: Ok a few things wrong with your post. 1) Tanks never have and never will be able to one shot anyone belive me i have tried even went lighting shen once {{item:3087}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3083}} and still took me almost 5 seconds to solo anyone (note i died very fast so dont try this in ranked play) 2) As of 5.4 {{item:3071}} is getting a slight change with a bit less AD and a bit more Health but its cheaper and although riot have said its a bruiser item i can guarantee your going to see marksman and assassins building it. 3) Also as of 5.4 {{item:3035}} is also getting changed again its ad is getting lowered but its bonus armor pen is getting raised so in theroy you can build this as a second item and sit on it till you upgrade it as you 5 or 6th item. 4) Support role is only messed up due to only mages being viable supports as a second carry in the bot lane the only tank supports i have seen are {{champion:53}} and {{champion:89}} but even they struggle now with the lethality adc's and ap mage supports. 5) Your comments make no sense first you complain about tanks, then you complain about armor pen which is designed to counter tanks. 6) I think its either 7.4 or 7.5 but riot are introducing an XP gain buff so if you are 1 level lower you get 25% extra XP 2 levels and its 50% and more then 3 lvls its 75% (not to sure on the numbers but i can remember seeing it on a reddit post). 7) PBE is not for testing champion balances its to look for any bugs in the game or any issues with items this is because the range of players on the pbe goes from bronze up to challenger so riot cant get an even account as the same champ played by a bronze and a challenger will be very different. I am not sure where they test champ changes but i assume its on a server that only riot have access to and maybe a few close inderviduals outside riot (family and friends)/ 8) As of 7.4 tanks will be going to trash tier and marksman and assasins will be going to god tier with mages and fighters in the middle but its what everyone wants (1 second teamfights ftw)
1) Have you played vs maokai as adc recently?
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Your biggest problem is the giant champion pool. whatever you have 10games+ and your winratio with is is bellow 50% dont play it., you have 50% you gonna climb. Ill suggest chill out a day or tow.. you should be titled really hard right now and it will damage your elo.
thx for the suggestion =) i will chill then
Wadud92 (EUW)
: It is really anooying. The worst cases for me are pushing a wave after a successful gank as jungler. I am denying your lane opponent farm and saving your tp, its 2017 why is this still so hard to comprehend? Being flamed for clearing a big minion wave as you said is also annoying as %%%%. A decent sized wave will take a tower if left un attended, if enemy has TP more than that. Multiple towers, free drakes, baron. That is a lot of gold there as well. Why people insist on standing around doing nothing then engage when you go to deal with a wave is enfuriating. Last but certainly not least that %%%%ing dumbass support who always %%%%s up my freeze. We had a bad time in lane, you know this, you were there. Let me safely freeze and farm at teir 2 and stop pushing it. I'll make 200g then the support will push it out and now I'm standing around doing nothing because it is unsafe for me to over extend
Well sometimes its better to have the lane being pushed into your tower, instead of frozen in the middle of the lane
Farce (EUNE)
: >I'm bad >Id say the worst thing about me its mentality That in itself has proven, that your mentality is better than 90% of League's community.
Im sorry to bother you but, do you think u can help me?
Rioter Comments
Kippiiq (EUW)
: But i made them into Chest & Key cause i don't play annie and i dont think vayne's skin is worth it. ;)
: > [{quoted}](name=Moondragon Opal,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=QmAzAGEc,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-09-25T19:21:17.633+0000) > > pfft, if you didnt wanna use so much money on it, then why even try to get it? ´simply because its a good skin? thats the worst explenation. thats not even an excuse. you have no right to come here and complaing since YOU yourselfe chose to spend so much money on it. like everyone else says, "riot is not at fault, its you"
wouldnt it be easier to buy the skin on ebay ????
: well, by my logic no, because the game will auto download the skin files back if their missing? wont it?
what i was saying was for example changing the pulsefire ezreal skin ,with the ezreal classic skin and then rename the pulsefire ezreal file into classic ezreal or whatever, and i would use the pulsefire ezreal, i have done this in several games , i doubt the system can be fooled as easily as in other games tho.
Rioter Comments
: It's perfectly normal that Rioters don't respons to every single one of your posts. This is mainly a community forum, a place where players discuss with other players. Rioters only show up occasionally and they don't HAVE to do that. What exactly do you need a Rioter for? What do you want to know?
Even thought you are completely correct in terms of rational thinking, theres one little thing you arent accounting for. Well lets say you go to a store or a shop, do you want the person who is selling you the items to be passionate or not? Rioters paying atention to the boards its not only showing passion but its "magnetizing" people into here because they feel like riot will listen.{{champion:26}}
S0kaX (EUNE)
: How old are you? 3? If I say cheeseburgers taste better than salad does it mean cheeseburgers are healthier? NO!!! IT FRICKING DOESN'T!!
your sarcastic comparison has nothing to do with the argument chain of thought, you are actually as wrong as him
: So? Doesn't make it any less true.
Your comparison itself its a fallacy, therefore not an argument.
: Rank mean nothing. It's not real.
: should i buy champions over runes or runes over champions?
4 main champions->Runes->rest of the champions
: Rank means nothing.
: "good tip" subjective. Just because you think it's a "good" tip doesn't mean it is.
off course its a good tip, when you mute you are basically "deleting" like 80% of your communication therefore decreasing your probability of winning
: I killed two people. I've changed, can i get let out of prison now? PLEASE!! Lol no....
lol this is the most absurd comparison ive ever heard
: While I agree with you on some level, I think Riot has put a lot of effort into making support feel like an inseparable part of the game and their team. Im talking about buffs and changes to some champions, updating splash arts ( not only for supports but still) and the vast choice of support items which include special and unique actives (Frost Queen's Claim, Aegis of the Legion, etc.) Unfortunately that hasnt solved the issue (we can still feel the absence of Support players in queues). I believe that all Riot has to do now is to expose more players to the "new, better support". And that needs to happen somehow!
well im a preety straightforward person, for me numbers matter the most not "effort", yes riot made an effort on this issue, did it work? no , these new items they made, didnt make support more fun whatsoever, i have been playing since season 1 and i can tell you, playing support iits been the same for ages. The only things riot did that actually made the support role a bit more wanted , was creation of bard tresh and braum who can actually be playmakers and the creation of sightstones. These however didnt have as big impact as they should because, once again people prefer the carry role
: Make SUPPORTS great again!
"Make SUPPORTS great again!"- Supports are probably the most stable role in league, since season 2 they have been strong and fun to play. Why people don't play support? Well its just simple human psychology , people just want to feel like they are the best,they want to carry , support doesn't give that kind of pleasure. Even if u reward players to play support what you would see is actually a demographic similar to pokemon go population, it starts off really high because people wanna experiment, but then just goes into normal, or less. Support is , and will be an unique role, if you like it, you like it, if you dont, you dont. In my opinion if you want support to be fun , just play with a premade bot, or ranked teams, ranked teams actually allow you to have communication, which greatly "BUFFS" supports, so yeah it makes you feel much more rewarded in comparison. I dont think riot can do anything gameplay wise to buff supports, because if they do , even if its only a tiny buff, it will come out huge in competitive. Your incentive suggestions are actually preety good not gonna lie.
Doomley (EUW)
: someone like jinx requires very good positioning and peel from others to work (and no i'm not talking about low elo gameplay)
not to mention how smooth your orb walking has to be
: Champions who do nothing but auto attack
Annie isnt aa only but is BY FAR the easiest champion in the league
: > not in real life, its easy for you to talk when you have no experience in the situation whatsoever. I wouldn't say I have no experience. Sure, I have never been banned. But I have visited the PB boards/forums for 6 years now and written roughly 30.000 post in those years and of course also read at least as many threads. After all this time you get some experience. And one of the most consistent things I have learned is that it's incredibly unlikely that a player who complains about his ban is actually innocent. It barely ever happens. And with barely I don't mean 10% or something like that, but more like 1 in 5000. And when a player is clearly INCREDIBLY toxic towards the support and flames people multiple times in his board thread, it's not at all reasonable to assume he is the one nice and innocent guy out of 5000. And if you read his chatlogs....come one, don't be naive. No way all that is just playful banter with his premade buddies. That's extremely toxic behavior and the hostile intention is so obvious, you can almost touch it. Did you actually read them? The complete ones, not the ones in his starting post. Additionally: Checking his match history also shows clearly that he is indeed NOT playing with full premade teams exclusively. There is a reason why Riots Support denied his request, they can check all this stuff way better than I can. His story that he is only toxic towards his full premade buddies is simply a lie. If you plan to be active on the PB boards more often, you better get used to that. People lie over here. A lot.
"There is a reason why Riots Support denied his request, they can check all this stuff way better than I can. His story that he is only toxic towards his full premade buddies is simply a lie. If you plan to be active on the PB boards more often, you better get used to that. People lie over here. A lot." Lets not give this kind of credit to riot support please, i have been banned for using lolskinpreviewer, is it a third party program? yes. is it ban worthy ? no. If sneaky gets away with overwolf replay why cant i have a lolskinpreviewer?
: > [{quoted}](name=Bulletkid,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dGauE67Q,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-08-20T19:53:11.278+0000) > > lol stfu garen knowledge you're 0lp gold 5. stop speaking kid.
well im sorry if my smurf got banned on gold 5 lol
Madliv (EUW)
: https://gyazo.com/2737fb23485937f073f45b6470779478 kappa
: I'm just gonna have to suck it all up and deal with this myself.. now that I know that riot wont help with these kind of problems.. it only shows they dont really care but us money is still theyre biggest priority . let this be a lesson to everyone we're the sheep and the rioters are our shepherd who have wolves for pets..
"I'm just gonna have to suck it all up and deal with this myself." is this porn?
: I was refused help by a rioter.
The thing is everyone in the world that has enough cerebral maturity has OCD{{champion:74}}
: You dont need a Rioter, you need a doctor for your OCD.
: lmao what the guy's name andie? i got into a tussle with that guy
ahahahah you again ahhahahah
: > did ur alright in the head? Not sure what this means. Are you trying to insult me? Seems you still don't understand that insulting other people is not exactly an effective method to convince others that you are actually a nice guy. Btw, these boards have an edit function, you don't have to reply to your own posts in order to add something. Makes the discussion way less messy. I also want to remind you about the [board rules.](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/3eWpXbJi)
In this one you are wrong though, he doesnt need to convince anyone, it doesnt matter whether he is being toxic or not in the email, he is right in this one. If your sibling is imprisioned for killing someone, when he clearly didnt do it , do you really think that raging will make him a culprit? off course not . It doesnt even make sense, you can outrage all you want, if you are being misjudged you have right to feel so. You think you are right , but thats because you have never been made guilty off something you clearly didnt do, not in games, not in real life, its easy for you to talk when you have no experience in the situation whatsoever.
: as a Garen one trick pony, I feel if I got top, I win 80% on my lanes even if they are counters. Purely because I have better game knowledge on my champion and understand the matchup much better.
: Does the starting post look to you that the OP is actually trying to remain calm but only fails to do so because he has a similar mental illness to yours? I strongly doubt that. Most people who lack self control COULD control themselves if they weren't looking for excuses all the times aka "I only flamed because....". You might be an exception and some other people aswell, but most are not.
well the op is a blamer i guess in that regard you may be correct yes
: I was not refering to high intelligence in comparison to other humans, but in comparison to other animals.
i understand that, and i used myself who have high intelligence in comparison to other humans therefore even higher intelligence in comparison to other animals, even considering that fact i cannot contain myself , im preety much an extreme example of what i was trying to explain. Its not ALL about intelligence itself , mental stability and illness can and will become a part of your controll over yourself
Doublejho (EUW)
: A question to anybody who's played on another server
i have been here in euw since season 1 i can tell you the community is the same shit as it ever was
: > bcz how to not flame? By simply not doing it? You are not an animal, you are a human beeing. You belong to the most intelligent species of this planet, which means that you do have useful abilites such as self control. This ability allows you to simply decide NOT to type curses on your keyboard. As the intelligent being you are you are also able to know about the consequences if you don't show some self control. So make sure you make intelligent decisions if you really think you are a smart person.
as inteligent as one can be that has nothing to do with self controll, i have visited a lot of psychiatrists and they all evaluated my iq as "brilliant" i cannot controll my self in certain scenarios though, its a matter of mental illness , even thought you will say i am just finding an excuse, it isnt, its a really mental problem i have, i cannot controll my burst. For example lets say you come back home and you see your sibling getting beaten, you will burst out of controll and smash the person who is beating him, my problem is that i get this reaction in every single minor thing that happens to me be it in a game or not, and i cannot really controll it a 100%, and since in a game im not as susceptible with punishments i tend to spend all my energys in the game in order to controll myself better out there
: And one day you'll get that account banned too. With this attitude you'll never grow up!
meanwhile i got perma banned for using custom skins #riotComparissons
Quortza (EUW)
: No, for a while Riot were really against third party things like skin overrides or announcer overrides but they eventually "allowed" it at the players discretion, I'm sure there was a red post on it a while ago but I cba finding it lol.
nop, i got banned for this 2 months ago
kps dinamo (EUNE)
: well that is what dyn q means man, are you sure you arent mistaking new champ select/role selection for dyn q?
: I'v been in bronze v and it was so shameful lol and i got myself to silver 3 :)
shame is nothing but an obstacle.
Magneset (EUW)
: The game is not dead. If you have any evidence of this please do share it. Either way, just based on your obnoxious behavior the ban seems deserved.
just look at lolesports as an example, they are getting less viewers every year. not to mention the queues time that are getting huge, i just got a 40 minute queue in my silver account
: > [{quoted}](name=GG ToLGa,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=KzsomRUr,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-10T23:30:38.000+0000) > > my 2 account perma banned for flame .. one account diamond 2 Because as we all know, skill correlates to etiquette- wait, no it doesn't. > i m toxic or maybe this players make me toxic/cancer? maybe ranked trolls , 0-10 ranked players , really bot players , elo boosts players make me toxic? Well, regardless, nobody cares _why_ you were toxic. What matters is that you were toxic in the first place. I'm sorry that all of these factors happen to be a thing, but the onus is on you for processing such situations in the worst possible way. > i think riot devolepers brainless , riot make this moron community :) Yes, this is absolutely within Riot's control and intentions, we should definitely trust the word of someone who's already established themselves a sentence ago to be blaming everyone but himself for his misgivings. That sounds like an amazing mindset![/sarcasm] Also, you casually use the term "moron community" and call Riot "brainless", and you wonder why you were banned? I would certainly not want someone like you on my team if _that's_ the outlook you have on this game. This game which, given how this thread was created in the first place, you still want to continue playing given how you're upset at being banned in the first place. I'm just saying - if you really were honest about your acrimony towards this game, you wouldn't want to continue playing it. > this Plat 5 player? i flame this bot and perma banned me? why never punishing this 0-10 players , why never punishing trolls? 1) Why are you acting surprised at being banned? You just admitted that you flamed the player. 2) Implying that both can't be punished? And speaking of which... 3) You can't possibly know that they didn't get punished. The only ways you can know is if you get the in-client message (which only appears when your report triggers a ban), or if the player publically complains about it like what you're doing. > League of Morons :) this game dead Which is why there's still a sizable number of people playing it. No, no, I definitely believe you and _most certainly_ don't see your statement as a melodramatic exaggerated whinge uttered because of your own sole personal experience with being banned for a lengthy history of acting like a jerk in a game which explicitly forbids people who act like jerks![/sarcasm] TL;DR Stop blaming everyone but yourself. Your toxicity is your own fault and you know it. Nobody else controls your actions. You should've thought about this before everything you've done leading up to this punishment.
i got the same punishment as him for using custom skins , so yeah even thought its warned in the ToS that no one reads, its still a fkin retarded treatment, comparing me to this guy and to scripters, so yeah, i love riot aswell as u can imagine
Zyce (EUNE)
: ***
Kickapoo (EUW)
18 here , mid lane preference , shotcaller, can use any communcation device, gold v in my main, its banned tho for using custom skins program, still have to lvl up my smurf which is in S4. played since season 1 btw
: This "Its only a normal"
Ok, ive been in your situation and here are some tips. 1st Dont play normals it will just hold you back, you are playing vs people who are playing for fun not competitive at all they dont care wether they win or lose. 2nd Dont be afraid of getting bronze V, you get what you deserve, maybe your friends will laugh at your current rank? so what? ignore the haters even if they are just trolling you . Would i ever laugh at a fat guy?heck yes, Would i ever laugh at a fat guy in a gym? no, because i know he is giving his all to improve.Also dont look at your rank as something negative , look at it as feedback. 3rd maybe you think you are good , guess what you are not, do less games per day, but the game you do play, try to find everything you did wrong in order to improve. 4th and most important, learn how to not tilt, this is the biggest problem in all ranks just saying
: they also say that MKJogo is reducing the amount of people buying skins
its also reducing the amount of people playing the game, why? because perma ban kek, less people , less skins bought, less money, so basically riot just multiplied the amount of money loss #geniusCompany
Infernape (EUW)
: That's on them. The agreement is a binding contract between you and Riot. You're not supposed to blindly agree to something you don't know extensively. We all agree to this contract every two weeks (when the game gets patched). Not to mention that there's a large number of posts from Rioters and the emissaries on the boards explicitly stating that MK LOL is not allowed to be used at all.
1st of all Most people dont even know boards exist. 2nd "That's on them. The agreement is a binding contract between you and Riot. You're not supposed to blindly agree to something you don't know extensively. We all agree to this contract every two weeks (when the game gets patched)." Its true, even thought as said before wouldnt hurt to do a warning message, they perma ban people dude, its divinding people from the game forever, its not temporary, permanent things should have warnings dude, cause if you use a skin program and get permabanned you are being compared to a scripter or a big time flammer, and thats not even comparable in my opinion, its like giving the same punishment for someone who stole a bank and someone who killed
: You're deluded. People are banned not because of the skin function, it's because of the other functions such as jungle timers etc. that give an UNFAIR advantage. Yes you can turn it off but Riot can't check which functions are being used. You got banned despite the warnings, both on the boards and the ToU.
not true, i already spoke to one riot member, when i got banned, i stopped using mkjogo and started using lolskinpreview and what he said was basically that they cannot distinguish scripts from skin programs, because they work the same way. so before calling another person deluded learn what you are talking about before you do
: Banning people using MK Jogo?
I got banned for the same reason ive been playing since season 1, i must say one thing RIP, and riot cries about people leaving the game, flammers, trollers and SMURFS, off course im going to smurf now that i am banned on my main.
: >Why the heck would you ban someone using custom skins? Because MKJogo offers more functions than just custom skins. >Riot used to donate to charites (won't forget Red Cross Akali), but at the same time bans people who use custom skins, mainly because they don't have enough money to buy skins "legally". This has so nothing to do with each other. Charity actions serve people who are in actual NEED, people who are poor, people who can't clothe or feed their kids or need medical attention but don't have the money to pay for it. Not being able to buy luxury goods such as skins in a video game, doesn't even REMOTELY compare.
: ... you might be on a watch list
just because i love to fap 2 little girls? wow u are so prejudiced Kappa
: Best looking champion? (female)
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