: Silver is cancer...
Welcome to elo hell xD
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Infernape (EUW)
: Draft pick isn't available 24/7 on EUNE. It's only available between 12:00 and 00:00 CET.
Ty for the info.But it actually happened between those hours.1 game I could not play draft,the next game I could.Really strange
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: Ranked in 2017 preseason is confusing
You refuse to play a video game which is supposed to entertain you(cause thats why you play video games,to have fun) cause you are afraid of losing your rank ...
Phrase (EUW)
: why do people act so salty with BE
Cause the majority of this game are kids? Seriously I would like age servers
Achmed Bo (EUW)
: Riot's new snowball game
The game is better than ever at the moment and as veteran you should know this far too well.Teamwork is enhanced with snowball and players are becoming better right now,cause they dont focus only in 1 lane like zombies,but are obliged to help their teammates and have whole map awearness.1 v 1 is history and thats good cause League is teamwork game
: pls double turret dmg bring back truedmg, and double health,Games to fast!
Games are already long enough.I feel that the game currently is better than ever and also the new runes are awesome
: Fairly dissapointed
Ok you are really selfish and childish! I can understand complaining about something that hurts your game experience like matchmaking and runes/masteries but SKINS? Skins are just something which pleases the eye,totally irrelevant to the game.Also Riot is a company and needs money for sustain,so guys like you and me keep playing the game.However,with boxes and keys you can score very good free skins.Riot did not have to give you something like that,but it did and you keep complaining about it? So damn ungreatfull... Please remove this discussion
Grffon (EUNE)
: i started to play at S6 ending i won 4/10 my placement games and i got into silver 1 i were happy and i was keep playing and loosing. So than the season ended i were S5 (i was dropped to b1 but climbed back). So i started new season with knowing that my main is top with illaoi. I played good and i won 7/10 my placement games and i were placed into bronze 5 :D So dont think that placement games mean something be ready for b5(its just to waste your time). As much as i remember where was talks here on boards that your mmr is divided by 2 and you get placed. So if you are B1 with 1200lp/2= 600lp=Bronze 5. i bet that i will be placed back to bronze or in best scenario silver V. Elo hell is until gold 1~2 than you start not to get those riot boosted players like i was in S6 than rito boosted me to S1 than i were B5.
I totally agree with you.And to be crystal clear,when we speak about Elo Hell we don't mean that we are meant to be on a higher division.I think that we all know exactly were we deserve to be.When we speak about Elo Hell we mean that you can find no-clue-about the game players in unusaly high(for 1400 mmr which is the average player) for them elo,which is unacceptable. I believe that the elo problem begins when a new account,which plays rank for first time,scores a tier more than Silver 5.I remember in my 10 first provisional games,I scored 6-4 and got SIlver 3.I totally was clueless about the game then,I did not deserve that tier whatsoever.Not only in terms of skill but more importantly in terms of game knowledge.I could not priorise ojectives or which action is more beneficial for the team. I think that all new accounts must start between Bronze 5-Silver 5.Also,it is very easy for a booster to play 10 games and then sell the account to a new player.If however the max tier was Silver 5,boosting would be harder and that means fewer boosted accounts.This would create a better elo balance
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, We're aware of issues from lobby creation <--> getting in game. Messaging is up in client and we're currently working on it! :-)
Ty.Its normal after all the game entered a new chapter.However the new rune system is really awesome and worth the trouble :)
Ataxis (EUW)
: Same for other queues.
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: MMR makes no sense to me, please explain, IF YOU CAN!
Of course it makes no sense and it is created for exactly this purpose,holding you down and playing 1.000.000 games per day(money). Anyway,just know that nothing will change in your games wether you are a Bronze 2 or Gold 2. You will still get teammates without a clue for the game(example: they will abandon a free enemy nexus and victory cause they will need the enemy red buff or go back and defend one inner turret cause I don't know losing it is not worth the victory.Prestige?),feeders/trolls/ afk's etc. MMR is creating elo hell in every tier,so just play for your own sake,become better player for yourself and pray a day will come when riot will finally make a fair matchmaking system based on the performance of each player and not just the result.
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Smerk (EUW)
: Well, you are also faulty in this case. You completely ignored half of my comment. Part that was relevant to your post. I'm talking about this > Also you're seriously wrong on two things. Game doesn't care about your winning streaks. And when someone plays for fun, that doesn't mean he's not trying to win.
I ignored it cause it exposes your inexperience of how the mmr system works.It is true that not all the players who have fun dont necessairily care about win,however the majority actually don't.For example: getting yourself countered (enemy has Teemo and you pick Garen) cause you just like one champion (Garen) without caring that your team is already on disadvantage with that pick,is not something you find in competitive players,only on those who just wanna have fun.70% of games are lost in champion selection only,cause picks are not based on strategy but on who "you like".
: Dont bother with him Primo, I absolutely agree with you and I am sure there are more than 10% of ppl who do as well :) keep it up and good luck in rankeds in S8!! {{champion:267}}
You too brother.I really hope Riot makes some changes in the mmr matchmakings,maybe add some personal contribution or some other value,so the burden of battle's result is somewhat lighter for competitive players.
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, I wanted to downvote, but I can't, because you posted it in "New Player Advice". Also when you want to emphasize something use **bold** or _italic_ or even **_both_**
Ok I will do that right away,cause people only look the tree and not the forest
: Don't even try posting this on boards. 90% of people here are mentally ill and you wont get this, they'll just downvote and blame you. I feel you, this is one of the reason I didn't get diamond again this season, because 1 in 2 games the adc was autofilled.
Well I always focus on that 10%,cause that 10% love this game like me and help improving it :)
: and here i was, wanting to climb to diamond with my Zilean jungle full crit{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
If you actually do that,you deserve LCS bro xD
Smerk (EUW)
: > Don't play rank games.Have fun in every mode you like EXCEPT RANK QUEUES. it stops looking like a plea when you start using caps lock. Also it looks like you completely disregard that someone can have fun playing rankeds
I cant write in every sentence the word "Please".Thats why we have titles.When the title includes the word "Plea",you understand it is something I ask politely and with passion.Also,the caps are for highlight.In a big text like that,I used caps only to highlight the most important sentences,cause most of people wont bother reading it.You keep writing irrelevant things in a text that is crystal clear.If this text is something you dont like,downvote it like any other.Stop trying to morph it into something it's not cause you make a fool of yourself.I will not continue this conversation more
Smerk (EUW)
: Wrong subboard dude. There is no advice for new players, all I see is demand. Also you're seriously wrong on two things. Game doesn't care about your winning streaks. And when someoen plays for fun, that doesn't mean he's not trying to win.
Since when Plea = Demand? This post does not demand nothing,it is just asking nicely.Noone has to follow it if he does not want to
Dżinsae (EUW)
: Looking for someone to play
Welcome and have fun man
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: Why im quitting and why this game won't last long in the future.
This game has no future,I agree.MMR matchmaking system and ranking system buried it.It is now only fun to play for 5 premade team or watching the pro players playing in tournaments.
l MrD l (EUW)
: Ranked...
RIOT does not understand that when we talk about Elo Hell,we don't mean that we ourselves deserve to be at a higher rank,but actually that OUR TEAMMATES OF SAME OR EVEN WORSE HIGHER MMR ARE UNWORTHY OF IT.I am in 1400 elo right now,I play vs Golds and they have absolutely no clue about the game.They simply CANT BE GOLD.The game need either KDA matchmaking or putting ALL ACCOUNTS in Bronze 5 and restart.Also,ITS UNACCEPTABLE FOR A NEW ACCOUNT TO BE ABLE TO SCORE ABOVE BRONZE,makes boosters a real thorn in games.Its actually very easy for a booster to play 10 provisional games,score a high elo tier and then sell it to a new player.Finaly,duo premades must not be able to queue together if their mmr differ more than 300,at least for platinum tiers and below
EpicLoLer (EUW)
: your attitude is terrible because you want to dodge if anybody does anything you don't like and you then pretend to blame the trolls and riot for it, for your OWN behavior. If you fail to understand why your idea is absolute garbage, you are a terrible league player and the reason why LoL is known as one of the most toxic communities in gaming. Take responsibility for your own behavior and stop begging for a free card to break the summoners code, you won't get it.
You are clearly a mentally disturbed person or simply cannot understand English.Rest in peace in an asylum
: My League Of Legends Story
I hope they hire you man
: How do you climb when playing tanks?
The problem with climbing is not the "tank" champions,but the matchmaking itself.MMR system is a total failure for soloqueue,it works only for 5v5 rank teams.The game is made like this so you spent hours playing every day,giving them more money.Its just pure marketing. If you still wanna climb up try these 5 things:1)Mastering the champions you play,2)Playing with a premade,so now the chances of scoring elo hell reduces from 80% to 60%,3)Playing autofill cause you help your teammates play into their familiar lanes,reducing troll and experimenting,4)Picking champions that combo with your teammates and enhance the strong parts of your carries,5)Not doing anything that gives enemy team more gold than your team,meaning don't feed and ward. There is nothing else you can do from your part,besides these 5 things.Just pray to have a normal team and if you have a bad/unlucky day,like 4 defeats in a row,stop playing ranks and try again the next day. Ps:Don't bother trying to respond to all those people who will try to prove my comment faulse and call me noob.They are the zombie products of Riot,or people working there who just defend the hand that feeds them
Perilum (EUW)
: Then play ranked if you want properly matched with others. If you're challenger and never play normals, you will get matched against Bronze. Simply because your MMR is still default in normals. Beside that people can play with friends and this messes MMR up even more. Also if you play against better players you actually learn something. Noob stomping is for losers.
Hagtorn (EUNE)
: Matchmaking
You are complaining about normal games seriously?Who gives a shit about normal games.Let them fix the ranking system first and then we can talk about normal games.We have a pile of boosted bronzes and trollers between silver 2-gold 2 who block all the climbing efforts
Keitra (EUNE)
: Why bot lane is so useless?
You and your premade must play champions that can solo carry.If it is top and mid,you should play something like Jax,Fiora,Tryndamere,Yasuo,Katarina,Syndra etc
: It would be really nice to get a free dodge when in promo, yea. When not in Promo, the dodge is free tho. 3LP is nothing
EpicLoLer (EUW)
: > and you are forced to leave nobody forces you to leave, you choose to leave and effectively give up, which is a punishable offense, so you get punished for it. Fix your terrible attitude and stop asking for free stuff you clearly don't deserve.
My attitude is terrible because I refuse to participate in a game which the autofilled support declares in game chat "Guys I am autofill and will troll.Blame RIOT,not me.Good luck in your next game".1 of my teammates clearly declares in a mode that is all about winning that he is gonna troll and I am at fault here,I give up?Its guys like you who pollute this game
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rèV (EUW)
: No, you were specifically asking for 2 players and I answered you, that this is not a scenario that will or should occure. It is not supposed to happen, that you play games with very big MMR discrepancy, because that's what the MMR of the division is for. To be clear here: This isn't Counter Strike. Your are not not measured by your direct opponent but by the average MMR of the players in your division, which the matchmaking is based on. That's what i meant with different hierachy. Again, if you have an MMR of 1850 and you are in Gold 4-5 and you play a game, then you'll most likely end up in a game with teams that are close to your MMR with some slight fluctuations. If you win, you prove, that you are capable of playing on this level while being a lot lower in terms of rank than the game you played (measured based on the average MMR of your rank), hence your will gain more LP and your MMR will rise. It doesn't matter if you beat a team with 1878 MMR or 1800, the gain based and compared to what you have and what the average of your rank is. Maybe there is a difference of like 1-2 LP, who knows? But the system is not supposed to make matches, that are completely uneven, at least not in a populated ranked queue. So I doubt, that the system actually targets these slight differences with different MMR gains.
But there are games that due to duo premade teams ,you can find yourself in games where teams have significant mmr differences.I have played a game in solo queue in the past and I had a teammate silver 5 premade with a gold 5.The difference of MMR between the 2 teams was 150 mmr,I think I was silver 2 then.So enemy team was 150 mmr above mine!
Smerk (EUW)
: > What will happen in terms of MMR and LP if: > 1)Player A beats Player B player A will get lower than average amount of MMR, player B will lose same amount > 2)Player B beats Player A player B will get higher than average amount of MMR, player A will lose same amount LP gains/losses are based on divisions in addition to MMR, so hard to say that. Generally you get better gains if your MMR is higher than average in your current division and worse if lower
Yes but if this is true,isn't this kind of unfair? I mean a weaker player losing to a stronger one should have less mmr drop,after all he is weaker,it was easy.Also the stronger player should not gain a lot of mmr,he beat a weaker player. And the opposite should happen too,if the weaker player beats the stronger,he should gain a lot of mmr,cause he did something very hard.Also the stronger player should be punished with bigger loss of mmr,cause he shouldn't lose from a weaker player. I have the feeling that the curret matchmaking system favors the strong players and is unfair
rèV (EUW)
: You can't straight up compare the MMR of just two players, since matchmaking relies on team MMR, which is probably the arithmetic mean, and your personal MMR is only compared to the average of the rank you are in. Hence the hierarchy is different like this: Let's assume you have a MMR of 1850 which is (or was) very close to plat. Let's assume though, that your rank is Gold 4-5. It is assumed, that you will play with high gold/low plat players because of your MMR. If you win, you will gain more than the average LP because your MMR is way higher than your rank suggests. Therefore the system tries to push you faster to plat because everything indicates (your MMR compared to the average MMR of your rank/League), that you should be higher. The other way around is, that your MMR is lower than the average MMR of your rank/league. This can be because you got placed pretty high because of your previous season rank, but you suddenly lost a lot of games in a row. You usually fall down devisions a lot slower than your MMR decreases. Therefore, being in a league/rank which has higher average MMR than your personal MMR will lead to you losing more LP than you gain.
Thank you for your reply.But thats not what I am asking.I specifically ask what will happen in LP and MMR if a team of lower MMR beat a team of higher mmr and the opposite,if a team of higher mmr beats a team of less mmr. I am asking cause I read somewhere that if you beat a team with higher mmr,the system finds it unacceptable so it wont give you much mmr and lp.And that if you beat a lower mmr team it will give you more.
skinTDM (EUNE)
: best champion for 1v5
Fiora,Tryndamere,Master Yi,Yasuo,Twitch
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Doomley (EUW)
: >Your points would be absolutely correct if League was a 1v1 single lane online game,like starcraft or chess. No. If this was a 1v1 game, then your system would work because there wouldn't be random variables that are affected by your gameplay. And since the variables do not respond to your actions the same way every time, this can't be calculated and a system can't use this information. >That's why matchmaking as I said will result from winning ratio(aka mmr) and performance gauge. As i already explained, the performance gauge will never be a good idea in a team game. You stayed on lane to take those 20 cs so your "performance" increased but because you stayed on the lane, your team lost a fight that you should have joined instead of taking the cs. Your system would benefit players who make wrong decisions and thus is not possible to implement. This is why stats simply do not matter in matchmaking. Only how good you are at winning games. >Secondly,league is a 5v5 team online game which paradoxly has a ranking system suited for single 1v1 games. This is not what a paradox is. But you are right, the elo system is originated from chess. There are still some adjustments to better suit a team environment. >you end your sentense saying "I dont care what my team did,all that matters is win".Isn't this selfish? xD First of all, this is NOT what i said. Read what i say and not what you want me to say. And btw how is that selfish? why would it matter what your team did in a match if they manage to win with you? Winning is the goal after all. It's not selfish to forgive mistakes someone did if they manage to win. I really do not see how you could take your own FALSE quote as selfish. There are 5 people who win, not 1. >The current system enforces and supports selfish players,not my system. Your system supports selfish behavior far more than the current one. I can't believe you don't see that. >No bro,all I see every game is a guy picking Master Yi,Tryndamere etc googled "1v5 carry champions for %%%%%%ed teammates" trying to win the game on his own,refusing to communicate.You know why?Cause the system forces this action on you. No, it doesn't force it on you. Desperate players who do not know that their own lack of skill is what holds them down do that. Ignorant people. Never during my 7 years of playing the game have i done that and that didn't stop me from reaching high diamond while other who have played as long are still stuck in gold or below.
1)Give me an example of a random variable that my system cannot predict 2)Stats do resemple your actions and your skill.Otherwise riot would not use them in its game.After all Mmr aka winning ratio is itself a stat 3)As I said performance plus winning ratio will be calculated together.I never said that players must be judged only from performance.Cause if you do focus on your stats only,as you said you will miss team actions and lose the game.So again my system is good,cause its performance PLUS winning ratio.(You claim that I do not read your comments but its you that you dont read mine xD.I guess my English are bad sorry :P) 4)Creating a team game which rewards solo effort is the definition of paradox.Game should be renamed in League of paradox xD 5)No riots current system enforces selfishness,thats why you find playersbin high elo having poor game knowledge 6)Start a new account deep in Bronze and try playing some games.You will find truth to be amusing
Doomley (EUW)
: Sorry but i have to disagree with this idea. First of all, mmr is what shows your skill level already and it also determines your LP gains and losses. Having another system intervene in LP gains would break the system completely. Secondly, system like that is impossible to make. There are things that a player can do that a coded system can never see. Thirdly, it would encourage solo play instead of team play because everyone is just worried about their own stats. The ONLY thing that matters is if you win or lose. Nothing else. I do not care how much cs or how many dragons you took during a game if you can't finish the match.
Your points would be absolutely correct if League was a 1v1 single lane online game,like starcraft or chess. Firstly,indeed there is no coded system which can see all the things a player does in order to win.That's why matchmaking as I said will result from winning ratio(aka mmr) and performance gauge. Secondly,league is a 5v5 team online game which paradoxly has a ranking system suited for single 1v1 games. Thirdly,on your third point you contradict yourself.You begin saying that my system will encourage selfishness and you end your sentense saying "I dont care what my team did,all that matters is win".Isn't this selfish? xD No bro,all I see every game is a guy picking Master Yi,Tryndamere etc googled "1v5 carry champions for %%%%%%ed teammates" trying to win the game on his own,refusing to communicate.You know why?Cause the system forces this action on you.The current system enforces and supports selfish players,not my system. Fun fact:Riot and pro players support teamwork,ranking system awards solo effort xD I am sorry but I disagree with your way of thinking
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: Read this if u cant climb from low elo,....
How to climb from low elo and become master: Play 1.000.000 games per day,abandon real life and make summoners rift your reality.When you fall asleep every night,put a tape playing the phrase "I must become good in league of legends" again and again. After 3 years your hair will fall and you will have become the best player in the world.Not even Faker will be able to beat you. You will have become the famous Pro-Player-For hobby ""ONE VS NINE CARRY MAN!!!!""
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: Kayn is a soul reaper and rhaast a shinigami!..
I think Kayn is the coolest champion riot has created so far and I am really looking forward to the next one.Also need more lore so we can finaly get a movie xD
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Solicitude (EUNE)
: >Player behaviour = game knowledge. If you fix game knowledge you fix player behaviour too. No man. And an example this is wrong is a few pro players, aka the best players in LoL, that have been punished for negative attitude and some of them perma-banned. You seriously cant say that high challenger players lack game knowledge. Also, other than having classes for players, there is no way RIOT can improve the knowledge of any player. This is something players do on their own or have either players teach them. >A game knowledge of 100 MMR gap is huge,its like having a player that cannot understand if Baron buff or kill is more important for him. Again no. See an example, lets take a diamond 1 player with 2500 MMR (for dia 1 MMR is 2480-2549) and a master player with 2800 MMR (for master MMR is 2550-2899). From what you say a difference the game knowledge of those 2 players is enormous. Yet its common for players to go from dia 1 to master and from master to dia 1. Essentially the game difference in game knowledge of a dia 1 player and a master player is non-existent. >Why reports don't help: There is absolutely no chance that all 10 players will report after game. Punishments dont depend on the number of reports, rather on the accuracy of them. A player who got 4 reports from a pre-made 4 people team for no reason will not get punished. On the other hand, a person who only got 1 true report for excessive flaming will get punished. Though, in some cases, it will need reports from a number of games in a specific amount of time before a player gets punished, but still 1 report per game is sufficient. >Bad game knowledge(build,champion skill,role objectives,global objectives,map vision and priorities for example 1 Baron is more important than taking your blue buff or chasing the kill) -Negative behaviour(feed intentional or not,flame,afk) You cant really punish a player for not being good in the game or a champion. There are also people who try different "exotic" builds, you cant ban them either for trying something new. Also, priorities throughout a game continuously change, for example a mid laner who's team loses hard, the enemy team goes to baron and he has no chance of ever stealing it, will better try to grab anything, like a blue buff, rather than run straight on the face of 5 enemies without any chance of doing anything. You can punish a player for feeding intentionally, but not someone who had a bad game and fed. >How game matchmaking will be improved: By creating another number,not MMR,which will be the sum of 3 other sub-numbers: >1)Personal contribution(kda per game,gold per game,number of wards used/destroyed per game) So, a support player, who will normally have low KDA and very low gold will be extremely lucky to even get out of bronze. This also contradicts what you said earlier about priorities. This will make people over-chase kills or continuously opt for them without caring much for other objectives. Also, player who play champions like singed who heavily rely on split-pushing wont have an easy time getting out of bronze either, since those champions dont always participate in objective taking, rather on creating pressure. There are also champions and players who help take an objective not by damage, but rather by stopping the enemy team from contesting it. Your system will toss them aside, despite them helping secure the objective. >2)Team contribution(participation in global objectives like turrets,inhibitors,dragons,Barons,Heralds) Again, there are cases where players help secure an objective by doing something else and not damage it. Your system significantly hurt them. 3)Result per game,winning-defeat ratio In a way, wins and loses contribute to the current MMR system. >With this number players are encouraged to play the game well and don't focus on result Sure thing. Players will get encouraged to continuously seek kills or afk farm, since those two will help their numbers skyrocket.
1st of all I did not speak for the 5% of players that are diamond and above. Ofc at that level the game knowledge is guaranteed. I speak for low elo where 70% of players exist. 2nd a good support will always have more assists than deaths,otherwise its feed. Assists are included in kda so it will have good number. I have my highest kda numbers by playing as support. I dont know who told you kda is only kills, kda =(kills+assists)/deaths. Also supports will have placed many wards,so the gold difference will be covered there. I told you that personal contribution will come from kda,gold and ward use,the 3 only things that are personal in this game. All your other points are also irrelevant. I told you that the primo88 number will be a sum of personal contribution,team contribution and battle result. If you or your friends are winning games by not doing anything of these 2,you are probably getting carried. You find the current matchmaking system that values only result of battle more accurate than a system that values personal,team contribution and battle result too. What can I say,like talking to a wall. You wanna tell me that a player that has shit kda,was afk from all objectives and won has done much better than a player that did all of these. Also,experimenting on champions and builds in rank games is at least idiotic and by all means reportable by me. As for Singed and other champions like them,he will have good gold from being proxy,good kda otherwise its not proxy but feedy Singed and wull have win in the end. So he did 2/3 sections well,he just did not acted in team actions cause he was spliting or proxing. Otherwise its a bad play,if you are buying time for your team to get objectives and your team cannot take that advantage,then its your fault for not following them into the team action of getting the objective. The system I propose is perfect and affects every area of gameplay,you are just snobbing it,we 70% that complain are noobs and you the minority OP
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