: Tomorrow midnight means 23.02 night or 24.02 midnight?
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: Season 7 is a PATHETIC excuse for a season.
as a high elo player, gotta say we have more diversity compared to what we had in season 4,5,6. i play offmeta champs (teemo, shaco, yi, nasus etc. ) and Im at dia 2 rn. game isnt healthieset but its better than it was in the past. only thing Im sad about is how riot is trying to prevent snowballing so LCS games last longer.. sad
: Playing Ranked as a Support is near on Impossible
Janna, raka, karma, braum, nami, etc. are top tier supports :) if you struggle I suggest you improve.
: Current state of cheesy support picks
>supports arent able to carry everyone complains how they should be able to carry >finally some supports are able to carry games people complain about it too like.. what?? janna, raka, karma, Nami, Blitz, bard, etc are viable supports. zyra velkoz and malz are viable too, just because they're different doesnt mean its a bad thing.. like I dont get your point. go play janna if you want to, how does zyra stop you?
Almighty (EUNE)
: Reminder: We still want and need Normal Draft!
Catchdown (EUW)
: I found my true love in League of Legends number 2
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AstralDream (EUNE)
if he didnt flame, it's all good ^.^
LYN Nanai (EUW)
: Team Control (ESP) looks for a coach
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: Need advice from High Elo ADC Plyayer's
>get fed >tf around objectives >kill whatever moves >take objectives
: Cancer this, Cancer that. Stop.
as long as they dont wish it to each other.. why not.

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