: Looking for some new junglers after discovering my preferred playstyle
Thanks for the tips all! I'll add the suggestions into a pool and play each one until I decide who I enjoy. I played a lot of Vi and still play her, but she's fairly boring to play all things considered. I find interesting kits more, well, interesting. Warwick is definitely one I like the look of, might be worth investing time into. I do like Lee, but I've read so many posts advising anything under plat to stay away. Kayn is a possibility, but not sure. The new Shaco rework is also a possibility! Roll on some normal game sessions!
Anoligarh (EUW)
: People who were bronze/silver for a long time, what changed and how did you climb?
I hit gold this season after being bronze/silver for the last 4 seasons (jungle main). The biggest thing for me was playing the same 2 champs (a simple tip, but I was that guy who'd play a new champ every game to. Avoid getting bored) and after every game, win or lose, think about what i could do better. I watched videos for the specific champions that I was playing, and started to subconsciously path like the streamers did. I got more efficient with my time and figured out how to shut games out. I don't think there's a fast rule, I think you just get it when you get it. As long as you don't give up, that's the main thing. Mt huge problem was thinking I was a higher elo that I thought I was, and underestimating the opponents. Never blame your teammates, there's always something you could have done, even if you have an afk. People have, and continue to, win 4v5s. Someone once posted something on a forum a while back that resonates with me. He said don't worry about your current games, don't worry about LP, don't worry about losing games. If you have above a 50% WR, you're climbing. As long as your season averages out, you'll be ok. And if you're constantly looking to improve yourself, you'll Climb. I sometimes find it useful to mute my teammates and focus on my own plays. Recording and watching playbacks is good too. I've written all this on my phone, sorry if its a bit all over the place. Tl, DR: Relax, always think what you could have done differently even on a win, watch streamers play the champs. You're playing, forget about winning or losing, and you'll climb. 51% WR is climbing. Good luck, you'll get there :) Edit: feel free to add, I'm only gold but I can give my 2 cents :)
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: So you think you are better but you can't win. If what you say is true then you need to get better at actually making an impact that will result in an advantage for your team. The earlier your team is winning the less likely your team is to start fighting each other. Allthough sometimes you can turn matches around later just by making the right calls or being at the right place at the right time.
Sorry - I'm too~~ much of a noob on this site~~ lazy to quote people, since a load of you replied, so I'm gonna compile what you've all said and kinda summarise. If I don't directly address something you've said, please know I've taken it into account. I made a huge mistake - both in writing this post and playing recently - that has just come to light. I think I'm better than I am. I've posted this as a general 'I was silver last season and now I'm not.' I need to stop thinking i'm silver and focus on the fact that right now I'm bronze, and I need to win, not get annoyed at the system for placing me low. * I'm scared of playing ranked because I don't wanna lose LP. Should I throw this out the window and just look at ways to win? I get frustrated when I lose a few ranked in a row because we all want LP, right? Do I just forget LP, focus on my game, and think at the end 'what could I have done better that game?' * I suffer with very unpredictable internet, sadly, (i should have mentioned this) so I understand the game very well I just sometimes can't act as good as I want to because of lag/freezing/disconnect issues, but I'm working on getting around this. Just know some of my shit scores/deaths/mistakes are related to lag. Not all, by a LONG shot. But some. * @gojiraw you mentioned I play too many roles. My op.gg may state this because some of those are normal random games (the yasuo was ARURF) and some are auto fills. I ONLY press jungle/adc in a ranked queue, so I am definitely focusing on those roles. * My biggest problem has always been that I enjoy playing too many champs and I just get bored playing one over and over. I have since narrowed my adcs to 3 and am working on bringing my junglers to 3 I enjoy too - I've almost cracked this. * I regularly play with a friend, who either mids or supports, for the reason you've listed - it's one less idiot on the team. * I definitely agree I need to make an impact, and that's why when I jungle I like to play Lee since he has such a strong early game that I can get my lanes ahead. So - that's me agreeing with what you've all put. Going forward - what can I do to do better? I need to tell myself to focus a few champs in my two roles, focus on not getting frustrated I guess, and focus on improving myself. I realise I've slipped into bad habits and blamed a lot of this season on the match making system and haven't actually done anything in the way of improving my game. I guess that happens when your top laner goes 0-5 and dc's 2 or 3 times in a row. But, I need to start putting them down to "bad games" and just get on with it. From now on, I won't get mad with myself for making mistakes and won't get angry when I die. Realising what I've done wrong and how to get better, though, is something I'll struggle with - noticing your mistakes is pretty hard, and if nothing leaps out then I won't learn anything. No more "im silver, i'm gonna stomp these guys and if I don't then that's because this team isn't as good as me." Now, it'll be "let's push this team and work towards a victory since we're all here together." Easier said than done? Maybe, but it's a far more logical and nicer thought process. I'm sure when I relax into playing and focus on my individual game it'll all come together - I've just slipped into horrible habits and got too annoyed at myself dying that I'm blinding myself to what I'm doing wrong. One last Q - If I lose a few games in a row - Keep going and power through, having learnt from my mistakes? Or play some normals, cool off, apply what I did wrong and go back in? Finally - thanks for being patient. You may not realise but I read these comments on my lunch break and it hit me how much of an idiot I've been. I've never been salty at heart but I was so blinded by anger that I couldn't see my mistakes that were right in front of me. Thank you guys, your input has shown me I've been a real %%%%head this season. EDIT: Thanks to your tips of being patient, calculated and focusing on improving I've won 4 out of the last 6 games I played, and one of the losses I had to play supp which I don't really play at all, so, feeling good. I relayed the info to my duo partner and we've enjoyed some good recent success :) cracking down on the lag has helped, but I'm enjoying ranked again now so thanks guys :D Onwards and upwards! #roadtogold #nomorebronze ;)
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: Struggling to find my "mains."
Man, I didn't come on this site for ages and I've got tonnes of messages to go through :( So sorry for those I didn't reply to, I just completely forgot to check it :( Alright, so anyway (I came on intending to make a new thread, and then saw this, hoping I don't get locked by the mods for reviving this) I stumbled again upon my mains, and here's my proposed idea: maining 3, and having a back-up tank, one AD and one AP, since jungling should be about team composition really. Now, I love initiator/fighter junglers, so my mains are: Lee sin {{champion:64}} (honestly, I like him but he's really hard to close out games with, and seems to fall off. Might replace him with Rek'Sai). Nocturne {{champion:56}} (nothing to say here, he's a beast when I play him) Kindred {{champion:203}} (Again, I really like them, but I'm not sure I'm proficient enough for ranked yet, and may sub them out for Wukong, or even Kha'Zix o Skarner. Back-up tanks (Oh, tanky jungler pls or I afk). Voli/J4 Amumu the plan is to main the three proposed above, dipping into normal games with the tanks every so often to keep them polished, and using them when I need to but ideally using one of my three mains where I get the chance. I really like the idea of being amazing at a handful of champs and it'll definitely pay off in the long run. I'm considering "true maining" up to 5 if I truly can't narrow it down. Again, sorry for reviving, and sorry for ignoring everyone, totally didn't mean it. Love y'all.
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: Every jungle champ you enjoy i enjoy too.
Then we shall main them together?!
: > [{quoted}](name=FNC MaChew,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kEqcbzob,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-12-22T17:49:43.652+0000) > > So you think I should find my mains in the playstyle I prefer? Well, even this is hard because I'd as soon play Kha'Zix as I would Volibear. I guess my style is in fighters and tanks, frontliners with CC because I'm pretty good at initiating fights. To this end, then, would it more beneficial to main some fighters and tanks? Something like {{champion:120}}, {{champion:72}} and {{champion:60}} ? I guess I can play whoever I want to in normals, and maybe I need to tell myself this difference between ranked and normals. Skarner can be pretty useful if you want to corner one particular enemy, such as the fed ADC. You can just grab them and drag them into your enemy team and watch them get rekt. He also can sustain pretty well with his crystal armor, although you do need to keep his global crystals up.
I love playing Skarner, I've got a 100% WR with him in normals and ranked after I re-picked him up about 2 weeks back. I think what I'm gonna do is, thanks to you and the other posters, focus on one sort of playstyle and find a few that I'm good at in this; maybe play 4 or 5 fighter/tanks, with a few that I really focus on; this also leads to better team comps in Solo/Duo Q as with lack of communication being prevalent at least I can lock in fighters, since a team with 0 tanks is, unless they get mad fed, gg. So, the quest begins to find 4 or so fighter junglers that I like to play ^^. I'm thinking along the lines of {{champion:60}} , {{champion:120}} , {{champion:106}} and {{champion:72}} or something like that, and then as I said just hit up a normal game or two to play other roles/ different junglers / practice my mains :)
: Every 1 week Tuesday comes, when it does, riot release champions free, this is way to try new champs and have fun! Or you bored waiting? Which champ you like? Have movement abilitie? {{champion:53}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:120}} ..... Have large broken ulti?{{champion:1}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} Have the same combos? {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} Have global ulti?{{champion:16}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:22}}
I own about 60 champions, which is my problem; I get bored of playing the same champ (though I haven't been as bad lately). I think I'm going to focus on a certain playstyle and pick a few that I enjoy playing from there, and then go to normals when I want something different
TTekkers (EUW)
: Not everyone suits the style of maining 2-3 champs, some people prefer to play whatever they feel like - my brother's like that, he played 20 different champs in a row in ranked at one point, and now he plays 1 champ ~15% of the time he considers that champ his main :P Personally I'll spam 1-2 champions for 15-20 games then move onto the next thing, be it FOTM or Yorick, but I always go back to Caitlyn <3.
I want to be able to narrow my champs down for ranked to ensure I'm playing the best I can be with practiced champions, as I've been told this is essentially the way to go. I can see the merit in being expert in a few, but maybe I can have 5 mains instead? Regardless, would you recommend I main a certain role, like fighter/tank (immo my best playstyle) or continue to play assassins too? I guess I can always hit up a normal game to play those fun assassin types
: Is there a certain style that you prefer, such as being up close or far away, tanky or quick? Go from these basic ideas of what styles you prefer. I found my main as ADC purely thanks to champs like {{champion:104}} and {{champion:110}} - Varus especially since I like that hard poke. Now I do jungle the odd time but with my main jungler {{champion:56}} it's 50/50. Truly, the best way to find your main is to see which playstyle makes your adrenaline pump, from whether you're annihilating foes or being dragged down to the last 10 hp in an epic duel.
So you think I should find my mains in the playstyle I prefer? Well, even this is hard because I'd as soon play Kha'Zix as I would Volibear. I guess my style is in fighters and tanks, frontliners with CC because I'm pretty good at initiating fights. To this end, then, would it more beneficial to main some fighters and tanks? Something like {{champion:120}}, {{champion:72}} and {{champion:60}} ? I guess I can play whoever I want to in normals, and maybe I need to tell myself this difference between ranked and normals.
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: It's great the biggest part of your issue is resolved! The other part is probably out of your control, there is increased latency since the last patches. When Riot fixed it and you still have lagg spikes, feel free to open another post! I'll be here to help you :)
Yeah, i thought that too. Had another game today and had 140-170 with 0 jumps, so it could have even been something really banal like heavy traffic that I didn't realise (my dad does all the internetty stuff) Thanks for your help man :)
: You're welcome! :) If the problem persist after Riot fixed the increased latency I would suggest opening a new thread explaining the problem. I or another awsome helping guy will help you fix the issue then :)
I had a game just and it was fixed 150 ms or so, finished 30/8 lol so i can play 150, and experienced very few spikes.. It's just really odd timing for the internet to be playing up twice in a row now, so I'm just gonna ride it out until this lag fix I guess. If it doesn't work I'll come straight here begging for help :P
: Windows 8 (and even older) should work just as fine as any windows 10 :) They're not really 'focussing' their patches on a specific OS.
Hm, ok :( thought I was on to something then, as my brother's computer seems better than mine and he's windows 10, which is the only difference. Ah well, looks like I'm waiting this one out :P Thanks anyway
: same problems getting lag spikes during laning phase cant farm
I think we've just got to wait it out by the looks of it. Hopefully rito will fix it soon.
: Hey! There are a lot of reports of lagg spikes since the realease of the last patches. Espacially during the evening there is a lot of increased latency. It's a known problem and Riot is working on it. Some people have the problem, other don't. You're probably one of the ones that has it. All we can do for now is wait :s
Ah, alright. Might just have to wait it out then, I had the same problem with the last patch. Is it to do with compatibility to Windows 8? I'm yet to update to 10. I.e what OS are they focusing their new patches on?
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cacarott (EUW)
: I have not played for some weeks so I'll try the new patch out and see how it runs. Also some other people were talking about having issues and someone said it was due to the way their internet provider set up it's connection and how it interacted with Riot serevers, sorry but I don't really remember the post otherwise I would link it for you! Glhf in battle
Ah, it's no problem, I think it could be my internet acting up, just wondered if anyone else was experiencing something like this before I go mad at my internet provider :p > Glhf in battle GG easy. Just kidding, you too!
cacarott (EUW)
: Imagine the visual noise from the new hud is actually slowing the game down on machines that are not that strong lol. I want to disable all the animations from it but alas we cannot. Honestly I don't know how strong your system is but it can be a possibility as the new ui is jammed with unneeded animations. Just imagine Riot messing up like that (which is a possibility). Wish you luck with fixing it.
I wish my machine was bad, and I could blame it on that, but it runs skyrim and witcher on high/ultra, so I don't think it's a power problem. I really don't know what's going on, I might try it at someone else's house and see if it's my computer or my home router that's the problem. I think that's the only other thing I can rn. Thanks!
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