were to drop below that level, the droprate will decrease, and If I recall correctly, A ban will instantly drop you down to Honor level 0 About how long the lockout will be, I can't really help, You can try to submit a ticket to support asking about it Sorry c:
: Were you in any way shape or form recently punished ? Punishments lock you out of rewards for a certain time period
oh yeah i was recently punished, but i still managed to get a key fragment in one of my games though ( idk if thats a bug) if thats the case then fair enough, do you know how long?
: I got an S- With Varus but no Chest.
i got 9 keys for god sake xD
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Adja2004 (EUNE)
: PLEASE ADD NEW FEATURE - RECORD CHAT and put more options in reporting system
Etherim (EUW)
: [Giveaway] Any skin at 975 RP Giveaway ! ;D
My favourite food is Curry. Always curry. or jamaican food in general ;)
: So what now
probsbly have to rework him.
: Key Parts!
Dude, i have about 10 keys adn 0 boxes How do you get so much!?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > It makes you look like an a**, but if it helps you win... It doesn't just make you look like one: it kinda makes you one. Being unsportsmanlike is a violation of the Summoner's Code, and what you describe is definitely unsportsmanlike behaviour.
Throughout my experience with LoL and observing chat, i forgot the summoners code was even a thing xD True, forgot about sportsmanlike behaviour thanks for your input
: > Idea - Make a 5-10 minute break time between games It's called "queue". Honestly though, If i'm really having a though few games waiting 5 minutes between them isn't gonna help. And if you are making it optional why make it in the first place?
'' And if you are making it optional why make it in the first place? '' ... True, queue is one way i guess, but ive never waited 5 minutes to get into a game/champ selec Basically the notice is there to tell the player to gtfo the game and do something else because ur tiltinf and ruining other players experience. And from what im seeing if your tilted your also flaming your teammates xD It tells them there playing way too much, and lets them know that, so maybe they could take a longer break than just 5 minutes themselves In my opinion, the thing that causes tilt and toxicity is long excessive playing in LoL. Even if you win those 5 games, the 6th one you play, when your losing youll start flaming your teammates just because you know that your not the problem and your teammates are, seeing as you were on a 5 win streak. Then thats when you start to tilt and realise that when your toxic and u lose so much LP. if that makes any sense
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Also, whats your opinions on trash talking in /all chat? Pretty much the same as trash talking in the team chat. Why bother? It doesn't help you win the game. On the contrary, it's helping you lose the game.
Sorry, i ment not towards teammates but the enemy team. So when i kill them i can type /all Nice try , or /all lmao ez It makes you look like an a**, but if it helps you win... Personally i dont do that
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: {{champion:266}} he is useless not matter he is fed(which is rarely happen) or not EVEN after his rework i can't see aatrox in any of my games! {{champion:19}} see this sh*t? this guy is tank as h*ll plus lots of dmg! nice mobility and good cc and lots (and i mean LOTS) of lifesteal/heals ... like ... evrything that you want from a jungler, this guy has it all.
i main aatrox he isnt usless when he deletes the backline in 2.5 sec ;)
Rismosch (EUW)
: Says the guy who didn't understood the sarcasm.
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Løne Wolf (EUNE)
: Founding a Team ~ Titans ~
ur on the wrong discussion board, go to teams and clubs :)
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Jackom1 (EUW)
: Low priority queue is great
it gives me a break in between matches so i dont mind either. but 5 20 mins are quiet annoying tbf
: I'm not saying anything,your name says it all
lool i regret picking this name xD
: That's why Pantheon is always picked in the LCS! Oh wait, he's not. Yeah, he's a pain in the lane and the direct 1v1, but in small skirmishes and 5v5's his passive is close to non existent, so let him have a strong lane and strong roams, he has nothing else. Nerfing his passive would ruin him completly.
Pantheons Passive shouldn't determine his whole champion. His 4 skills should. The fact that his 4 skills are based all around his passive, which makes him so broken and impossible to 1v1 against, proves my point of why his passives broken. They can either improve his kit but nerf his passive so it isnt all reliable, or just completely rework him. Not being able to damage someone over and over again is just ridiculous, especially when there is no damage done and there still damaging you. Even shields are annoying enough, nevermind a PASSIVE which completely blocks damage. It might aswell be a skill than a passive, since it does more work than any of his kit
: The aforementioned statements are why he gets a pretty powerful passive, which also scales bad into late game.
: Pantheon has: - weak DPS - weak tankyness - limited and easy to avoid AoE - bad scaling
ok. but im talking about his passive.
: It blocks auto attacks and spells that function like autos (Ekko's E, Fiora's Q etc.) all you have to do is attack him when it's down and track its stacks.
he gets it back in a couple attacks anyway so attacking when its down doesnt matter. all he has to do is farm and its back again. there needs to be a permanent cd on the shield.
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: Kled and Ivern are both fairly new, they aren't going to get any skins for a while. Illaoi on the other hand is the only 2015 release champion without a post-release skin.
Kleds 8 Months. Ivern 6 Months. And in those months, they have not recieved any sort of skin or chroma skin. Still no excuse for them to milk out other champions.
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: Let us sell skins for reworked champions!
Or Trading would be nice. But i defintely agree, if they mess up our champions we used to love, that RP just got wasted. Sounds like a marketing scam by Riot xD Next thing you know, they make alot of Yasuo Skins, then rework/neft yasuo = Profit
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