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: Stuck in silver while working really hard
Hey, Let me give you some actual advice that will be useful to you, as an ex toplaner who was in the same position as you and climbed his way to plat 5 before going fulltime support. WHat TheLynxMan is saying is not exactly wrong, objective control IS really important and playing with team has never been more important, but in any elo lower than diamond, and from what I've seen even in diamond, it's pointless to rely on your team, and macro (which is what this is) is really really hard for most players already, let alone a silver. So.... Focus on crushing that lane for now, and forget about other lanes. Stick to 1 lane, and I'm assuming toplane. So first, pick one champion hat you will play, and only that. Pick a champion that have impact on the game within the meta, so for example, Nasus is not really that pick, cause by the time you come online your team is probably 0/20. In soloqueue, you want to crush lane, and then crush game. Or at least, you sound like the person who'd like that. But hey, if Nasus is the love of your life, please play him. I personally like champions that have good duel potential, but are able to teamfight if required, or splitpush if required. I played old Irelia and jax if I had to. Renekton is a fine pick, so let's just go with that for now, as long as you just pick 1 champion for now and stick with it. That way you will actually learn the champion, its limits, what you can and cannot do, what you can get away with, at what point you can 1v2 the enemy top and enemy jungler, what roams are good, what flash plays you can make, what will mess you up and how you can avoid messing up. The kind of plays you know you'll 100% sure you will survive with 50 hp, and that makes you make the play, and as a result win the game. You see why it is important to really at least know one champion in and out as you learn the game? So.. how to get to this? Watch a lot of videos and start understanding wave management. Better wave management alone will get you to gold no problem. Add better trading to that and you'll climb faster than you know. And by watch videos, I mean, watch a lot. Go to OP.gg and navigate to your champion of your choice, and try to find the exact lane matchup you just played and see how that pro player plays it. At what point does he trade, and what point does he go in and not go in, how is his wave management? Where does he ward, does he roam? Get your lane under control. When I was learning the champion, I did this every time I had a new matchup, and then I did this everytime I lost lane, until I stopped losing lane. Try and find a game where his jungler is not camping his top, for a better idea. In the end I knew everything within my elo of Irelia, what I could get away with, what lanes were free and how to make sure I'd destroy those lanes completely (Riven :D), what lanes were an utter disaster and how I could prevent feeding in those (Darius :D), which ones were my personal problems etc, what things I could go for, what picks were good to make, what roams were going to probably work out, how to ward efficiently so I can decimate my lane some more, and hopefully the enemy jungler while I'm at it. In the end my biggest issue was carrying my lead into the game, like yours, but then in your elo and honestly even in my current shitty elo this is an issue a lot of players have, so don't worry too much. (for the record, I think I'm on my 'smurf' account if you can even call it that, my current shitty elo is mid-high plat). Then after that, the hardest part really, is your macro. You're ahead, what do you do now? Where to go? Where to roam? how to extend your lead into the game? I was bad at this so I just ended up splitpushing a lot and hoping my team wouldn't feed. Don't worry too much about this, you can try and watch vids for this but it's actually a hard thing to learn in general. I wish I could help you out on this one, but I think getting your lane under control is a good start. Lastly, understand that just winning lane is not enough: "I have 2 kills he has 0 and his turret will probably die before mine" is just not enough, it's a lead, sure, but if enemy yasuo is going 20/0 it's not enough. You're looking to decimate. You want the enemy top to not even be able to come close to his lane anymore. You want to force enemy jungler to come for you or else they lose the game and then you kill him too. You want enemy top to have 30cs while you have 80. That way, enemy laner is completely out of the game and there's no way he'll ever come back. Heck, one of my tactics was to just make him ragequit by asking jungler to add insult to injury. You can do this, provided you play this one champion for the next 500 games, WATCH THOSE VIDEOS, watch streams, and CONTINIOUSLY are critical of your own play, and understand why you died or why you didn't kill him.
: Need some serious tips against Shaco in Silver
Hi, Ward his jungle camps. This goes for any invisible jungler (eve, twitch, shaco). That way you know where he is. Tell your top/bot to do the same.
: Friends to teach me league.
Hi, i added you on my main account, I don't mind new players, I also have a very low level account we can play with together too!
DooTsoNz (EUW)
: Leaving in champ selection and how it leads to counterbans
Inevitable, if you don't want to have to wait another 5 minutes for new queue to pop. I however am OK waiting so after a dodge, I cancel queue, not even cause of picks/bans but because I'm way more likely to be autofilled now.
: Can anyone help me to see how to defeat teemo and heim?
Hi, Both these matchups aren't impossible, there's some tips here, but they're really vulnerable to ganks. Ensure your jungler you guys together will make teemo/heimer completely useless. One kill on Teemo and he's done, you can kill him over and over after that (provided he wasn't fed before). Especially early on, teemo and heimer are just free kills waiting to be picked up by a gank. And as for any matchup: check op.gg replays or even just on youtube, to see if you can find your champion vs the one champion that made your life rough. Try to see what he does, when he goes in to trade, when he doesn't, when he all-ins, with what items, what items he buys... That will help you a lot!
Rwobba (EUW)
: How to prevent dropping 5 Devisions? Plat 1 to Plat 5 drop
Hi! Long post inc on tilt and on revision of tactics. It's hard to say why this happens to you specifically, but I have some experience with frustration and tilt, both connected (but not the same). In my friend's case, who dropped even more than you, in my opinion, the reason was 100% tilt, and honestly, it may be for you also. I don't think that RNG can be such that you are having SO many bad games in a row that you're losing all of them. When it comes to these plat games, I also don't believe shifting meta can be THIS destructive to your ranking. HOWEVER: You also may be using a tactic that no longer works. Nami hardcarry decidedly stopped working somewhere after Plat 4-3 for me, and I had to seriously revise tactics (including builds, for example: mikael's was a buy I needed to seriously learn to use as it now was a lot more valuable than it was in gold). I also had to change my bans, no longer what I hate, but what really will make my lane impossible, even if I don't mind playing against it, because I was no longer so much better that every lane was a win no matter what - in fact, often people were better than me now (I was climbing as support, obviously). So I had to work around that. Pick smart, ban smart. I tried on my other account some other champions to see if I could find a fit. In the end I settled on a couple of champions that got me to Plat 1 99 LP, nothing really high, but considering I started in Bronze 3 when I started this game, I was still kinda proud. But at this point I again was at a point where I had to reconsider my tactic (sadly couldn't play more to try and get to diamond). So this could be the case for you also, your tactic that made you really "stuck" and now, coupled with that: the tilt. Tilting is actually heavily misunderstood. To tilt does not mean that you're raging, irritated, frustrating, or anything like that. That's when you're already really far gone. Tilting can be an assassin, a slight change of mood that will make you behave just a bit differently than you normally would - usually more reckless. Normally you wouldn't go into that river, now you did anyway. Normally you wouldn't go ward there, now you do. Normally you'd listen to that instinct to not go all-in, now you go anyway. In short, you go for plays where the risk is, honestly, greater than the reward, and even if those are small things, over the course of a game it will really influence the outcome. And then you're tilting yourself even more because, in the back of your head, you KNOW that you shouldn't have done it, you did it anyway, and honestly, nothing is more tilting than that. Then on top of that your jungler does something stupid (not helping!), now the game is over, and you queue again. Next game will be better, right? But no, same things happen (more reckless plays, you may not even notice it anymore at this point), and now you're also starting to get frustrated, so now you lose the game and you go again. Guess what happens, but now you're frustration is pretty high, but what are the odds you will lose the NEXT game also? So now you go into what my friends and I call "ragequeue". That's the riven who's been feeding 0/12 for the past 10 games and starts champion select by "top or int!!1" (though I guess with role select, you only discover these players too late...). What I'm saying is, even if you think you're not tilted, it could be you are. I have strict rules if I soloqueue. If I duo it's a bit different. 1) If I lose 3 games in a row, I stop completely. For the rest of the day. Not even normals, because normals do not cure tilt. I'm allowed 1-2 ARAM games, because those actually relax me. 2) If I feel fragile that day (gauge your mood before you start playing! Are you feeling chipper? A bit sad? A bit irritated? Stressed?) (fragile = stressed/sad/irritated/moodswings if you're female), stop after 2 games of loss, for the rest of the day. 3) NO normals or smurf accounts. Normals will still continue to fill your tilt gauge, it will certainly not help it drop it. You need a breather, not a milder version of your toxin. 4) In your case I'd take a really long break. We're talking weeks here. In my biggest tilt period (despite the rules, yes), I needed a 2 week break before I was even remotely normal. I can feel on champion select already this mild, nagging feeling in my stomach, a bit like impatience, and that's my sign how I recognize to be careful, tilt's waiting.. 5) My aforementioned friend quit League completely, recognizing he cannot play this game without destroying his mental health. He's recently come back to the game as my support (as I am now learning to adc), and since he's not playing to climb or even get better, and just absolutely for fun and laughs at my horrible Varus ults, he's been fine (largely). Still can't do too many games though. Maybe this is an approach you can try to teach yourself: play for ONE certain goal: NOT to climb, but to.... a) have fun b) learn this new role c) every game, find 5 things you did great and 5 things you did bad. With these kinds of goals, you're less likely to tilt because, well, you're now focused on yourself and your own improvement and with that comes losses. Even the tilted brain understands that. Anyway, good luck...! Hope it works out.
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Febos (EUW)
: ##Game 1 > flag: tahm is jsut **cancer** champ that no one below d5 has a clue how to eal with lmao Yikes, this starts bad. > flag: if xin had > flag: any jungler awareness > flag: easy triple > flag: instead hes playing with his penis in top jung Here starts negativity towards your jungler. I didn't read everything yet, but my experience tells me this isn't the last time you say something. > flag: this why u stuck at ur elo This isn't the last time either. > flag: shut up you > flag: dont talk to me harstuck gold 5 > flag: 250 games > flag: hardstuck By this point a 10 game chat restriction can be applied. > flag: no report for toxic > flag: please report xin for flame Calling for reports. *** ##Game 2 > flag: illaoi you now have more deaths than us :) Making fun of Illaoi. Not a good start, but nothing serious. > flag: report illaoi toxic plks Calling for reports, again. This game is milder compared to the previous one. *** ##Game 3 > flag: LEBLANC > flag: EYES > flag: USE EYES > flag: not lb > flag: kata > flag: lol I'm guessing Katarina will be the focus of your rage in this game. > flag: WHAT > flag: what the %%%c > flag: WHAT ARE YOU DOING > flag: actually the bornzest gmae ive been in in 5 years I'm assuming this is directed at Kata, but even if it isn't this isn't okay to say. > flag: then u and janna run in for no reason > flag: then kat cant e to minion This isn't necesarily a problem, but with your history, up until this point, this doesn't help your case. > flag: WHEN WE HAVE 0 VISION > flag: LOOK WARDS PALCED AFTER > flag: 0 viusion gg More negativity. > flag: idiot vi Just why... *** *** > [{quoted}](name=flag,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Osh1NJtI,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-03T00:19:41.294+0000) > > The only thing I can recognise is "idiot vi". Can you actually get punished for calling people an idiot now? What... lol. No, you won't be punished for saying "you're an idiot" if you do it **once** in a blue moon. The problem here is your **recent** history of negativity towards teammates. That's why they sent you 3 games. Your behaviour was escalating so, before you do something worse, they punish you lightly. 10 games chat restriction is the first punishment. #Read this: [Punishment Chart](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/4aTrEIiq-contrary-to-missinformed-popular-belief)
To be frank, I find it disheartening that all this person got was 10 games muted, and that apparently, you (and maybe riot) considers this person's behaviour "mild toxicity". From what I'm seeing, this person is the player who all those anti-toxicity, "why is this game so toxic" etc etc posts are aimed at. I mean people who start calling names is something else entirely, I personally find this kind of soul-sucking negativity and passive aggression to be so much worse. He's also the reason I /mute all.
flag (EUW)
: I received a 10 game mute, can someone tell me where the limits are?
If you're being DISRESPECTFUL, that's gonna qualify you for any punishment. You can tell me if belittling someone for rank, calling them an idiot, etc etc is DISRESPECTFUL. Treat others always with courtesy and respect and you should have no problems in life or in game.
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Mjallhvít (EUNE)
: The punishment is not unfair tho, since it is rarely based of you being toxic just one time. If you get the chat restriction you have been reported repeatedly for being toxic which proves that your game of having your comfort-pick banned and then responding with the LeagueOfLegendsSalt.tm was not an individual case. If you are toxic once or twice, like me, giving someone the middle finger in games cuz they are just being pieces of trash, you get a warning. THhe punishment based of verbal abuse focuses on you being chat banned at the time of the seasons end. I do think that you could fix the system tho, in some way appeal for your last games, for the ban to be amended in one way or another, if someone were to watch your game and then fix the issue, you know, proper costumer service {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
I think people are mostly complaining that you don't get any rewards if you got some kind of punishment AFTER a certain date; e.g. everyone who was toxic BEFORE that date and were punished BEFORE that date get their rewards. And I agree that that's unfair. Nobody who was toxic at any point and received a penalty for it should get a reward. Nitpicking based on some seemingly random date who among all those toxic flamers gets rewards or not seems unjust, at best.


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