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: Hey, I think there's a misunderstanding. Yatsuki is not a Rioter and she's not a technician working for Riot or something like that either. She's part of the Volunteer program, along with people like me. She's also not a Wrenchman anymore due to restructuring, but that'd be too complicated to explain so let's just say she knows her way around with tech-stuff and can sometimes help players with some issues. However, as she said, she doesn't have much more information than anyone else. We're just members of the community as well. We don't know what's going on either, we can only make educated guesses based on how Riot usually operates. Or we can tell whatever Riot is posting on Twitter or anywhere else, in case people didn't see that, since we're usually a bit more informed in that area.
Makes sense! Thanks for the clarification, I'll edit my original post (not that it matters now anyway!)
: yes it would be very fun, i love bugs and surprises,more fun to tha game,u have no excuses
You're probably one of the only people with this opinion. I'm sure if the server was kept online during work being carried out you'd be here complaining about the fact the game had so many game-breaking bugs. Patience, you'll be able to play again soon.
Opheliae (EUW)
: Thank you for that! Im waiting for a response from the Riot Support Team in the hopes of getting some informations there but we just have to wait till everything is fixed. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
No problem - support won't be replying for a while unless it's super urgent! They're dealing with a large number of tickets at the moment. But! I'll keep you updated on this thread once I know more, we'll all be in the game soon enough, assured!
: but that makes no sense, they can do all that without shutting down the game, just revert the changes and let us play th fkng game while they investigate the issues on another server, its not that hard
They could actually keep the game on while they're working on it, you're right. However ask yourself this - do you want to be in a ranked game, winning and then all of a sudden. Bam. The servers go offline as they needed to restart to make sure it worked fully. Or ask yourself this, would you like to be in a game where they're fixing a problem with Jinx and then all of a sudden Jinx now does 100% more damage than usual as they're fixing it while you're in a live game. Would you still feel the same way? Truthfully and I'm sure you'll agree I'd rather have the game down for a few hours to make sure everything is fixed so that they don't have to keep shutting the server down every night and my gaming experience isn't ruined by keeping the server on while they make changes that could be game-breaking.
: Be Punctual!!!!!! It's already 5 GMT,still can't login in the server
Update has been posted:
1000Crazy (EUW)
: Wow work by Riot and cant speak English
Not everyone in Riot is English, they're diverse and have staff from around the world, hence why League is available in hundreds of different languages. All thanks to translators and Wrenchmen who work in different regions.
: ok im not calmed im still spamming the boards until they do or say something 1 hour 26 min
To be honest, I cannot imagine it is intentional; they've probably fixed a few things or added a few things and then it's developed more issues. It tends to happen a lot when developing a game the size of League. If you imagine how many things connect to one line of code. Give them some time, I've got a somewhat update on it and I'll keep chasing around for more when I can.
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: Be Punctual!!!!!! It's already 5 GMT,still can't login in the server
Just checked and seen one of the Riot staff on the server in a ranked game on EUW according to Discord Rich Presence, but the timer has been on for a while indicating they're still testing/checking something.
xPeking (EUW)
: League of Legends maintenance, December 4rth 2019.
Forsan (EUW)
: Let me play its 6am gmt is it not ? (IS LIVE NOW GG EZ)
De Crazy (EUW)
: servers will be down for the next 45 minutes. Go outside and smell the air or something.Doest need server run because hacking Attack, Riot has no control over the Server anymore.
Anathema (EUNE)
: Can't log in,weird messages appear
I used to get this a lot, I fixed it by reinstalling League.
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