: I didnt even go through 30% of the chatlogs since I just got too tired of reading the nonsense. > BryceBuckner22: my god > BryceBuckner22: 2 18, 2 12 > BryceBuckner22: 1 12 * > BryceBuckner22: i cant believe u did that to ur team > BryceBuckner22: malz jus mad cuz he knows we can caryr his useless ass > BryceBuckner22: rep malz plz taking my red and blue cuz hes a tilted kid > --- talking down to people --- > BryceBuckner22: no wonder hes so harfdstuck > BryceBuckner22: 44% wr 480 game > BryceBuckner22: calls me terrible > BryceBuckner22: when my wr 10% higher > BryceBuckner22: and im higher lp in 1/2 ur games > --- > BryceBuckner22: im losing braincells reading what he types > BryceBuckner22: can u report our racist, toxic manchild malz > BryceBuckner22: enjoy last game malz
so calling out a guy who was clearing intentionally feeding, which he admitted to at the start and threatened to in champ select if we didnt ban specific champs and then proceeded to intentionally feed/sabotage our game is toxic?
: You asked whether those chatlogs were worth a ban. Right in the title. So yes, you did imply the ban wasnt justified.
no i didnt imply the ban wasnt justified i was wondering if it was worth a 14 day ban from a 10 day chat restriction and skipping the 25 game chat restriction :)
: Temudshinn is right. you flamed. You asked for people's opinion on your ban. You cant blame him for doing what you requested people to do.
if someone is being condescending id rather have them not input :)
: I know it sucks, but even if someone's being an asshole to you, you're better off just muting them since shit-talking eachother will just distract your teammates and might even bring some of them to join the BM and by that point they might stop playing properly. TL;DR: Being an a-hole/verbal attacks/ are still against the rules, even if someone made you do it.
: Well you were the one saying your ban wasnt justified. So at least to "someone" it wasn't that obvious i guess.
when did i say it wasnt justified i was wondering if it was worth the ban or if maybe someone could highlight exactly what i said was toxic, as people said earlier it was prob just the quanity ratehr than the content itself so i guess that "someone" who didnt understand something was u :)
: Well you DID flame. So what shouldd Riot do, just give you another chatban? you obviously didnt learn from your last one...so maybe you take it serious this time. If not, byebye account...
thanks for stating the obvious pal, i can tell you are rather intelligent!
: You flamed new and bad players riot doesn't take it lightly when you flame bad players but they keep matching you with them because riot are trolls Also doubt this is your first punishment
not my first punishment but my first ban as i stated earlier, and these players have over double my games and this was at gold 1 so its above average tier
: Got my first ban and was wondering if this was worth a 14 day?
i appreicate you taking the time to read the large message, thanks fellow summoners
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