: "stop feeding"
Except that every time I tell someone to stop feeding, I see them dying again half-way up the lane, behind both creeps waves trying to kill the enemy that has a 3 level lead and is 5/0 then frantically spam pinging "omg jungle he's 1 hp gank". It wasn't "close", they didn't get "outplayed", they tried to play aggressively when there was literally no chance for them to kill the enemy and ended up giving them another kill. Unless you are under the tower at 100% hp and the enemy dives and kills you (trynd, usually), it was almost certainly your fault that you died. I see too many people running back to their tower on 10% hp and getting killed then complaining "omg I got dived please help nothing I can do". Give up CS. Give up EXP. Give up your tower if you have to. Stop feeding. Oh, and while we're at it. If you die to jungle ganks, the solution isn't to have your jungler gank. The solution is to stop dying to jungle ganks.


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