: NERF bloody assassins and especially IE and Akali in TFT.
Yeah, everyone and their grandma is going assassins because how broken they are. Like legit at least 3 people trying to assassins, especially when they stack frozen hearts on them it becomes just impossible to play against because you don't even get to fight back.
: People who play URF and now cry about this are mostly those who wanted it back. I never gave a fuck about it (you can check my match history) and i'm happy about it beeing or not beeing there :D
Show me the statistics and I'll believe you. If you can't, then your argument is grounded on nothing but speculation. I've played URF, the only way I can enjoy this mode is if I play with friends, but playing solo, I pretty much hate URF. I never asked for it to come back, I never hype it up and I couldn't care less about whether it's there or not. It really isn't as black and white as you're making it seem. I'm sure there are some of those people, that's undeniable, but not every who dislikes URF or plays URF falls into that category.
Gajoob (EUW)
: ***
**Disclaimer: I couldn't reply to this guy because the thread is removed, I haven't been on the boards in a long time and I just wanted to respond to something this guy said. Just ignore this, because it'll be off-topic. ** I'm sorry if you think that what I said was dehumanizing, it's not really like I dehumanize intentionally, it's a bad habit of mine because I'm a very cynical person and a lot of the things that come out of my mouth are very pessimistic, especially if it involves people. I guess some people would call me a misanthrope, but I don't think I'm that far gone yet. It's not like my point was that only kids and lesser humans like URF, the reason why I likened URF to a carcass and the community to vultures is because I can't really enjoy this game mode because of the people who play it, because I'm not interested in picking what's OP, I just wanna pick what I think would be fun, but it ends up not being very fun because if I do this, most of the time I literally can't do anything and I just kind of give up on trying. The whole carcass thing was an analogy, not an insult and maybe it was an overly pessimistic one, but it was never there to be controversial or to insult and if you felt insulted by it, then I'm sorry, but that really wasn't what I was trying to do. Also, I wasn't concerned about getting flamed for picking things in URF that people consider "useless" just because I think they could be fun to play, it just annoys me when it happens often enough, the mentality of the people who play URF and take it seriously is what annoys me about the game mode and people flaming me for my picks just enforces my annoyance at it even more, so it's the reason why I was getting flamed that annoys me, not the fact that I was getting flamed. I still don't really like URF, for the same reasons as before, the only way I'd actually enjoy this mode is when playing with friends, because they don't take it so seriously and I can just do whatever I want without having someone nag me for it, I'd still have to play against picks that I would consider anti-fun, but it won't be as bad if I'm playing with friends.
derpystin (EUW)
: urf makes me salty and tilted
I only really play this with friends, it's the only way for it to be fun for me. But I really do hate seeing specific picks every game or the fact that if you don't pick any of the OP champion in this mode that you're probably gonna get stomped without really being able to do much. I just wanna pick champs that I think are fun, even if they aren't strong, but this is kinda ruined by the fact that if I try this, I'm gonna get stomped because the other team is full of the established OP picks. I don't really bother playing this mode, it's not very fun to me most of the time and the occasional game where the other team isn't filled with try hard picks is great, but it doesn't make up for the games where I can't do anything. Playing with friends works for me, but I wouldn't really play alone. More bans might help, I know it's the same for other modes too, but let's admit it, OP champs in URF are a lot more overwhelming than strong picks in ranked and normals.
: ***
Implying that the people who say that they don't like urf are the same people who begged for urf back. Your statement is inherently flawed.
: How to ban on patch 6.6
Thank you. I haven't played since 6.4 or so, this'll be helpful to me.
: Anyone else finding silver league worse than bronze?
Well.. tier 5 of any division has a lot of toxicity because it's filled with people who shouldn't be there and are frustrated with not being able to get out of tier 5. It's not really the game itself, it's the people who play it. But everyone goes on losing streaks, you'll climb eventually if you're good enough.
Fang (EUNE)
: Truly. Seems to be gone now though, all comments deleted. xD
Goremaw (EUNE)
: Dudes name is Saddam Hussein... Bro don't feed the troll :)
You might be right, but I don't know man. I've had people call me a troll for disagreeing with them and they were actually being serious. Or people insulting me and attacking me instead of my argument when they couldn't think of anything better to say, I've even had a guy acting like victim and telling me that I was harassing him just because I disagreed with what he said. So I'm kinda inclined to think that this guy is just another idiot.
Fang (EUNE)
: Wouldn't call it a mistake, rather a lack of perspective. That's what discussions are for, to exchange opinions and learn, not necessarily agreeing. Can't know it all. I know. That's usually how discussions go though - you have some valid points, the other person simply replies with insults, or says you're wrong without reasoning.
Yeah, you're right. Someone else said that the guy might have been a troll and I guess he might be now that I think of it. Doesn't make him any less of an idiot, though.
Fang (EUNE)
: Glad that you could see it from another perspective / were willing. Cheers, Brolando ^_^
It's not like I can't admit when I've made a mistake. I just acted the way I did because of the way the other guy was acting (like a %%%%) so I just didn't respect him because of that.
Fang (EUNE)
: Your friend just wants to look cool / better than he is. He's not doing it to annoy you, probably just insecure and wanting some attention. Your choice, though I'd recommend confronting him (not angrily) rather than submitting a ticket. (this is only based on the boosting scenario, not being toxic) I prefer to give people a chance to come clean, even if it's not obligatory and you wouldn't be in the wrong for reporting him - it does come off a little harsh. Chances are others will report him in the end anyway, you don't need to contribute to dealing that blow if he's truly a friend. **And I just realized you weren't the OP, so the above is just hypothetical in your case.
Holy fucking shit, yes. See this here, Saddam? This is a good argument, this guy even brings up things that I didn't think of before. In fact, this guy has actually convinced me of his view point. Seriously though, I do kinda realise that I was being blunt at first and that I was probably jumping the gun a little by saying that OP should just go and report his friend, you're right, confronting him first and giving him the chance to do the right thing would be a better idea.
0Nocturnal0 (EUNE)
: few questions
They are decent, but I wouldn't rely on them too much. I mean the suggested items are decent while you're still learning a champion, but once you've got a decent feel for the champion, you should look into building other items. Your build shouldn't be the same every game, I mean yeah, there are items who are core which you will be building most of the time, but you should also know about situational items. Like building Steraks gage to deal with a fed assassin when playing adc. With dynamic queue you should be fine with learning 2 roles, 1 main champion per role and maybe 1 or 2 other champions that you can fall back on in case your main gets banned, it's probably a good idea to main champions who aren't banned a lot so that you can play them often. Also, just some extra advice; don't show your team the champion that you're intending to play because people can be douche bags, they might ban it because you got the role they wanted or the might ban it just because they don't like the champion that you wanna play.
Aezander (EUW)
: I suggest first you confront him about it and ask him what he hopes to achieve by breaking the rules just for the sake of a Rank he didn't sweat for(I am fairly certain it's the rewards and bragging rights, which his action make hollow and meaningless, a simple fantasy). Ask him to stop, and he refuses, well ... tell him that his denial forces your hand and report him to Riot Support. Friends are there not only to party together, but also keep one and other from becoming worse, from falling into darker paths. And morality and ethics must never been biased, applied only to where it doesn't hurt; if they are to be true morality and ethics. At least that is my take on the matter.
Don't bother. I've been saying roughly the same thing, but it flies over people's heads. Guess people like living in an echo chamber, aye?
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SaddamHussein72,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=TPVtJOBo,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-03-27T15:56:38.252+0000) > > your backstabbing your friend... > Well first of all WHY ARE YOU CALLING HIM YOUR FRIEND? > your not a friend. You are a loser if you do that to your so called friend.. And let him brag.. If he is your friend you wouldnt do something nasty like this Wait .... Wut? ... "*let him brag*"? ... Brag about what? ... Brag about boosting his own account? ... You mean to tells us that you actually believe that bragging for cheating (cause that's what boosting is) in a game is a good thing!? ... Really? ... O_o You mean to tell us that if a friend of yours brakes rules, you would never confront him for that? ... You would just let him become a worse person? ... What kind of friendship is that? ...
Holy fuck, finally someone with common sense in this conversation. You're a hero, man. Seriously restored some of my faith in the human race, holy fucking shit. (This isn't sarcasm, I'm literally amazed)
: ***
Nope, still not feeling offended. But keep trying, maybe if you say it often enough I'll die of boredom or something like that.
: Well, lack of faith in humanity is a very good excuse XD Yeah actually that happened to me sometimes, didn't come to my mind when making this post lmao
I don't really view it as an excuse though :x it's literally one of the reasons why I decide not to do it, it's just not the biggest reason why. At least it's funny when you don't show your intended pick and instead show a champion that you don't mind to see getting banned and they actually ban it. Kind of makes you feel like you tricked them into doing what you wanted them to do. Even though I like that feeling, it actually makes me lose even more faith in humanity.
: either go write a book or keep typing to me your messages very amusing
: ***
Here's a tip: If you wanna offend me, try saying it in a language that I understand. Because this doesn't do anything to me, the image that I get in my head when I read "kaffir" is an elephant. I'll just save you the trouble of you having to use your brain to come up with a way to offend me and just say that the fact that I share this planet with you is already offence enough to me, I'm totally triggered, bro. Seriously, call the whaaambulance pronto, we're losing precious time.
: Well I just did a game and my pc chrashed we were winning too, lost cause of it, I'm not sure how the ban system works, but if I get reports for that I can get from other things.
I'm not sure :/ let's hope it doesn't do anything but put you in low priority queue for a few games.
IThrorI (EUNE)
: yeah im troll 3k games on 1 year im like machine
At the very least I don't think you're being serious about this, I can't take this very seriously. This is coming from someone who normally actually takes suicide threats very seriously, but in your case it just doesn't look like you'd actually do it, this is just you being desperate and if this fails you'll just move on with your life.
DrHook (EUW)
: It is flame.. it is wrong.. but i should not get a permanent suspension in these circumstances. If Riot just ignores this and starts to ban people without really thinking and looking into it they will lose allot of players that don`t deserve it. This is a game, not the government. Riot should be able to be a littlebit more human. Atleast talk to me about it.
Why not? You literally broke the rules that you agreed to when you created your account, if you had a bad day and took it out on your team then it sucks to be you, but it's still your fault, you can't factor in personal circumstances, they're all variables that aren't accounted for in the rules that Riot set up, nor should they be accounted for. And bro, you got a perm ban, that means that this isn't even the first time you get punished or reported for bad behaviour, so you've had your chance to reform and you failed. And government or not, Riot has still set rules that you need to follow if you want to play their game, if you don't then they have every right to perm ban you, just like I have every right to kick someone out of my house for making a mess or just being a straight up prick.
IThrorI (EUNE)
: i will kill my self
This guy has got to be trolling.
: Just me explaining how I feel atm
Good luck. Just don't let people provoke you and focus on yourself and you'll probably be A-okay. Oh yeah, also don't try to act the way you act with your friends, people get offended by everything these days and might be pathetic enough to report you for a joke that you made... it's sad, but it's true. Just a bit longer and LoL will have some kinda safe space in-game. Seriously though, you'll probably be okay.
DrHook (EUW)
: Permanent ban
Because calling people retarded, dumb asses and dumb isn't flame? Alright, mate. Even if you don't call that flame, it's still showing a negative attitude, which is also reportable. And yeah, I get that you had a bad day and got afk'ers and whatnot on your team and we're only seeing your chat, we don't know what your team said, so they might have said something to provoke you, but the reason why you got punished is that no matter what your circumstances were at the time, you still broke the rules and breaking rules can't be justified by personal circumstances that are separate from the game. Besides, if you had a bad day why even play LoL? I mean... I don't look at LoL as a game that I play to relax, unless I'm just gonna goof off with a full premade group of friends. But considering that there's a chance that if I play by myself that I might get matched with toxic players; that in itself is already enough for me to not wanna play when I've had a bad day.
mortwin12 (EUW)
: 4 premade people dare to report me because they want a certain lane.
: No one or rarely someone "Prefer Picks" in ranked queue
I never show my preferred pick because of my lack of faith in humanity. Well, not really. It's part of it though. But I've experienced it multiple times where people banned my preferred pick, which weren't generally ban worthy champions, I'm talking picks like Corki adc, Diana jungle, Ekko jungle, Sona support. I even had a guy who wasn't happy that I got adc while he wanted that role, I preferred Ezreal and he thought that he was being clever by banning Ezreal while I was just planning to play Jhin all along.
: My IRL friend paid for an elo boost and started bragging about climbing, so I investigated...
Keep those downvotes coming, I'm not backing down from the way I look at it. It's not about anything like Friendship > League. That's the most simplified and narrow minded version of what my point is. My point in the end boils down to morality and ethics and applying them consistently. I simply don't think that just by being my friend that you are entitled to me giving you special treatment and me turning a blind eye to things that you do that bother or annoy me or things that I don't agree with, while if you were a stranger I'd criticise and confront you, I don't think relationships in general work like this. I don't expect special treatment from a friend or a girlfriend in the way that they'll just blindly accept everything that I do, even if that something might be wrong, I expect them to let me know when they disagree with what I do or say and to criticise and confront me for it, these kinds of interactions are what allows me to grow as a person. But hey, maybe I'm the only one here who doesn't want to be stuck in an echo chamber where I can't possibly make a mistake or get criticised for the things I do wrong because everyone agrees with me because of the magic of friendship. What a bunch of baloney.
: This is probably Brolando 2nd account
What's it gonna be mate? Are you gonna give me an intelligent retort any time soon? Before I die of old age would be a good time. Are you gonna actually try to argue my points or are you just keep throwing personal attacks around that don't mean anything like a 16 year old? Which ironically is the exact thing that you're accusing me of being. You're 22 years old and acting like this while accusing someone who simply disagrees with you of being a friendless, basement dwelling 16 year old?... Just wow, man. Wow. I actually wish that I were a 16 year old, because that'd make this situation so much more pathetic and hilarious. Goodbye faith in the human race, it was nice knowing you.
: This is probably Brolando 2nd account
Whatever you say mate. You don't even understand the concept of morality and ethics at the age of 22. On top of that, you can't come up with a decent argument to save your life, all you've done is throw ad hominem around, which is a logical fallacy.
: typ some more your not finished yet
How about you say something relevant? Oh wait... you can't, asking for an intelligent retort from you is too much. It's not like you're doing anything to prove me wrong or to attack my actual argument, you spoon.
: Does anything happen to toxic players?
Well, just because you reported them and you didn't get the message where it says that they got punished, it doesn't mean they didn't get punished, because it takes multiple reports to trigger the punishment and only the one whose report triggered it gets that message. But basically at first they get chat bans, then a 2 week ban from playing, then a perm ban from playing. By the way, you don't wanna stay in lane as long as possible, it's best to try and win lane and take the tower as early as you can and then roam to help other lanes and take those towers.
Attix (EUW)
: Botlane? Never again
As a support I actually noticed that it's not just the adc anyway, multiple people on the team whine about you not placing enough wards even though you've got 3 wards and a pink set up and wouldn't be able to place any more wards. I also often notice that a lot of adcs that I play with rarely use their trinket early. But I also play adc and I actually use my trinket a lot, I never really complain about my support. But there are times when I get supports who literally don't do anything in lane, I mean I get that with a passive support like Janna that I'm gonna need to do the majority of the work in lane, but that's not what I'm complaining about, there are supports who literally do nothing but awkwardly follow you around, but don't do anything other than follow you around. Or when I try to freeze the lane and the support decides to attack the minions, and even after I tell them politely in chat that I'm trying to freeze the lane, so they shouldn't attack the minions because it could cause me to mess up, they still keep doing it. I've even had Lux supports who used their singularity to farm the caster minions that I was trying to last hit rather than using it to zone or poke. So from both sides adc and support bot can be an annoying lane to play.
: ***
Ad hominem me all day long mate, the fact that you need to resort to attacking me instead of my argument means that I can just disregard everything you've just said, because it's not relevant to what my argument was all about, you spoon. My argument isn't about the game, it's about morals and ethics, if you can't understand that while you're 22 while on top of that I feel like I've made it very clear that it's about morals and ethics, then I seriously wanna cry right now, that's how pathetic it is to me. Let's take the game factor out of this, if a friend of mine decided to steal an xbox one or a television, I would tell him to bring it back to the store or else I'll let the police know about it. It's not about the god damn game, you spoon. It doesn't matter what the situation is, if a friend fucks up I'm gonna criticise them. Here's another fact, I don't get to play this game that much, I only get to play it at random intervals because I'm too busy with school and projects so to say that I care about this game more than anything else in my life is fucking stupid, because I'm obviously putting everything else in my life before the game. "You must have 0 friends probably" "All you do is play games in your mum's basement all day" the only reason why you'd feel the need to say these things so explicitly is because there's something lacking in your life, so you feel the need to compensate by pretending you're better off than a random guy on the internet who you don't agree with, classy mate, very classy... no, I actually mean depressingly pathetic.
: Just for a video game? Really? Can people be this lame? Oh nevermind im 22. People are here probably around 16.
The fact that you need to bring age into this makes you more of a child. If you are 22 and seriously can't see my point, then I'm gonna go downstairs and chug several glasses of bleach, because that's pathetic. My point is that just because someone is my buddy, I'm not gonna give them special treatment. I would report a stranger for boosting, if a friend pays for a boosting service I would report them for it too because I would also do it to a stranger, even more so if he's being a douche about it. If I say that I'm against boosting, then I have to practice what I say with consistency or else it means nothing, it's a lot like being hypocritical. "If that guy who I don't know does it, I have a problem with it, but if my friend does the exact same thing it's okay." If you can't see how stupid the above sentence sounds, then you're a complete spoon. I don't believe in just because someone is a "friend" that I should support them no matter what, if they act like a douche, do something shady or something immoral, then I'm not gonna pick their side just because they're my friend. And just because you're my friend, it doesn't mean that I'm not gonna criticise you when you do stupid shit. "Friendship" is not a "get out of jail free ticket", learn it.
Catchdown (EUW)
: Yeah I suppose you are r.. Nope, I actually dont care at all.
Doesn't make you any less ignorant, it actually makes you seem more ignorant. So congratulations, I'd like a sarcastic, slow clap for this guy.
: your backstabbing your friend... Well first of all WHY ARE YOU CALLING HIM YOUR FRIEND? your not a friend. You are a loser if you do that to your so called friend.. And let him brag.. If he is your friend you wouldnt do something nasty like this
If he would report someone for doing this, then I think he should do the same to his friend. It's not backstabbing, it's called being consistent with your morality and how you treat people. I don't give friends special treatment just because they're friends, if they fuck up or do something shady I would call them out for it rather than accept it just because they're a friend.
Catchdown (EUW)
: ***
Nice shit post, bro. Not everyone can speak or type English very well, deal with it.
: Boosting bronzies to S5 is the most common boost. Mostly because high gold players and platinas can do it quit fast. So its probably really cheep compeared to beeing boosted higher. Those who buy it usualy just want a reseted mmr but dont want to level up again.
Yeah, I guess that makes sense. But the reason why I called it sad is that silver isn't that hard to reach, it's such a waste of money. Also, don't you mean those who sell it want a reset mmr, but can't bother to level up again?
: Most people dont generalize in a intelligent way, i Think Before i do it and i know it dont work on a individual level. I explain myself if somebody want me to but mostly nobody care. So no offense taken.
I guess everyone generalizes sometimes, I actually try to not do it as much as possible, it doesn't always work. I'm sorry for saying that the things you've said are stupid and dumb.
: I dont Think any country in Europe has even close to as many Jailprisoners as the US. But we dont have as many Jails compeared to the US either so there isnt a lot of empty Jails in Europe. Well the flaws of the US is also why young people is a Little bit afraid and that makes them behave IRL. If they behave IRL they will behave online to. I didnt say it was worth it. Perhaps a larger amount of rude ass-holes is a small price to pay for more freedom. Freedom can come in many shapes, but in many cases one persons freedom comes on the expense of somebody elses. If the police dont care about small things then your neighbors freedom to play loud Music in the middle of the night will violate your freedom to sleep. The US way isnt nessessarly better or worse but it is diffrent and one of the upsides is a general more polite population. We can learn form that just as US police could learn how to not kill so many Citizen from Great Britain. I am 100% sure i dont want to go to North Korea even as a Tourist. Its a horrible state but i am sure that North Koreans wouldnt flame is they was allowed to play LoL. that doesnt make it a good country to live in.
If you had said it like this in the first place, I probably would have actually agreed with you to some extent, because some of these points are very valid. But at first it just really looked like you were generalizing everything, even the side that you're in favour of.
: In the US you have to behave IRL or parants/police will punish you. In Europe these is rarely the case and a generation of Ass-holes is growing up. These effects how players behave ingame.
RIght. Because parents in Europe don't discipline their kids and the cops let people who break the law get away with everything, guess Europe is full of empty jails then? Oh wait... And that's a nice generalization, mate, not everyone in Europe is an asshole. The only thing you're doing here is generalizing which is incredibly stupid on your part, because America has irresponsible parents too and America also has corrupt, overzealous and trigger happy cops. But that's not even the dumbest thing you've done, the fact that you're basically saying that you wanna live in an authoritarian state is creepy as fuck, mate. Go move to North Korea if you want that, see how you like it.
: My IRL friend paid for an elo boost and started bragging about climbing, so I investigated...
Just to Silver? Wow, that's sad. But yeah, you should report him even if it's your friend, if not because he didn't earn that rank, you should do it because just 'cause he's your friend, it doesn't mean that he gets special treatment when he does something bad or immoral. Especially not if you would report a stranger for the same thing your friend did.
: Being bad at League.
Maybe this video can help you a little: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKXzUY3mGVA
: W/E not even going to argue whit you your stuck in BOT like mind i just hope your country makes same social program like china and evaluates you by making you evaluate others etc. same as Chinese company did here whit LoL report system. and d/w i have over 5k games i know when someone has bad game and when someone says fck you we are premades i just want solo Q where i dont have to deal whit demented trolling fcks that are so much into group mind they will defend toxic player and spam Report LRV on all chat and assist their team by refusing to win as am ahead and they are not.
Then why do you bother to respond in the first place? It's fine that you wanna call me as dumb as a bot, but please don't make yourself look like a complete spoon in the process. It's embarrassing to look at. I really hope you realise that by replying to me, that you are in fact still trying to argue with me, so GG, mate. Also, if you're just gonna use logical fallacies, you've already lost this argument anyway, you spoon. You didn't prove any of the things I've said wrong, you didn't even address any of the things I've said, you had no way of attacking my argument, so instead you chose to attack me personally. Good job on the ad hominem, mate. I'm pretty sure you'll just blame your team mates for your loss again if they don't play the way you want them to play anyway, because you literally say that you'll flame them if they won't engage while you're ahead and you even consider this "assisting the enemy team". I hope you realise that if you report someone and the report is invalid, that your reports count for less, in other words if this is what you report people for, then your reports must literally count for nothing. GG, mate. Also, if you flame in-game, it really doesn't matter if someone else is being toxic too, the moment you flame them for whatever reason you've broken the rules of the game and that makes you reportable, "who started it" doesn't matter. At all. ...And this guy seriously tries to claim that I'm stupid. What a joke.
: after saying it 20ish times losing game from 20:1 having 1/2/3 engage hard cc champions yeah it is also riven is snowball lane so yeah gank should be focused on carry lane having jungler that farms or adc is worst thing in game fact that am down voted for saying logical crap shows how ignorant most of lol players are. w/e most of them wont reach my elo but it's sad how 1/3 wont listen to 7/2 although he died more times in jungle than others in lane . . . am really happy when i see my jungler farming before they hit 6 as am happy to report them for assisting enemy team afterwards ... d/w am using Riot logic here positive players are rewarded skin although they only did not get ban or w/e i thought you need to get badges for that crap so my logic goes you don't help us you are help them :) i've got to say i love when alistar wont engage to win game when he has player who can burst their full team instead he protects 60-70% cs whit 0/3 adc as he is his premade... oh yolly god bless the dude who made dynamic que
No it's not, there's literally never a good reason to flame unless you wanna get yourself chat restricted or banned. People down voted your comment because you're promoting flame by saying that you flame your team when they won't engage while you're ahead and imply that this is a totally okay thing to do. Assisting the enemy team? Well, have fun having your report validity rating going down I guess, I bet your reports don't do anything thanks to the amount of invalid reports you've sent in, you spoon. Assisting the enemy team is something that is done on purpose, people who make dumb mistakes or bad plays aren't doing it on purpose, so your report in invalid. By the way, you literally took a game where you did well as an example, I've seen your match history and there are multiple games where you didn't do well or where you straight up fed. I'm not knocking you for that, but my point is that everyone who plays this game has matches where he doesn't do well or where they simply do terrible, every single person who plays this game experiences this, it's normal and just having a bad game or performing poorly is not a reportable offence and it never should be.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: I'm in a ranked match now with 3 premades that left on purpose.
: The "false support"
I have a problem with high damage supports anyway, I guess there are some exceptions like Lux and Orianna supports, but here's why: If a support like Lux, Orianna, Sona or Janna loses their lane, they've still always got their utility to fall back on, unlike stuff like Brand support who only offers damage and a conditional stun, that's why I hate supports like Brand, this not just when I play adc either, I play support from time to time and used to main it for a long time. I just hate supports who don't offer anything but damage, because if supports like these lose lane or fail to kill their lane opponents or whatever, they're completely useless.
: Am a riven player and i flame when my team wont engage when am ahead i wont ever get why ppl dont understand that Riven is not lee sin and her Q is not for gap closing . . .
That's still not a reason to flame though. People don't understand that a jungler isn't a baby sitter and that your jungler isn't gonna come and gank for you if you've fed your lane opponent, but I don't flame these people either when I'm playing jungle. It's not that hard to just explain the situation, you know?
: and as i said no one cares about what is being said in the chat cause its just a chat. Hence the only thing that remains is him losing the games
You literally can't be serious about this stupid shit right here, go read the god damn thread and tell me with a straight face that this guy is salty because he lost, while he never complained about losing in the OP. That's just how you look at it, stop projecting yourself on to others, because not every shares your opinion, "nobody cares what's in the chat, because it's just the chat" is just your opinion, an opinion that not every shares with you and it's certainly not a fact, learn to keep the two apart from each other, you bigot. But you know what is a fact? It's what this guy cares about is the toxicity in his games, those are literally the only complaints he has here, nowhere does he even complain about losing because of his team, the only complaint he mentions constantly is that he has had several games in a row where he had toxic players on his team. That's it. Just because you say something, doesn't mean that it is so, especially when everything the OP says goes against what you're saying, you're literally trying to argue something that is never brought up in the OP, so it's completely irrelevant because it's not even part of the problem. Notice how a normal QQ thread about not being able to carry team mates always mentions feeders, bad players, bad team mates, afk'ers and a bunch of complaints about how everyone was playing like crap except the OP? Yeah, this thread has none of that. In fact ,it literally starts off with how in the first game both teams flamed to the point that he had to mute all of them, then he got a game where he got a Rengar who did the same thing, then he went and played 2 ARAM games where he also got flamers. He mentions that he lost because of a flaming Rengar, but to say that because of this one thing, that his main complaint is that he can't win? That's nitpicking, because he mentions this, but he overall tries to imply that he just wanted to get away from the flamers by saying "Okay, I want to relax so I'm gonna play ARAM, at least for the 1st win of the day" Who the hell goes and plays ARAM because he wants to solo carry a game of Summoner's Rift? ARAM is a mode that intended to goof off and have fun in, that was obviously his intention by trying to play ARAM, because he literally said "I want to relax" I really have no idea where you get off thinking that this guy is upset because he lost, what the hell are you smoking? Should have shared some of that with me while I was sick all week.
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