: Trollers and flamers antagonize
I've had two chat bans cause I let people wind me up and ended up typing an essay at them, although iirc I never flamed. Chances are trolling wont get you punished, but using the chat will. Chat logs are easy for riot to automate bans for, players who go afk at tower are apparently not.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Don't rub it in the enemy's face when you win :)
You know whats worse than a sore loser? A sore winner
: 24 Game Chat Restriction for saying nothing bad except "stupid,kids,trash"
Chat bans are auto when you type over I think its 70 lines? And get reported.
: Third Party Software error, LP loss
Nah they'll just patch in anti cheat software that is basically spyware and is false flagging half the community as cheaters, and not say a word to us about it.
Warix3 (EUW)
: Why did you enable ranked, the crashes are still happening
And just got out of a game that ended up being 2v1 cause 7 people where getting kicked for cheating with third party programs, which is rubbish as im on a fresh windows install with only a few things installed and i hardly doubt the other 6 where cheating too. Ranked queues still up btw.

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