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: Hey CH Fröginator, there have been few threads about this issue: If you have any special characters in your Windows username, replays won't work and you have to make another Windows account, here's video tutorial: I would really want to help you, but i'm noob at investigating League of Legends logs, maybe you should try this workaround by Coxis: You can always try repairing the client, disable Windows [UAC](, run League of Legends as administrator, disable antivirus/firewalls, or even perform clean uninstall using [Hextech Repair Tool]( Let's hope that someone of the experienced Wrenchmans will notice this thread, i'm pretty sure they can solve this issue.
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: That's a great story :) Is it based on true events from one of your games ?
Thanks! And yes, happend a while ago
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: can i receive gifht to ?
Read the post and you'll see how to participate
: Roses are so red, Rudolph is too, I need that winter skin, SO GIVE IT TO me :)
> [{quoted}](name=Fasolea ta,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=7MeLoywU,comment-id=0019,timestamp=2016-12-13T10:29:14.365+0000) > > Roses are so red, > Rudolph is too, > I need that winter skin, > SO GIVE IT TO me :) its supposed to rhyme you silly :P "Roses are red, Pretty snow is all I see. I need that winter skin, SO GIVE IT TO me :)" That's how you do it :), happy snowdown :)
: [Volunteer Christmas] Skin Raffle ! [CLOSED]
So a poem *It was a cold snowdown night* *The rift was filled with snow* *But to our finest delight* *Our nexus still glow* *We had fought for many minutes now* *But no first blood had been drawn* *Atleast not until our Master Yi went out with a salty "wow"* *"Feed on, n00b" our Tryndamere spat out* *"Shut up you silly troll" Master Yi was quick to respond* *And all of the sudden, they both started to shout* *"Please both of you stop" as friendly as posible I pleaded* *"We can't win this one by one" another lose was just what I needed* *But they wouldn't listen so after a while I said while on that rift* *"If you're friendly and we win, I'll give you both a gift!"* *And just like that, not another bad word was said* *Because nothing gives you motivation like the scent of Shockblade Zed* *After that, many kills for both sides where drawn* *We got an ace and tried to push, but their entire team respawned* *We had no chanse, as we were all very low* *And all our backing animations were just way too slow* *They took us out, one by one, untill only Trynd was left* *If he died we'd all just lose, I could already feel the defeat in my chest* *But he feared not, he wouldn't die without a fight* *"Go go trynd I belive" Yi said, "just don't let them kite"* *He fought bravely, but the odds were too great* *He took four of them down, but couldn't dominate* *So the remaining enemy took down what was left of our base* *But for me it didnt matter, 'cause everyone were nice, and what's so bad with second place?* Happy Snowdown folks!
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: Volunteer Christmas 2016 - Snowdown!
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: So i got reported because i was not playing like most of people wants

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