: No, bcs it was the same story with project chache-s .... after some time they allowed us to disenchant them into essence.... the same will happend with this I bealive.
ah okay, that sounds good ^_^ how did u get 200 tho? lol
: I have 200 and Im not complaining, be patient dude, they will give us something to do with them... IN TIME... :)
Haha, dont u think its annoying that u cant use them? xd
Nr 903 (EUNE)
: What I think about Ryze...
Well i think the new ryze is worse then any champion, he is really bad now...
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: Please, I will say this once and only once, LOOK AT THE BOARDS BEFORE POSTING THIS SORT OF STUFF. lol, seriously, not 3 posts below this one there was an official post from riot telling people about the problems and also about the long log in times. Open your eyes people, it's not that hard XD
It is really hard for people thats blind :D
: what about leaver buster guys ?? should riot remove it ?? or make us wait at least 10 min
Leaverbuster starts with 5 mins and going up and up and then you get 20 mins for 5 games... If you leave a game you makin your team more angry also thats making you deserve it :) If you cant wait 20 mins for a game, well then idk :P I know alot of people that doesnt care lol.
Kumbano (EUW)
: you slut. FeelsBadMan.
Im sorry, i promise i make it up to you
Kumbano (EUW)
: Wait you have a gf? WTF CTRoX...I thought what we had was special!!!????
Im sorry :( It was before xd
Kumbano (EUW)
: Cool. I will just stare at my screen like a weirdo until the issue is fixed. :)
haha same here... My gf and i play in turns, 2 games each and now this happends its bs xd
BakaPlays (EUW)
: why is my lol client not going to the game
servers probably crashed, they are working on it so dw :)
Kumbano (EUW)
: Client crashed and broken?
haha good one there ^^ I think they just have problems with the servers, alot of players have the same problem.. so i guess just wait for it :)
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Eveninn (EUW)
: Greetings! This mostly is due to the fact that Ranked and Normal MMR (Match Making Rating) are 2 completely unconnected values. Which means that someone who even has a Diamond Ranked MMR, can just have a Standard (which is around silver) MMR in normals if they never played it. Ofc both MMRs can move individually too, if I win every ranked game I'll get a high rank soon, but if I lose every normal game I'll play against worse and worse players there. In your case it most likely is just a middlefield between your normal MMR being reasonably high, and the golds or platinums not always going all out in normals, therefore their normal MMR being not as high. (It is actually rather common that higher elo Players in ranked don't really take normals serious, which leads them to play normals on a comparibly low MMR, which generally is fine as, if they don't tryhard, the Performances of both sides should still fit.)
Thanks for the ansewr :) but what If i start play ranked etc, Will i be meeting high elo players then or how does IT work?
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