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bethaný (EUW)
: Thanks for your help, bud! This comment was so useful and solved all my problems. Thank you!
glad i helped. {{sticker:katarina-love}}
Ákali exe (EUNE)
: I just recently had a 68% winrate soraka getting almost to plat from gold 4 0 lp in 2 days or so. Your point? Maybe he's an otp riven and didn't play her. Did you check the player's history and yeah. 58% win ratio isn't impressive. If you're boosting you're supposed to have 70% at least
He was gold 4..s8 .Probably less then 50%. He never played {{champion:92}} in s8....Check better op gg.Look closer.Watch s8. Then suddendly in preseason he gets from g4...less then 50% to p1 with riven 87% winrate????And no he never played riven.In preseason he started playng her.
: I get really confused about things like this one
And they say adc is op xDD {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Ardent censer only was so popular because bot lane in general and adcs in particular were too impactful already to begin with, and using censer to buff them even further just allowed them to go completely berserk. That's why riot needed to nerf both.
As i support who carry adc at least in lane.Ardent was an item to help adc stay alive and do dmg.Even with ardent you still needed heavy lategame. Right now because nerf on adc +nerf on shield supports like janna lulu...adc isnt viable anymore. Adc need peel....because they dont have mobility and they get 1 shot by evryone especially mid lategame. Ardent nerf was ok...adc should never get nerf cuz they were never overpowered.
: "Adc is hard i dunno why they nerf it" Here's your answer:
What have to do ardent with adc???You nerf ardent not adc xd.
PAX Poler (EUW)
: It seems they are buffing adc from the videos I have seen in the next patch videos. You know what that means? Everyone will get destroyed again, doesn't matter if you have armor.
Adc was never op.You will never see an adc 1 shot.Its impossible. And bringing back old infinity edge will help adc a bit doesnt mean they will be broken or somethinjg. Evry champ in league scale better then adc right now even with new chagiing of items they wont do mutch.Even zed and lee is better lategame now then adc..
: This isnt funny anymore. League of legends 2016 (and before) vs 2018.
If this wont change..i mean mmr +shitty meta and all this 1 shots+you either destroy or get destroyed. Even with new turrets there are no comebacks..It happens once on 50 games.. I believe s9 a lot of people will quit.If its the same as s8 or worst the game will be done.
ILA1Jhin (EUW)
: How to play that tr*** game?!?
You forgot {{champion:39}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:24}} ETC. Dont play ad its just over for them. Adc is hard i dunno why they nerf it so heavily..
: Why are Crit Adc's so bad
They bad...adc doesnt exist anymore.Just ad they dont carry nothing. They die fast no mobility...and dmg...even lategame you dont do mutch cuz you get either 1 shot either they just stuck some armor and youre done for. Fighter meta is the worst shit ive ever seen.
Kamille W (EUW)
: Nah, they are bad because they blow up in 0.1 second. They die fast otherwise crit adc are great.
Yes that too.But adc is bad right now.Thats why they gonna bring new items for them.
: Wait. You mean how can I hate fake people, who ask for free boosts and skins. And pretend they like you. basicly a fake friend. If you want nudes. You know there is the internet for that?
Thats not my point.I dont boost no e girl neither...but i dont hate em.Because you a boy i like what i see {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Breuert (EUW)
: Trollers
Only toxicity is bannable.I got plenty of such tilted players who lost game on porpuse and never punished. Only toxicity.
: There is a bug right now in preseason where there is a huge gap between your rank and MMR. Also, thanks to the huge LP gains that you'll be getting, you should have no trouble climbing even if you play harder games.
No is not.Lets say you get huge mmr. If youre a silver player in season 9 you will play your placements against high elo because your mmr..So is not good.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Yasuo needs a kit update so people can stop banning him and others get to actually play him
What monkeys ban yasuo??Silvers...???Im sure they the only 1 who ban that champ. There are other champs to ban that are mutch more op then him.I give you a good example {{champion:39}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:58}} .Mostly fighters that are easy to play too.Even {{champion:77}} seems to be op right now. Mutch better spot then yasuo
: Plat4 main adc looking for a main plat support
Who the hell hate e-girls??{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Well, that AFK farm might have given you the pressure needed, for the minions not to pile up, and after you lose a single fight and the enemy was unable to go for the triple open inhib scenario. People who you meet in your games, aren't payed professionals. This is a hobby for them. Even if they were payed athletes, not everyone has ONLY good games. I've seen a lot of tilt-plays, and fails in the pro-scene - each year I watch worlds / or the other events. How can you even expect everyone to bring the same performance ? **** Would you like a system that encourages being a KDA player ? Do you think anyone would initiate fights with a tank, only to die after, if the team doesn't follow up ? LOL no. They'd let the ADC to engage, bring ppl down to 50% with the others, then they'd get their assassin top/jungler champ and clean up the fight for bonus LP. Ppl would tax the f#$k out of every lane, cuz they'd obviously want the most gold at the end of the game. Ppl would steal the ADC's farm, why should they have the least gold as a support, hence the lowest gains ? Why should the 3/7 jungler, that got camped non-stop by the enemy laners, while his laners slept or something, be punished, for not being able to perform, even if he stole that last baron, and single handedly made his team win the game ? Would he deserve anything less than the 14/2 ADC that got peeled for by 3 other players, and was sitting back enjoying a warm cup of cocoa while attack moving towards the enemy base ? The system is fine as it is.
No that person that was can even check my match history was a jax tilted.Full tilted..He died top and started sayng "ff ff i go afk".And he died more then 6 times in less then 10 minutes. And we did 4v5...All game.He was just afk farming so he doesnt get punished.Because obviously..riot wont ban such behavior only toxicity. And is not the only 1 that did that. As i said idc if you play bad...happens but play the game.People like that jax however need to be punished for ruining games on porpuse.But hei thx god we won 4v5... Still that jax wont get punished.And people like him are many.
: > the win/loss only based system works only for 1v1, not 5v5 Literally every competitive sport on this planet uses a "win/loss" based system, and at this point, it pretty much became standard. Your team loses ? You're all losers. It's a win ? - you're all winners. If you don't like this basic aspect of the game (which makes it one of the best competitive games out there btw), perhaps team games aren't for you, and you should look for a battle royale or something. It's easier to shine there.
"It's a win ? - you're all winners" Pretty crap.You have no idea how many times i got 1 tilted person who afk farm all game cuz he lost his lane and simply we played 4v5 and sometimes we won.. Carried...He didnt contribute at all.Yes its a team game but in the same time there are a lot of monkeys who get carried.
bethaný (EUW)
: Honour level resetting at season start?
So you was toxic {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Jgl is probably the best role for climbing overall cause you have the highest potential impact on the game, but considering this is silver, it really doesn't matter what you play. You can get out of silver playing ad janna top...
NO.Smurfs get out of silver with janna top...If youre a silver player and wanna climb..then play jgl.Play garen top etc.
Indigo47 (EUW)
: Best role to climb out of silver?
JGL.Or mid because of roaming. I gave you a truth and simple answer not some crap like other comments says.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Wow GJ riot Neeko ads so much balance to the game. League of pathetic smurfs!
Neeko is not balanced.The same as {{champion:39}} or{{champion:142}} .And they will never get balance in my opinion.They dont know how to balance the champions at all. But yes smurfs give quite a hard time to people.Especially low elo.
: Uninstalling until riot do something about damage and mobility.
This meta is shit..And honestly someone like {{champion:39}} that does tons amount of dmg and can be very tanky is just frustrating. I believe if this will happen s9..a lot of ppl will quit.S8 was bad as hell.
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: at least in the tank meta people were actually able to play, instead of having a %%%%ing grey screen simulator
i agree.this meta is shitty.And if is like this s9 i doubht ill play ranked.
CopKiIIer (EUW)
: ROIT's biggest mistake
Its truth.They focus on pro play instead of solo que. Right now solo que is all about :"luck ,champions-picks.Skills dont have so mutch impact anymore. If you play {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:164}} you win bunch of games. Honestly its no more fun.You either get destroyed or you destroy.And most of the games are won by better champions
Just Wolf (EUW)
: you are wrong about burst damage, it was not like that before. if u look back at season 3 or 4 for example you are somewhat forgiven for your mistake but right now if u pick adc, and enemy supports catching you off once you are either dead or have to recall, back in the days you could survive that shit. Mages instakill adcs cause adc's have no magic protection, why do you think brand/zyra are such popular supports?
adc are shit.At least for now hopefully they change.I honestly prefer tank meta instead of this shitty meta with such idiotic champs like {{champion:39}} .
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: RIOT shouldn't prioritize e-sports viewer experience at the expense of solo queue health and balance
They make most balance because of e sports.More cash. Right now is more fun to watch more fight etc...So probably thats why this meta is so shit for solo que.
: Riot gaming open your eyes
Neh..they dont deserve nerf.Is just adc that is shit and cant handle nothing. Yes those supports are more usefull then ad right now.
: I kinda agree, like they definitely have to change IE altho I'm not sure if the old one is the right way to go (I'd like to see some more creative stuff outta them but idk). HOWEVER, they're still being buffed even if said buff doesn't mean anything.
Buffs wont change nothing.We saw small buffs on {{champion:18}} {{champion:51}} etc..The main problem is itemization. And old infinity edge was the item that kept adc into a decent spot. I do really believe old infinity edge back will make adc just a little bit better.Not op or busted but a little bit better.
: ...they're buffing adcs tho
If they dont bring back the old infinity edge..they can buff how mutch they want.Nothing will change.
McPero (EUW)
: She is really strong in competitive because proplayers have great mechanics and can use her mechanically challenging kit, there is also a lot of skill in decision making, so she ends up at 46% win rate is soloq. So yes she is disgusting if used by a skilled player.
i saw silver gold players...that do very well with her.She is a champion that will never be balanced.
: Irelia, wtf is even going on with that
Cancer.Worst then {{champion:157}} . But hei..better nerf adc cuz they got dmg and mobility+tanky like this shitty...{{champion:39}}
JOX1999 (EUNE)
: You only have fun when you win? I don't care about winning.. the more I snowball the more fun I have. I'd rather be 10/1 and lose a game than 5/5 and win a game.. although winning games does bring some joy.. snowballing brings the most joy to me... let me quote my self > I haven't had a bad game (in a sense that I was feeding) ONCE the title says: If you wanna snowball, play Diana. not: If you wanna **WIN**, play Diana.
If you dont care about winning why you play ranked..
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ThePl4yer (EUW)
: cmn bro adc feels a lot better atm and will get buffs the next patches, chill :D also if you want to get impact in lane play lucian or duo with an ardent slave :p
I tried...adc is crap right now.Hopefully will be nice changes next patches.
Anzen0 (EUW)
: The problem is that adc are too reliant on supports. It's a team game. And it should be like that. But adcs are even harder. Soloq is just not playable like that. Mostly bcs there are not many support mains out there. Which means autofill. This can't be helped. Adc is pretty much the hardest role, even if I Left click to Attack Move Click. Simply bcs of the game mechanics. And the reason I'm saying it's the hardest is bcs you have to play on the limit. All the time. You can't get close to the enemy for a split second and yet you have to deal dmg constantly. To do this properly requires tremendous focus. This is the only way to carry. Otherwise you are letting the team, basically luck decide the fate of your games. If you really want to carry, you have to play perfectly. A single moment when you are not perfect is considered a mistake. I'm not saying that adcs should be op. I think the exponential nature of adc scaling should be reduced. At the same time we need more survivability. Not much more, but c'mon, some full tanks can one shot us. And then somehow adcs should be a bit less reliant on power spikes. I mean smaller power spike and more consistency.
You said it perfectly.
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: They are getting major changes in the next few patches to help out... but it could also have be you, if your positioning is off then you won’t carry. Have a look at how you loose those games to see if you are making any mistakes
Its not about me.I know when i do mistakes. The point was that adc have no impact anymore. Just simple get {{item:3047}} and adc does no dmg.At least until lategame.
72 VirJhins (EUNE)
: Yeah, if the enemy team has at least one non-adc champ then you won't have an impact on the game cuz everything is stronger than adc at this point. You can literally go 7/0 as an adc and you'll still get shut down completely by an underfed jungler or toplaner.
ye..i even started playng {{champion:30}} bot because i dont have many options.
Ákali exe (EUNE)
: I went back to play enchanters finally and i can say that my ADCs hit their spike faster now so yeah. It's worth it to play adc at the moment, if you have a support that doesn't ks all your kills and leave you 0/1/4 Though i heard corrections are coming so that's hopeful
The main problem is..that even if you get feed and you reach those 4 items you still dont have impact.This meta bruisers is just shit.I think i prefer tank meta once again. My main point was that adc even feed or ahead you still struggle really hard.And most of the time you dont succed.You get 1 shot by dont even have peeling supports because obviously they got nerf on shields so full dmg supports only... You have to do evrything yourself and dmg...ppl just get {{item:3143}} against crit...and crit adc are garbages..or {{item:3053}} and this is busted.
: I checked out the games. MMR is as close as you can get.
MMr system is shit. It always count the enemy mmr to be the same as yours...But i dont think you get same mmr team as the enemy. I got games on my smurf account and from gold with 65% winrate i go against plat.Fair. However my team was always silver and gold...They were not same elo as the enemy.I dont know another option.
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Lumji (EUW)
: Is it worth to play support in your opinion?
real question is "is it worth playng adc?" Support carry adc in lane at least.Its not easy role to carry with but in my opinion is better then adc right now.Hell evrything is better then better ad cuz they have no impact anymore.
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Still..they unbanned tyler1 that we all know he was toxic as hell.I believe evryone deserve a second chance. No?{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Vertinhol (EUW)
: I recently sent a big report to riot asking them about mmr and how it becomes very difficult to play with all the clowns that appeared in low elos, the reply was detailed but no results in the end "we do all what we can do improve the MMR", I think the only way to have good matches is to leave the Matchmaking system in the hands of cambridge analytica, they know how to analyze data.
Yes the mmr is really shit and i dont understand it. I did a smurf account i got placed gold 3 after 8-2.My mmr i believe was around plat so going against plat i was more then fine. However enemy got: full plat team.While my team :3 gold +1 silver.. Thats not %%%%ing balance.Practically the system put me 1v9..To carry 4 lower elos.And i checked those ppl winrate.That was a silver 1 with winrate less then 49%.. Its like they sayng "oh you have more then 70% climb you must do 1v9". I dont mind going my same mmr..but why my team is not the same elo as enemy team..or same mmr.Cuz my team was lower mmr then plat i can tell you that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Scrai,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=x9N1vigw,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-25T13:04:41.940+0000) > > im sick of losing 21 and gain 15. when ive been gold like every season i cant 1 vs 5 cause someone troll or int the game so its unwinnable chill, it will be fixed for the new season. same thing for me, but i climbed to silver 1
Own3d Tv (EUW)
: Adc meta is back again, gg
Ye sure.Adc op.I wanna see that day.Im waiting now
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