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: Basically, Riot is making the login details unique across all regions. This does not impact your in-game name, just the name you use to login with your account. Now, this also means that your two accounts, the one with the username briandj on NA and the one with the username briandj on EUW, conflict. If there is another person on another server with the username briandj, their username will also conflict with yours, but there is no way for you to really know that, because you can't see the usernames of other people. So, while it is possible that this Brian DJ in Brazil has the username briandj, it's also possible he doesn't. For now, you should only change the username for the one account you use the least, which would be the NA account in your case. I don't know if it'd be enough to just delete your account, because I'm unsure how quickly Riot deletes stuff from their database, so to be save, I'd just change the username of the NA account and if you really want to delete it, delete it afterwards. Here's a guide on how to delete accounts: Afterwards, you can check if the website still asks you to change your username for your EUW account. Since I don't really know how reliable that'd be - there could be a delay or something - you can also contact the Riot Support and ask them if there is anyone besides you having an account with the username "briandj" (though they won't be able to tell you on which server) and if you still need to change the username of your EUW account:
Thanks for the detailed reply !
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