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: 10 jahresjubiläum geschenke gehen nicht?
relog, then play a matchmade game
: Worlds tokens missing
same, i played alot of tft, and didnt get any tokens, no matter which place i finish, be it 1st, second, or 7th. sometimes i get some, but today it was very bad, i bet i didnt get around 20-24 tokens from tft, didnt get one from a 5v5 ranked either. relogging and waiting didnt help
: RANKED REWARDS in 12. DECEMBER, but u can get up (HONOR LVL 2) till 11.FEBRUARY!!! Where is logic?
sounds pretty fair to me. if you get a chat restriction in april, you have all the time til december to get your honor level back up, but if you get the same chat restriction in november instead, it is the same penalty for the same bad thing, but with a very different impact. makes sense to me
: Damn, I was wrong as %%%%. They really Introduced honor 8 years ago: My bad :D
> [{quoted}](name=Bettnachleger,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=KeLhtc81,comment-id=0002000100010000,timestamp=2018-10-06T00:53:58.336+0000) > > Damn, I was wrong as %%%%. > They really Introduced honor 8 years ago: > > > My bad :D I have looked into your situation and I see that you have been chat restricted due to the trend of negativity in your recent game. The punishment is meant as a warning while at the same time to encourage you to act in a more tactful manner in game chat. When it comes to what is considered toxic behaviour, most players confuse it with just hate speech (racism, homophobia, wishing harm on others, etc.), Please note that toxicity can take multiple forms, like spamming, sarcastic comments, harassment, criticize or putting someone down because of their performance or threatening to report others. These activities destroy the gaming experience for others and regardless of the circumstances, are not allowed. I fully understand that you were tilted in that match and I can only empathize with your situation. However, answering back in the same manner is not the right thing to do. You should've muted and then reported the offensive players after the game. This way they would be the ones investigated, not you. I know that this restriction will affect your ability to communicate at will but please bear in mind that you are still able to use chat in a limited way. The restriction is designed to encourage you to think about what to say and how to word it. Don’t forget that the Smart Ping feature is also a reliable tool at your disposal, and sometimes, a more effective way to communicate with your team. I strongly recommend you to use it as much as you can. Lastly, since you described the match in such detail, I am able to start a manual investigation into the chat activity of the other players. However, keep in mind that due to privacy issues I will not be able to provide you feedback on the measures we will take against other players (if that’s the case). **I know that the 10 games will pass fast and the real issue is with the Honor level. However, this is how the system was created by the developers. If you ask me, this punishment is too harsh for you given the circumstances but sadly it's nothing I can do since this is how the system was developed and I can't go against it :'( ** Thank you again for reaching out to us and please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Despite the punishment, I really wish you to have an amazing day! thats what the support sent me. pay attention to the last paragraph.
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: is riot banning players for chatting?
i got a chat ban and honor reset too. for just 1 game. was stuck in a normal with 4 toxic premades who racked up 40+deaths. kept insulting me and my IQ. in the end i wrote "85IQ teach me how to feed pls". they wrote to enemy team to report me, so i was hit with 4-9 reports. instantly chat restricted. i wrote the support and the guy said that in his opinion i wasnt toxic at all (i had the top 10% honor badge for the last 8 years lol), but he cannot interfere with the auto-punishment system. feels a bit unfair to get reported by premades who were ultra-toxic, the support worker says im not at fault and im still honor locked. all he said is "you should have muted them". in comparison, this chat is wild, with several swear words and stuff lol
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: Clash Week One Cancellation
*small indie company that totally doesnt exist since over 10 years*
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