Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: El Risitas... Guy have funny laugh and people made plenty parodies of this interview: One of many: But KEKW is mostly about his laugh 😅
: but they are just a small indie company....
yeah small indie but with multi billion income not like other small indies
3Amine (EUW)
: Before The windows update I had no problems and high fps
so uninstall it!? ask microsoft for help
: It's a BTTV emote
i didn't find anything about that emote btw maybe it's a laugh emote ( kekw kinda looks like hehe ) ty
: nerf zed adc
and nerf poppy support
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: Kalista neither does tons/tonnes nor true damage... autos+rend is like just having a 120% total AD ratio. She has predominatly only had nerfs. Only recent minor AD buff, but so did several ADC's in recent two patches.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Then this is my fault, sorry. I though that /s is a common acronym for sarcasm/sarcastic comment, therefore I didn't explain it below post. My sincerely apologies. Have a nice day. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
there is no problem, actually i did judge too early so i am sorry :) have a nice season =) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: Queue overlay not going away (Can't select champ or anything)
this bug is there since season 8 and i kept reporting it every patch but they won't spend real money on technical employees fun fact : i lost too much promo and lp because of that ( i don't care because i am bronze and i will remain ) but for those who try harding rankeds. it is pathetic
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Player 123 (EUNE)
: Racism, toxicity
request a human maybe it can work
: Make sense of this if you can.... Sometimes a first time offender can recieve 14 day suspension without prior offenses instantly, it depends on the severity of their violation, and at times it will take a few games since Riot likes to give offenders the benefit of the doubt. My 2 cents, Riots loves RnG so much that it isn't restricted to their game and match making, but also applies to their penalty system.
my question is about detection,will they detect symbolic flames and or sarcastic flames. it's actually a hard question and i think only rioters can answer correctly! their ban system is weird. also they don't want to give some information about these types of flames
KokOnBush (EUW)
: As every rtarded league ass kisser will say: No one forces you to buy blablabla. So instead of making realistic figures versus the content they provide, so we can buy it and NOT complain about it (and basically afford their food and shit) they ripp you off. When you do complain about it, because you wouldn't mind buying shit, but not at rtarded prices, they complain and moan and %%%%% 'no one forces you'. Yeah, no one %%%%ing forces you to buy food either, if you don't like the fact that you cannot afford food, then don't buy it. Eat the left-overs from a trashcan. Every person who has defended league so far, is a worthless braindead moron.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: This was sarcasm to his complaining that someone who was previously AFK came back and lost his game [this is why I put (/s) on the end of sentence]. Obviously you should never be punished by your score, neither your build as long as you are playing for the win. Picking first time champions in normals is also completely fine. There is nothing wrong with that.
actually i don't know what (/s) means. ( due to your explanations i think it is sarcastic subject's symbol ) that is why i didn't get you re trying to say some sarcastic stuff. i still don't exactly exactly that :P
: Lux needs something done about her...
i one shot enemies at 100% hp with lethality caitlyn's ultimate! it's also point and click! this champion literally was made for me! also it has only 24s cooldown with runes! {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: They see the chat exactly how he is so if someone type a bad word they will not gonna see it censored like "%%%%" and they only see "%" if you are really type it. With that said I don't think you get punished for that.
so i will call a support a ticket real human to check my reports. i think they can figure out that what exactly ( %%%% you ) means. i afraid that even rioters can't certainly notice definition of these terms : > 1 - %%%% you > 2 - you are %%%%er > 3 - you e playing like %%%% XD > 4 - %%%% your %%%%ing m0m > 5 - go %%%% yourself > 6 - you mader %%%%er piece 0f %%%% because they used the symbol (%) and it makes rioter's work harder! i think if riot decides to ban those genius toxics, toxics will defend themselves like this : i didn't say something offensive riot games! under those (%%%%) symbols i used very friendly words such as great - well - nice - and etc please unbann me i have 3 example too : %%%% you ( love you ) you are really playing like %%%% XD ( you are really playing like pros XD ) go %%%% yourself ( go heal yourself )
: > [{quoted}](name=Bronze Never Die,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=bHPKMYJm,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-21T11:46:02.259+0000) > > something is wrong with screen shot!!! > {{sticker:sg-syndra}} Yep, something tells that we can't quite connect directly to his computer and check for that screenshot. But i know we should. That backdoor we installed while he was elsewhere was working like a charm. I double-checked that personally! {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} {{sticker:sg-janna}}
XD atleast i know that his name is mahir :) {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: You can send a ticket to support about the first game and they will do a manual review. The second game is hard to pass without a punishment is that player had this behavior.
did i succeed to tell that the player ( rengar ) used (%) symbol ( i think % means percent? ) instead of some insults? for example instead of saying you are good,,,, saying you are %%%% ( %=G ) + ( % = o ) + ( % = o ) + ( % = d ) will ifs detect that? thank you by the way :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Chat restriction "Exploit"
will chat restriction drop honor level to 1?
nedimx (EUNE)
: Grey screen
something is wrong with screen shot!!! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: Happy Birthday Sona!
happy birthday :P have a nice year sona! i am afraid so... because of riot games... they might remake her :( something like : ( After aatrox killed sona in her own palace. she resurrected with the power of music. and now she is no longer mute ,now sona is able to hard-insult ADCs who always flaming her for ks ) i afraid will sona mains like these types of remakes or not!? {{champion:37}} {{sticker:draven-pose}}
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CJXander (EUNE)
: Bought Darksiders 3 and Ni No Kuni II on steam
latest darksider was really good game very nice decision :) but there is still some people who will spend on little legends!
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Exactly, you are right! How can {{champion:555}} in [this]( game go 3/7/3 and not get punished?!? (/s)
why should someone get punished for score? i played crit{{item:3031}} rumble {{champion:68}} and i went 1/23/4 on normal game i was trying my best to win.such as trying to facecheck with jungler but there was wards that caused us to lose multiple times. that wasn't an intentional feeding and it was actually bad game AND riot can't ban someone for that! i get some scores like that 2 out of 10 games and i am proud of it. after all i am not a pro and it is normal to die against pros :)
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Shamose (EUW)
: Afaik "New" sorts by newest thread. While "Recent" sorts by any recent activity, being a new post or a new comment.
that's it. how i didn't noticed already :P it's not good to use RECENT word for it Rito ty for enlightening me,,,
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PoorLaad (EUW)
: Shame on company to celebraite 10 years and still have TRASH Client
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: i will bomb
new player advice? do you want some pro challengers to come help you how to play with ziggs and how to use his Q bomb aggressively???
: not bugged build 6 items on a single unit and don't sell that champion for the rest of the game example : you have {{item:1038}} {{item:1011}} {{item:1058}} {{item:3070}} {{item:1031}} {{item:1038}} items and then put all of those items on one of your champions. now you have a champion with 3 combined items but don't sell that champion. remember to put exactly 6 non-combined items.
why did you downvote without checking it out? XD it worked for me first time i try it not in the third game. also if it already doesn't work for you try not building spatula items.
: What definition do you want? The general definition or the Riot's definition? I will tell you the second one: if is bad enough to force the community start a petition then we fix it.
ty but i thought maintenance means fixing bugs :P
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I don't really understand your Sona example. Why would {{item:3742}} or {{item:3800}} be effective? Her Eternals are: > Multiple (2+) champions hit with Crescendo (R) Empowered Q Auto attacks on champions Damage healed with W None of them is "Distance travelled with E" or anything movementspeed related. I have a better example for Sona. "Empowered Q Auto attacks on champions" will encourage players to hit Q Power Chord as much as they can, even though W or E Power Chords are way more useful in combat. I can see people using Q Power Chord in a 2v2 and lose the fight that they could've won if Sona had used W Power Chord on the enemy adc, or scenarios where the enemy is escaping, and instead of the E Power Chord they use Q on them, letting them escape. Going for the damage healed with W eternal also leads to running out of mana with the W spam. Other than that I agree with the general point of the post.
there are some dumb ( some of them are my friends ) who are noob. they think the best way to hit grouped enemies with R and then escape from them is ... ... high mobility
Valir (EUW)
: TFT - "3 combined items on single unit" mission bugged?
not bugged build 6 items on a single unit and don't sell that champion for the rest of the game example : you have {{item:1038}} {{item:1011}} {{item:1058}} {{item:3070}} {{item:1031}} {{item:1038}} items and then put all of those items on one of your champions. now you have a champion with 3 combined items but don't sell that champion. remember to put exactly 6 non-combined items.
: It's an old video. Back in the day it was a sort of combination of blind pick, and draft pick. You had no assigned role, and no role selection. On start everyone called a role, and picked their stuff then 2 at a time, or one by one. Not sure. Point is, that you had no assigned role, and the calling, or picking order decided what you play. And somehow support was so unpopular, that there was a saying. Last pick is support. Even if he doesn't want to.
oh ty for that i am not senior player because of that i didn't noticed now i got it!
: Like I said last week (I will come with the link): **Maintenance ** Edit:
what is maintenance? does that mean fixing all of the bugs?
: 10years=10K-Rp
i want a game mode for that %%%% 10 year i think it is too much and it will cost resources AF so at least make a jhin icon and put a huge price on it ( 3000+ rp ) guess i can buy it by selling my kidney?
: Making loading screen more legit
actually that is good too but i want to hear champions release/remake login theme when we are playing with that champion
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: tft shared pool?
thank you for answers :)
: daily reminder: low elo queue
i didn't get it what does this whole topic mean? :P {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: I just turned 22 today, so I had a horrible nightmare that I was balding. Like it really just felt so miserable. Then I woke up, and was happy to be touching my hair for a few minutes. I was still feeling like crap after that. (Yes, I hate aging, I already feel very old and I hate having birthdays.)
i like hair too. i love yasuo too much and because of that i changed my hair style to yasuo's hair ( i think it is samurai's hair ) and now my mother hates me because of my weird hair :P
Shamose (EUW)
: Just some leaks you can easily find on youtube. Nothing official yet.
Shamose (EUW)
: > it reminds me of mobile games logo. it is really terrifying... You haven't heard about LoL mobile yet?
no what is that? any link?
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