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: The sweetness comes if they try to play Rankeds in an elo they arent meant to be. **_This elo was not meant to be._** {{champion:57}} But I do know one case. Reality strikes back hard and swiftly though. Its just not worth the money, especially not if they boosted guys dont learn something from their new environment.
I think both of the stories i posted, they both don't play ranked now they're at an elo they feel comfortable in, then next season they'll just do it again >_> but yes I'd love to see them try to play in that elo XD
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: I got myself from gold 1 to diamond 5 with consistently great Ahri scores. I was always duoing with the same person during all these games. Does that make it boosting? No. Nothing stops you from playing duoq as much as you want, and just because the player you're duo with may not be as good, that doesn't make it eloboosting. As Riot themselves have said, it's only eloboosting if you go on THEIR accounts and play ranked there.
And thats great for you, but the scenario I saw, is that my friend was only playing support, and no I cant see what interaction they had in game, but everygame their kda was very bad, and thats all i had to go off.. and their team mate who they duo'd with? always always fed and from a higher elo playing on a smurf account
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