Perilum (EUW)
: *puts pink in Tribush* *stays until the end of the game*
: The Pink ward
same, i always laugh when one of my pinks last for more than 25 min
: (2 afk players in ranked) I think that you sould do something about it.. Please
same, it think that people who have games like that should not loose that much if not any lp
simadeth (EUNE)
: Lissandra new skin
"freljordan watcher lissandra" would be nice, i mean if shyvana can get a skin were she looks human, why not?
Estti379 (EUW)
: But what if you have to wait 20 minutes for a bus that should bring you to a Subway in which you would purchase a sandwich to get through those 20 minutes low priority? D= That would be a dilemma D=
u b e r .
Estti379 (EUW)
: Nah he is just telling us that he is way to impatient to wait 20 minutes for a bus and that 20 minutes is not enough to refine his hacking skills to the point where he could hack the servers and revert his low priority queue. Oh wait, you are right, he wants some bread! How can I be this blind. He needs bread to make a sandwich to make those 20 minutes more bearable. Good catch =D
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} this is why i buy sandwishes at subway ahahah
GearDevil (EUNE)
: I was permanently banned
honestly, i think i might be the only one person who got banned 2 times (1 for flame and 1 for afking) and didnt came crying on the boards. and after i stopped flame an afk so much i find very much irritating that people come complain about getting banned PRETENDING they did not understood why... {{summoner:21}} miss me w that dum stuff
House x33 (EUW)
: The hell you talking about ?
i think he wants some bread?
: Yea, he makes a little skull, and a little bubble, and when the bubble plops, it whispers ''damn you Fate''
: If Graves vapes now
ewww nooooooooooooooo there are preetier ones, he should make those smoke rings when de dies tho
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Ban intentional players that lose game
this is just dum. riot will never do things like "instabann"
: Please tell me there is a secret reward for sacrificing 10k minions
HyLorid (EUW)
: That would just be stupid she already recently got a skin stuff like ilaoi aho only have 1 skin desurve it more
but jinx is related to insanity, illaoi isnt so conected to it, there is no possible lore for illaoi in this type of skin that i mentioned, but for jinx however its super related. a good illaoi skin would have a lore about illaoi being controlled by vel koz, and she would wear a tiny version of his face as a mask, an his tentacles would show up and stuff like that
Scheko (EUW)
: nah, just idk if there are elo restriction like i cant do ranked team with a bronze cos im gold, for me everyone is fine
well, im main supp, im playing match now, wanna go a normal after?
Scheko (EUW)
: Team for ward
must we be gold too?
: mages support
i don think they do too much dmg, i think that most people who use them, play w the purpose of playing as midlaner on bot and ks the adc
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Just out of interest, does the tp happen where the minion was, or where you throw the minion?
trow it to turr gg
: Is this legit? (Need Riot's help here)
shoot once shoot twice shoot again ask questions shoot one more time for good luck
: Hey BullGOD, No, they are not real.
oh ty ^^
Rioter Comments
TheBVoid (EUNE)
: Tried Shen on the top lane he was really solid, but form e he is a little bit to weak when it comes to 1v1. Like he deals dmg but you need to aa them again and again and again... So its kind of a boring lane for me you know... :/
ik, he is kinda "slow" when it comes t deal dmg solo
i used to hate it too, but now i want jhin to become a toplaner aswell, also a melee adc would be rly nice
Rioter Comments
Pôro (EUNE)
: The Star is Soraka !!! and Star Guardians protect her {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
i had no idea and that is awesome, were is soraka star skin?
: Soraka should have been a Star Guardian
also diana, and leona, moon and sun, would be so preety.
TheBVoid (EUNE)
: I dont own Rumble, but shen I tried him on the PBE I had a difficulty understanding him and his play style and i went like 0/7 I do main Annie actually I have a lvl 5 mastery with her, but I feel like I lost my luck when It came to Annie Any champs that are really good and can carry? (and get me out of this awful losing streak?)
shen is a little better as supp or jg, did u take him top? at least i consider him more of a supp bc i dont know how to deal much dmg w him this being my personal opinion ofc
TheBVoid (EUNE)
: What champions in what lane a best for climbing?
there is a website that shows u the best champs atm, but i dont remember it
: A Message to all Mage Supports
thank god i only stay in the front when im playing a tank supp like leona, shen or taric. how did she tank oriana tho? does oriana even? wth
xGlontz (EUNE)
: Refund
1) its so cool that both of u play lol (#goals) 2) riot does not do that type of exchanges, but, you should try to send them a ticket
Shrav (EUW)
: Advise Me Please
u use wifi or cable? also have u tried to send riot a ticket?
: why do you ask?
same rank and i am main support
: 1. You always pick the pool of champs you might get, getting all champs is a choice. 2. It still randomly selects between your champ pool and the free rotation champs It's still random and does not affect you in any way.
we obviously have very diferente povs that we wont change, lets just keep our opinions
: It is random. Whether you have 40 or 120 possible champs, the selection method is still random
on a side note, how good are u in the adc lane?
: It is random. Whether you have 40 or 120 possible champs, the selection method is still random
it isnt random if u pick the pool of champs u might get
: >ur just being ignorant now bc u probably do the same thing, 1. "U just disagree cus u r it" Is one of the lowest replies you could have given. 2. I own every single champ. >but they arent doing it how its meant to be Or at least they aren't following your personally applied handicap of owning as many champs as possible. >therefore, they make the game antifun Facing someone with X character because they have a small champ pool is no different than facing someone with X character that has a large champ pool >within the rules They aren't breaking the rules, we even agreed on that simple fact. >EXPECTATIONS that riot had So you can now speak for riot?
it isnt random and period.
: Not each. You can get a minor amount of rp(about 1-30) one time for a drawing. ONE TIME
i didnt knew bc i never did it
: They are playing a random champ, their champ pool is just limited since they dont own that many champs
ur just being ignorant now bc u probably do the same thing, someone w a limited champ pool who only has champs w large cc, is not playing ar, since they never get champions that they dont master, i have lots of champs that i cant master and when i go ar i have big chances of getting them, they dont, they are not doing anything wrong, but they arent doing it how its meant to be therefore, they make the game antifun for players who play within the rules and EXPECTATIONS that riot had for it when the mode was designed
: How does it take the fun out for others? You still play a random champ. Why would you care how much champs the enemy has. It's not like you'll play against that person every time. That person having a small champ pool doesn't affect you in any way.
they arent playing a random champ, so isnt fun
: You can't set players with limited champion pools playing only against each other because that would create problems at q time. So you force them to get more champions or they will have to wait like 20 mins to play .
: So enjoying playing a limited pool of champs is just being a dick?
yes. its just taking the fun for others, but just place them against each other and they can do it without anoying others
: u can send riot drawings about lol, they give about 5rp for each
YOUR drawings ofc
: 158 rp for free
u can send riot drawings about lol, they give about 5rp for each
: Definitely not. They aren't doing anything wrong.
they are, that is just being a dick. but they should not be banned, maybe only be matched against eachother
: Tibbers follows Invisible Shaco
im glad this happens bc as a main supp who has been living in fear about next season, i dislike you a little bit for playin shaco jk {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: It's going into open beta soon.
(im so sorry for asking this but..) what is an open beta??
: More IP to make the game better
they do it so u have something to play the game for
: junlers should be stronger, they're a solo player, you should focus on keepin your adc alive not level, friendly adcs/supports and enemy adc/supports have halfed exp that's why adc should be farming until they get their items
i cant do all the work if i am behind, supps getting more xp will bring equality between roles
Yung Yayo (EUNE)
: [Resolved] Thresh and Spoils of War Passive
a while ago u could do it if u were rly close to the minions (idk if it was a bug or not)
: well you gotta balance it, everyone loses out when they roam, 75% exp will put the slower junglers behind
still, junglers are stronger, ever tried to lvl up as full utility soraka? there should be minor tweaks, bc its rly hard to keep up w both teams
: Brand disabled in doom bots of doom?
because he is one of the few champs that can actually win this mode it isnt fun for me and idk why ppl try to make it fun
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